Aurum Tech Review – A Big SCAM With FAKE Trading Software!

Aurum Tech is yet another newly launched scam software that comes with a sophisticated website design featuring established scam actors, making outlandish claims and promises of generating thousands of dollars for traders worldwide with just the click of a button.

Their marketing is very proficient and there’s the high likelihood that a lot of people new to the binary option terrain may fall for the pitch of these scammers. To prevent you from falling for the Aurum Tech scam, we have conducted our detailed research and the results are what you’re about reading now in this Aurum Tech review.

Read on to see why you shouldn’t fall for their sleek marketing tactics.

Aurum Tech Review

What is Aurum Tech Software?

Aurum Tech software is purportedly founded by Marco Pierre Shoemaker. According to the video, the Aurum Tech trading software has a 95% strike rate and assures about 100% return on investment.

During the video presentation, the Aurum Tech software is claimed to have the highest ROI in the financial market (a statement we know is a fallacy)

We are also told that to use the Aurum Tech software is free. This is however a ploy to deceive you because once you register, you would be required to invest $250, which you would need to deposit into the accounts of one of their partner binary brokers (does this sound familiar?)!

Does the Software Really Work?

Watching the video, we only get a stupid explanation as to how the software works. For most part of the video however, all the presenter does is just bragging about his lifestyle instead of giving any perfect information about trading.

How exactly does this Aurum Tech software work to make the money claimed? We get told that the software uses a series of indicators that gauge crucial support and resistance levels while identifying correction of trends. We’re told that Aurum Tech signals are only generated when the trade is going to win..

This is at best, a vain and stupidly vague attempt at hoodwinking people who don’t really understand how trading binary options really works. And of course, the reason for such vague explanations is because they don’t have working software. They are simply lying!

Why Aurum Tech is a Scam Software?

First off, there have been reports from viewers across the world that the characters in the video presentation for the Aurum Tech software come up with different names based on where you’re located.

So, say for example you live in France, and stumble on the video, the three people that were doing the presentation were the same but they had different names; Bernard Canette, Dominique Lecru. Why would they have different names? Because it’s a scam, and they’re trying to localize it so as to be more effective.

Aurum Tech Review Scam

Fake Claims and Promises

The Aurum Tech software is claimed to have a win rate of 95%. Potential investors are made to believe that the Aurum Tech software is flawless, and will earn staggering amounts of money on auto-pilot.

Asides from being a fake promise, it’s a completely insane claim. No auto trading software has achieved such feat and this bogus Aurum Tech software is definitely not going to be the one to make it happen. In addition to these impossible claims, the crooks behind the Aurum Tech trading system also make false media claims in attempt to make them appear legitimate.

However, our research uncovered that this media association claims with media agencies such as Wall St Press, Sky etc, are all false as most of these international media outlets don’t even have the slightest idea about these thieves, let alone giving them media mention.

Owner Mr. Shoemaker is Paid Actor

Marco Pierre Shoemaker (of course we know this is just a scam name created by these crooks) claims that he owns the most profitable 5 minute binary trading robot in the world. With such an ambitious claim, you would expect that our research would uncover him across different platforms on the net, but alas, we found nothing.

And you know why? It’s because he’s a paid actor. He is paid to act a script with the sole intention of scamming people.

Fake Testimonials and Reviews

Testimonials abound on the Aurum Tech website, with some of these people claiming to be making $100K all the way to $500K. However, we were able to uncover that some of the pictures used were stolen off the social media profiles of unsuspecting people, while others are stock photos bought for pennies online.

And this shows that these are obviously fabricated client testimonials.

Aurum Tech Scam

Fake Trading Results

In other to appear legitimate, the website displays live trading results, claiming that some clients have won those results. Well, be aware that all those results are doctored. It’s just a cheap gimmick to attract unsuspecting traders.

New Domain

The Aurum Tech software claimed to have been first tested and used in 2012; with a win rate of 73%, which they claimed they were continually improving until this point where it is now. Well, a quick WhoIs research gave this away as a big fat lie.

The Aurum Tech website was registered on the 15th November 2016. So, how come they’re claiming 2012. Another lie busted.

Also stay away from scam systems like Profits Eternity, Click Money System and Gemini 2 !!

Can You Make Money With Software?

Quite frankly, you can’t. You would only lose or a better choice of word; hand over your money to these guys to be stolen. They are the only ones that would be making money from this scheme. Not you!

Summary of the Aurum Tech review

As you can see, this Aurum Tech review has shown you that this software is packed full of lies. And the best decision you can make right now is to just not fall for their marketing antics.

Falling for it would only mean that you deliberately handed your money over to these guys to steal. Be wise!

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