Automata Formula Review – A Big SCAM Exposed and Blacklisted!

Automata Formula purportedly created by George Coleman is an old scam being re-released under a new name. And this Automata Formula review is going to set the records straight and expose the Automata Formula scam and the lies being peddled by the thieves behind it.

So, before you buy into the beta-tester story of the Automata Formula software; which by the way, has now become cliché with many of these scammers, make sure to read this full Automata Formula review as I expose the scam tactics been employed by these guys and also expose who George Coleman really is.

Keep reading our Automata Formula review.

Automata Formula Review

What is Automata Formula Software?

Purportedly created by George Coleman; the Automata Formula software is an automated trading software that lets traders earn up to $950 in an hour and up to $20,000 in a day. George Coleman claims he used to be a former Wells Fargo Banker who found a legal loophole in the financial market which enabled him to rake in over 29 million dollars.

And now, he has created the Automata Formula software that allows the “ordinary guy” to make massive profits on auto-pilot while sleeping.

According to him, they are currently accepting beta testers at the moment that will have 100% access to the platform. In order to be one of the beta testers and begin trading (and start earning $950/hr and $20,000/day), you need to sign up via the Automata Formula website and of course make an initial $250 investment to their preferred brokers; which we know from experience are their partners in crime.

And if you’ve been following the binary options scam market; you’ll realize that one major thing these scammers advertise is that they are looking for beta testers. Well, as it turns out, it’s one of those pressure marketing tactics employed by scammers to get you to part with your money as quickly as possible!

Does the Software Work?

So, this guy claims traders (including newbies) can earn up to $950 in an hour and up to $20,000 in a day, by depositing $250 to access the software and letting it auto-trade for them! It doesn’t take a soothe sayer to tell you this is an insanely fake Claim. There’s no way anyone can make that much money from binary options daily, with a deposit of $250.

Making such claim can only mean that the software does not work. Anybody that signs up for the Automata Formula software would end up being plugged into a rogue system that’s going to inevitably siphon their money.

Why Automata Formula is a Scam?

First red flag; the same actor that claims to be the creator of the Orion Code software, which we were able to uncover as a scam is also performing in this newly launched Automata Formula software. In the Orion Code software video presentation, he claims to go by the name Edward Robinson; a multi-millionaire and philanthropist who help people make a lot of money for free.

Coincidence? Absolutely Not! The guy is an actor that’s been consistently hired by rogues to perpetrate their scam! That was the first red flag that confirmed our suspicions of this as a scam.

If that’s not enough reason for you to keep your credit card back in your pockets, then read on..

Automata Formula Review Scam

Fake Claims and Promises

According to the video presentation; the scam actor claims that the Automata Formula software is risk-free and can help traders who subscribe to it earn $950 an hour or $20000 per day. Like seriously? With a deposit $250?

Anyone who knows anything about financial trading can easily decipher that this is not only an unrealistic claim; it is completely insane! Trying to justify that claim by stating that the Automata Formula software is powered by undiscovered loopholes for guaranteed wins doesn’t even help in a bit. It only goes to confirm that these guys know nothing about binary options trading and they’re just fooling around!

The CEO is an Actor

Like I exposed in my Orion code software scam review, this George Coleman guy that claims he is the creator of the Automata Formula software is Jeff Gorman and he is a real life B-rated actor. He has acted in 2 films we were able to uncover; namely “Sandy Boulevard” and “Pogtown”.

And here he is claiming to be George Coleman; the founder of the Automata Formula software. He had earlier claimed he was Edward Robinson when lying and making the video presentation for the Orion Code Scam.

Here’s someone that has claimed to be 2 different persons within a short period of time person and lying so brazenly and deliberately deceiving people. Would you want to entrust your money in the hands of such a person and his cohorts? I sure will keep my credit card away if I were you.

Fake Testimonials

As with other scam binary options trading software; the Automata Formula scam video is filled with paid actors from the Fiverr marketplace.

As it turns out to be; anybody with a few bucks can go to; which is an online marketplace and hire all kinds of skilled people to do all kinds of jobs for them; including paid video testimonials! And that’s what these guys did. So, don’t let yourself be carried away after seeing the fake testimonies from people with forged identity.

They are all acting a script.

New Domain

So, this George Coleman guy claims the Automata Formula software has been operating for a couple of years. But a quick WhoIs research on the domain reveals that it has only been up for about a month. So, he was lying all along.

Then, you want to even ask yourself; if it has been operating for such a long time, why do they need beta testers now? Apparently, these guys aren’t smart like they believe themselves to be.

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Automata Formula Scam

Can You Make Money With Software?

To make the all charade more enticing, these crooks try to entice traders with “cash giveaways”. Be aware that this is a trap. Even with legitimate binary options brokers; there are strict trading volume requirements which must be completed before access to withdrawals is accepted. And as such, it’s not encouraged to take up these bonuses.

So, even trying to use these “cash giveaways” to bait subscribers in itself is not a smart move. I told you these guys are not smart! So, Can You Make Money With Software? The straight up answer is no!

Conclusion of Automata Formula Review

Don’t be carried away by the misleading claims that you can earn $950 per hour using the Automata Formula software. It’s all lies, lies and lies! These guys are unregulated and provide no details of where in the world they’re even located and once you give them access to your credit card details, your money is gone; never to be recovered because you don’t have anybody to report or make any claims to.

So, ignore these guys and save yourself all the trouble and drama.

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