Bahama Banker Review – Another Dangerous SCAM Software Busted!

Bahama Banker by Herald Beckman is being promoted aggressively by some scrupulous email marketers who intend earning fast commissions and they are promising traders they can earn up to $1,250 per day by subscribing to the auto trading system. And if you’re one of those that have been invited to subscribe to this system, I urge you to get yourself informed about the Bahama Banker Scam by reading this Bahama Banker review carefully and to the very end.

All the claims that you will earn $1,250 per day with this Bahama Banker software are completely false and baseless. It is only just a marketing trick that is similar to the ones being used by all the other false trading robots being pitched everywhere on the internet.

And the aim of this Bahama Banker review is to save you the heartache of falling for this deceptive scheme which is aimed at robbing unsuspecting people of their hard earned money.

Now, read on as we expose glaring evidences that shows the Bahama Banker as a scam that’s been put together by a bunch of unrepentant scammers and thieves.

What is Bahama Banker Software?

According to the video presentation, the Bahama Banker software was purportedly created by a guy named Herald Beckman (who we don’t get to see his face by the way). He claims to have spent about 12 years as a Private Banker and alleges he got involved with binary options trading after a bunch of new clients involved in Binary Option trading were increasingly being accepted to open up accounts with his supposed bank in the Bahamas!

According to the presentation, the Bahama Banker software already has over ten thousand members who use it on a daily basis and these people are making at least $1,250 per day. The Herald Beckman guy claims that the Bahama Banker software has a 96.1% winning rate and utilizes a high-frequency trading (HFT) algorithm to trade within a fraction of seconds; thereby guaranteeing high profits.

Those were his claims. Now, let’s reveal the truth…

Does the Software Work?

So, does the software work? The answer is quite easy to decipher! Herald Beckman claims the Bahama Banker software utilizes a high-frequency trading (HFT) algorithm to trade within a fraction of seconds. However, anyone who has comprehensive knowledge about Forex or binary options trading would know that the high-frequency trading algorithm as claimed by the guy is not appropriately applicable to binary options.

This concept may be applicable to Forex trading, where it can be used to gain several pips of profits within seconds. However, binary options which have a fixed expiry time don’t allow traders to exit within split seconds.

So, its glaring that this claim of his is just an attempt to use big words to bamboozle new traders who do not have deep knowledge about what is appropriate and what is not. Therefore, answering the question of whether the software works or not. It doesn’t!

The claims of it using an inappropriate algorithm invalidate whatever he is saying about its workability.

Why Bahama Banker is a Scam?

In what appears to be the latest trend, many of the self acclaimed founders of these various automated software have chosen to promote their products from behind the curtains. And that raises a red flag!

So, the question is… Why would Herald Beckman not be proud of his product enough to show his real face to promote it? Well, your guess is as good as mine. Because they’re promoting something that is shady!

And if that’s not enough for you to doubt their credibility, then here are more reasons…

Ridiculous Claims and Unrealistic Promises

The Herald Beckman guy claims the Bahama Banker software utilizes a high-frequency trading algorithm (which we have shown to be inapplicable to binary options) that has a winning rate of 96% and can earn traders $1,250 daily. This 96% claim is obviously a joke, and obviously targeted at newbie traders and not the experienced ones.

The truth is there’s no automated system that can consistently have a 96% win rate. Anybody that understands the working of the financial market would easily allude to that. He additionally guarantees a monthly profit of a range of $15, 400 to $25,800 without any experience. This is just an unrealistic promise targeted at luring people into their thieving scheme.

There’s also a lot of inconsistency in their claims. He claims the software has an outstanding 96% winning ratio, and then goes on to say it is 100% risk free! Everything is just phony and reeks of lies, lies and lies!

No Evidence Online About Herald Beckman

Isn’t it quite thrilling that we couldn’t verify Herald Beckman’s existence? He claims his Bahama Banker software already has about ten thousand members who use it on a daily basis and are making gobs of money. Yet, someone who claims to be doing such good things as helping people gain financial freedom can’t be easily verified as being truly existent.

The name returned a blank when we tried to conduct some little research on this so-called Herald Beckman! Heck, he even chose to be anonymous and hide behind a microphone and screen to promote his product!

Here is the truth; the whole arrangement is a sham and the perpetrators do not want to put their faces out there for people to see. Hence, the reason they had to hide behind a stolen stock photo to pass off as Herald Beckman. All his stories are all false and fake!

Poor Video Presentation

The video presentation for the Bahama Banker software easily passes off as a joke. All we see throughout the poor video presentation are slides explained by a voice narrator who claims to be Herald Beckman. And then, these thieves use a small cut out image of a man and a woman and we are supposed to believe that the image is that of Herald.

They didn’t even have the courtesy of using an actor, to put a face to their claims and help make them appear credible (we would have still exposed them though)! The whole video presentation is a charade.

Fake Video Testimonials with Paid Actors

As with most other scam binary options trading campaigns out there, the Bahama Banker software uses fake testimonials in the video presentation. The first video testimonial is by a Fiverr actor, whose gig we stumbled on while doing our research!

And the other alleged testimonials are stolen pictures from across the internet, attached to non-existent names and fabricated lies, passed off as testimonials. Don’t fall for this gimmick!

Fake Trading Results

In other to appear legitimate, the website displays live trading results, claiming that some clients have won those results. Well, be aware that all those results are doctored. It’s just a cheap trick to attract unsuspecting traders.

Also stay away from scams like One Touch Trade, The Royce Code and Wall Street Focus Group !

Can You Make Money With the Software?

The hard truth is that you’re not going to make money from this software. They’re only going to steal your money. There are many loopholes that allude to that fact and we have stated a handful of them above.

Yet another one is the domain age in proportion to the claims that the Bahama Banker software already has about 10,000 members.

A simple research on the internet showed us that the website of the Bahama Banker software was officially registered on 2nd, September 2016. So, Herald Beckman is telling us that his software has registered 10,000 members in about 3 months and yet we can’t even verify his existence nor find any credible unbiased reviews from amongst a fraction of these 10,000 members.

Does that make any sense to you at all? All these are pointers to the fact that the Bahama Banker software is just a scamming scheme. You’re not going to make money from this software.

Conclusion of the Bahama Banker Review

With enough proofs against Herald Beckman and his Bahama Banker software, we can see that the voice narrator and his cohorts are out to swindle people of their hard earned money. Hence, you should desist from sending any money to these guys.

It is a scam operation and we’ve tried our possible best to proof that to you. So keep your money safe and away from these crooks.

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