Blazing Trader Review – A Dangerous Scam Software to Avoid!

Binary trading is big business nowadays, and unfortunately; this has led to the proliferation of scams across the internet claiming to have built the next big software (using some magical mathematical algorithm) that’ll work 100% accurately and consistently put thousands of dollars in investors’ accounts daily.

One of such scams is the Blazing Trader software; purportedly created by Johan Strand. And before you give away your credit card details to these crooks, do yourself a favor and read this in-depth Blazing Trader review.

Blazing Trader Review

What is Blazing Trader Software?

Blazing Trader software was purportedly created by Johan Strand; a self-acclaimed, self-made millionaire and professor at the department of applied mathematics at the National Institute of Technology in Switzerland.

According to him; the Blazing Trader software is an autopilot binary options trading software, which he co-created with his brother; Lars, and its derived from complex mathematical calculations that’s guaranteed to make investors at least $20,000 daily for the rest of their lives. And they’re looking to select only 100 individuals to take advantage of this life changing opportunity. All you have to do is join them and fund your trading account with the minimum deposit.

As it turns out (and stupidly too), this complex mathematical jargon claims and limited available slots is a consistent line used by many of our busted scammers. To compound matters is the claim that this software is capable of earning investors $20,000 daily. Now, that’s a completely insane claim and I’ll tell you why. Keep reading Blazing Trader review!

Does the Blazing Trader System Work?

Let me state this in clear, unequivocal terms; no system/software will work 100% accurately, talk-less of earning investors $20,000 daily, like the actor/founder claimed when presenting the Blazing Trader software. Even the best system will lose some trades. This is quite normal bearing in mind that no one or software is able to predict the future of the markets.

And by the way, even with their claims of the software being 100% infallible, they ended up shooting themselves in the foot by also claiming a 93% trade winning rate. So, which of these 2 unattainable claims do we now believe? This apparently shows these guys don’t know what they’re talking about and the software doesn’t work!

Why Blazing Trader is a Scam?

First off, the founder who claims to be an applied mathematics professor doesn’t exist in the real world. A quick search on Google would reveal to you that he is non-existent and there’s no proof whatsoever of anyone by that name working in applied mathematics anywhere in the world; much less the National Institute of Technology in Switzerland. That’s the first red flag; he’s a liar and liars can’t be trusted!

All his mentions about “Heuristic Logic Minimizer” formula and other confusing terms is just a ploy to confuse and deceive the unsuspecting newbie into believing his lies about creating the software from complex mathematical algorithms. Don’t fall for it!

Fake Video Testimonials

As with most other scam programs; the Blazing Trader software video is full of testimonials from paid Fiverr actors. With a few bucks; just about anybody with some cash can go to Fiverr; which is an online marketplace and hire all kinds of skilled people to do all kinds of jobs for them; including paid video testimonials! So, don’t let yourself be carried away after seeing the fake testimonies from people with forged identity. All they’re saying is 100% rehearsed and planned with malicious intent.

No Real Proofs

So, these guys are making such an outrageous and impracticable claim of earning you $20,000 daily. Asides the fact that there are no real proofs to justify these claims; anybody who knows anything about binary options trading and have been in the game for some time would tell you this complete hogwash. All the alleged reviews and testimonials are all fake, fake and fake!

Hype Claims and Fake Promises

The ‘supposed’ applied mathematics professor claims his fool-proof trading system can earn you $20,000 per day and over half a million for each month. These are bogus and unsubstantiated claims.

We are in the financial market, and there is no such thing as “risk free software”! Losing trades are common; the most important thing is to keep on trading with a high winning ratio and aim to increase your ITMs. So, all these statements being made by the scammers behind the Blazing Trader software are fake promises.

Fake Support That Don’t Work

As with other scam programs, they claim to have great customer support and ease of fund withdrawal. You only need to sign up and then realize that you’ve been furnished with a fake email and all their claims of a comprehensive support are fake.

Your complaints and requests are never responded to. Should you have any technical or service related questions, there is nobody to answer you. The money is gone!

New Domain

A quick research on their website shows they are relatively new, and like other scammers; have incomplete details. Another high-pressure marketing tactic they’re using is to state that there are only 34 places left. Well, as it turns out, that 34 slot never seems to get filled up! These guys are liars; this strategy is an often used trick. Don’t fall for it.

Blazing Trader Domain

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Who is Johan Strand?

The actor/founder; Johan Strand claims to be a professor at the department of applied mathematics at the National Institute of Technology in Switzerland. Well, as it turns out; this is a complete lie.

A professor with that name is non-existent and there is no institute running in Switzerland with this name. They’re all made up! And we can reasonably conclude that the guy is an actor hired off of Fiverr and is part of a grand scheme to swindle unsuspecting people of their hard earned money.

Conclusion of Blazing Trader Review

There’s no mincing word about this; whoever signs up for the Blazing Trader software Scam is going to lose all his investments. There are so many red flags already showing that these guys are just out to grab your money and run.

So, avoid them no matter how tempted you might be.












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