Cogni Trade Review – Nasty SCAM by Cameron Doyle Exposed!

Cogni Trade is a newly-launched scam software being promoted aggressively as a magical system that can make traders rich. And if you’re one of those that happen to have seen its video promotion, I urge you to get yourself informed about the Cogni Trade scam by reading this Cogni Trade review carefully and to the very end.

As with other similar rogue software, the video promotion for Cogni Trade claims the software is something new and innovative and makes lots of amazing promises that sound too good to the ear. But before you fall for their rogue claims, hoping that your financial problems will be solved with the software, we want to draw your attention to the fact that most of all their claims are nothing but lies, lies and more lies!

The scheme is a deceptive ploy which is aimed at robbing unsuspecting people of their hard earned money. And this unbiased Cogni Trade review would save you the heartache of having to gift these thieves your hard-earned money.

Now, read on as we prove to you that the Cogni Trade software is nothing but a scam that’s been put together by a bunch of thieves.

Cogni Trade Review

Cogni Trade Review

According to the video presentation by a man who gave his name as Cameron Doyle, the Cogni Trade software is an automated binary options trading software that can help traders; irrespective of their level of experience generate up to $1,500 every single day just with a few clicks.

Cameron Doyle claims to be an ex-IBM Engineer and that Cogni Trade software’s algorithm is based on a cutting-edge technology known as Cognitive Computer Systems that’s used by big companies like IBM to provide easy access to large clusters of data.

He alleges that the Cogni Trade software has a 95.2% win rate. And when you get access to using this revolutionary software of his, he makes money by getting a 1% commission on top of your profits (trying to make it sound like you would even make any profit at all).

However, just as with many of its scam compatriots; to use the Cogni Trade software, you have to make an investment of a few hundred dollars, which will be deposited into their preferred binary options brokers. And that is what this unbiased Cogni Trade review is trying to prevent you from doing because they’re only going to steal the money you deposit.

Does the Software Work?

Cameron Doyle claims the Cogni Trade Software is risk free and promises guaranteed returns on your investment irrespective of whether you’re experienced or a newbie by just letting the software auto-trade for you!

He claims that the Cogni Trade Software’s algorithm is based on a cutting-edge technology known as Cognitive Computer Systems and has a 95.2% win rate. Agreed, this technology is real. But, we don’t see how it is applicable in binary options trading since it has nothing to do with the financial markets.

Cameron Doyle in conjunction with his cohorts are apparently just trying to intimidate novice traders with big terminology and make them believe that Cogni Trade scam software is the real deal. It isn’t!

Experience has shown us that when software promoters use such big terminologies that are irrelevant to binary options trading, they’re only trying to bamboozle people and do not have software that works!

Why Cogni Trade Software is a Scam?

Cameron Doyle claims that the Cogni Trade software has a 95.2% win rate! And that was a red flag! Those with ample trading experience would know that this kind of claim can only come from rogues, trying to steal from inexperienced traders. No software can give you 95.2% win rate consistently. None!

Read on as we further expose these crooks in this Cogni Trade review…

 Cogni Trade Review Scam

Fake Claims and Ridiculous Promises

During the video presentation, we get told that members can join the system; free of charge and earn up to $1,500 every single day! For starters, you’re not going to get to join the system free of charge as claimed. It’s all a ploy to suck you into the grand scam plot. When you submit your details, you would eventually get led to the point where your credit card would be requested before you commence trading and that’s where their whole plan intends to lead you.

Additionally and most importantly, no software can turn your $250 into $1,500 daily earnings consistently. None! Such claims are nothing but lies. Those who believed such moon-light lies in the past have regrettable tales to tell.

Paid Actors in the Video Presentation

Cameron Doyle claims to be an ex-IBM Engineer and CEO of Cogni Trade. But searches online showed nothing pertaining to the name of Cameron Doyle or to even back up these claims.

As it turns out however, our research uncovered that this Cameron Doyle; who claims to be the owner of the Cogni Trade software is nothing but a hired actor. He was simply paid to act a script whose sole aim is to scam people.

And the fact that he claims to be who he is not is a pointer to the fact that this Cogni Trade software is nothing but a scam.

Additionally, the other people who appear to support this software were definitely paid to tell others that this software really works, and that it has a high win rate like advertised before. Don’t trust such liars.

No Software Demonstration

Isn’t it ridiculous that these guys claim their Cogni Trade software has paid out checks worth $136,650,100 but give no real explanation (except the cognitive BS lie) as to how this rogue system is supposed to make traders the monies claimed or even demonstrate how the software works?

And the reason for no software demonstration is quite obvious. It is simply because the people behind this scam don’t have working software as claimed!

Fake User Reviews in the Video Presentation

Also, in a vain attempt to add some layer of credibility, the website also features fake user reviews; purportedly of real subscribers making claims the software is making them money. Our research however uncovered that these people are paid actors and their reviews are not true.

They were all gotten off of fiverr to come act a script and spit out lies in order to get you to part with your money. Don’t fall for this fake review gimmick!

Cogni Trade Scam

Fake Customer Support

Another thing you need to be warned about is the fact that there is no customer support available to solve any queries you may have once you register for this rogue Cogni Trade software.

So, be warned not to fall for their trick to subscribe and then anticipate any form of support from them. They’re only after your money!

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Can You Really Make Money With the Software?

Don’t be fooled. You can’t make any money with this rogue Cogni Trade software. It may come across as convincing to you if you don’t have experience with how binary options trading works. But those who understand how binary options trading works would gladly tell you that no software can turn $250 into $1,500 consistent daily earnings.

So, take it from us, all their promises are complete hogwash! All the claims made in the video presentation are all manipulative statements intended to achieve the aim of scamming people and this Cogni Trade review has pointed them out to you, one after another.

The lying promoters of this software are the ones that would make money. Not you or any other person that falls for their scheme!

The Bottom Line

Reading this Cogni Trade review to this point, you should’ve realized how hard these guys are trying to swindle you.

Would you give rogues who pass off actors as founders’ access to your credit card? Or a group of liars who give irrelevant explanations about the working algorithm of their software and also makes unsubstantiated claims and lies to its audience. Obviously, the choice is easy to make!

All their claims are nothing but lies and it is apparent that they’re only out to steal your money. Don’t allow them.

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