Crack Brokers Review – Dirty SCAM Software Exposed!

Crack Brokers system is one of the newest scam software in the binary trading market claiming it can help traders make easy money, but this Crack Brokers review would expose the Crack Brokers scam and the lies put up by the purported founder; Thomas Mallon.

As you would soon find out in this Crack Brokers review, this Thomas Mallon guy and his cohorts in crime are only using sleek marketing tactics to lure unsuspecting traders and new entrants in the industry into getting involved with a fraudulent scheme designed to covertly steal their monies as quickly as possible.

Like numerous other scams that we’ve busted, the overall aim of these Crack Brokers software scammers is to get you to make a deposit into their recommended brokers’ account so as to afford them the opportunity to disappear with your funds.

Hence, you need to do yourself a favor and ensure to read up this Crack Brokers review to the very end, so as to save yourself the agony of sending money to these guys and then realizing you’ve made a grave mistake.

Now, let’s get into detailed analysis of the empty promises this Thomas Mallon guy was paid to act and get people to sign up…

What is Crack Brokers Software?

The Crack Brokers system is an automated trading software purportedly developed by Thomas Mallon; who claims to be a genius computer programmer as well as a financial expert that spent years at some of the world’s leading investment banks making himself and the banks a whole lot of money (except we don’t get told this supposed leading investment banks).

According to him; the Crack Brokers software runs on auto-pilot mode, and can automatically multiply your income, and help you earn a profit of up to $2,500/day, $17,500/week and $70,000/month.

The Thomas Mallon guy additionally claims that anybody, irrespective of their experience level can gain complete access to the system for FREE. Well, that’s a well known scam tactic with most of these scam programs because after accessing the software supposedly FREE, you would be required to invest $250, and that’s the whole aim of their scheming. To get you to part with that minimum $250, so they then disappear with it.

Does the Software Work?

As it turns out, Thomas Mallon tries to convince us that the Crack Brokers software uses some extremely advanced algorithms and very secure method that enables the software generate $2,500/day, $17,500/week and $70,000/month for traders, with initial $250.

However, watching the video, we don’t get to hear any concise detail about this so-called algorithm used by the Crack Brokers software. No info as to how exactly the trading algorithm works, or anything else about it. All the presenter just keeps spewing is how the Crack Brokers software is not a scam and it would help traders earn $70,000/month! How’s that going to happen with $250 initial investment? We don’t get told.

That’s enough to increase anybody’s suspicion that the software does not work and these guys are just sleek marketers whose sole aim is to grab people’s money illegitimately.

Why Crack Brokers is a Scam?

So, this guy comes right off the bat and claims that the Crack Brokers software executes trades on auto-pilot and has a 99.8% accuracy in picking winning trades. And I just can’t help but laugh at the stupidity of such claims. 99.8% accuracy. That’s like 100% strike rate and trust me; any software that makes such claim is a scam. Past experience has always corroborated that!

Apparently, these guys are just out to bamboozle newbie traders and not the experienced ones. No software can consistently give 99.8% winning accuracy.

Fake Claims and Unrealistic Promises

According to the video, the Crack Brokers software can make traders $2,500/day, $17,500/week and $70,000/month! All by depositing and starting to trade with $250! And in attempt to supposedly prove his claim, the video promotion goes on to show a fake bank balance, depicting the ability of the Crack Brokers software to achieve a 98.8% winning rate (which we of course know is a charade).

And how’s that going to happen for traders who subscribe? The Thomas Mallon guy comes up with some mumbo-jumbo statement, playing around words without any sensible explanation.

Anyone that knows anything about trading the financial market would first off know that 98.8% consistent win rate and $70,000/month isn’t only an impossible claim and promise; it’s completely absurd and the explanation given as to how to make it happen further makes it more absurd. No auto trading software has achieved such feat and this bogus Crack Brokers software is definitely not going to be the one to make it happen.

Thomas Mallon is Paid Actor

The supposed CEO of Crack Brokers software; Thomas Mallon is as a matter of fact a hired actor. And my research uncovered that he’s the same guy that had earlier claimed he was someone else while promoting Wall Street Trading Software (another notorious scam trading software).

Here’s someone that has claimed to be 2 different persons within a short period of time and in the 2 instance, shamelessly lying so brazenly and deliberately to deceive people. Would you actually give your money to such a person and his cohorts? I sure would not and you shouldn’t too.

He is a complete fraud and a frequently hired actor on Fiverr who makes a living reading scripts prepared by crooks to defraud others of their hard earned money. Don’t fall for all he said in the Crack Brokers software promotional video.

Fake Testimonials and Reviews

There’s the testimonial claim of someone called Monica Isabel who claims to get $1,100 using the Crack Brokers software daily and some others too making such similar claims. These claims are just fairy tale lies. They’re all hired actors, who are been paid to read and act that script to deceive others.

On the website, you would also find random pictures of people purportedly sharing their testimonials of how the Crack Brokers has changed their life. Well, before you mistakenly fall for those, be aware that all those images are stolen from other websites.

These people are completely unidentified and there’s no way one can ascertain the credibility of the supposed claims made on the website.

Fake Trading Results

As with most other scam binary options trading campaigns out there, the Crack Brokers software uses online results in the video presentation to further get unsuspecting people to believe their claims. They even showed a live results that happens to be on the 27th November, 2016. A quick research on that date would reveal to you that it was on a weekend.

How more ridiculous can these guys get? The last time we checked, it was impossible to trade stocks and options over the weekend!

Brand New Domain

So, this Thomas Mallon guy claims the Crack Brokers system has helped a lot of folks made so much money. But a quick WhoIs research on the domain reveals that the website was registered on 27th November, 2016; meaning it has only been set up. So, he was lying all along.

Then, you want to even ask yourself; when did all this supposed claims happen? Apparently, these guys aren’t smart like they believe themselves to be.

You should also stay away from similar scams like Click Money System and Aurum Tech !

Can You Earn Money With the Software?

The Wall Street Trading Software; which is another scam software headlined by this guy did not work. We were able to uncover that it was a scam. And this script reading action by this scammer for the Crack Brokers software and the activities and claims of his cohorts is surely not going to work too. It’s all a charade.

So, saying it as it is… You cannot earn any money with the software! The only people making money with this are Thomas Mallon and the other thieves behind the curtain.

The Bottom Line

Reading through this Crack Brokers review, it should be clear to you that Crack Brokers software is a scam run by fraudsters whose sole aim is to drain your funds into untraceable offshore accounts.

Nobody has earned $2,500/day, $17,500/week or $70,000/month as claimed by these guys. This Crack Brokers software review has shown you that the website is just newly registered. So, those claims are all lies aimed at deceiving people.

Don’t be tricked. Keep your credit card away from these guys!

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