Easy Daily Profits Review – SCAM With Fake Trading System!

Easy Daily Profits has just been introduced by a certain Dean Westhorpe as a revolutionary piece of software that guarantees $982 daily profit for traders without any significant time or work input. But before you get sucked into the Easy Daily Profits scam, make sure to read this unbiased Easy Daily Profits review and get a hang of the truth; as I would be exposing the Easy Daily Profits software and the scam tactics been employed by this con artist and his cohorts, as they attempt to steal your hard earned money.

And should you happen to have seen the video presentation of the Easy Daily Profits software, you’d realize how the guy stylishly comes through at the beginning of the video as not selling anything, and that what he is about to introduce is different from all the scam robots you may have been familiar with.

Well, let me straight up with you; the Easy Daily Profits software is actually the same as one of those thieving scam robots that you may have stumbled on. So, don’t get carried away by this vain attempt at using reverse psychology to get you to trust him.

Now, let’s get on with the Easy Daily Profits review…

What is Easy Daily Profits Software?

The Easy Daily Profits software was purportedly created by Dean Westhorpe; who claims to be a self-made millionaire who made his entire fortune by using his Easy Daily Profits auto trading robot.

According to him; Easy Daily Profits software has a sophisticated computer algorithm that that allows the software to place a series of trades throughout the trading day on complete auto pilot mode with an outstanding 96% accuracy.

He additionally claims that those fortunate enough to use the Easy Daily Profits software are guaranteed of making at least $982 per day on complete auto pilot mode, for the rest of their life.

During the video presentation, Dean Westhorpe also points out that after this window of opportunity he is offering to join the Easy Daily Profits software expires, he will be charging $15,000 for a single license (they always have a way of coming up with some cock and bull stories like this).

Does the Software Work?

So, this guy who claims to be Dean Westhorpe comes behind the screen in the video presentation and keeps spewing gibberish about how the Easy Daily Profits software was developed by a very close friend, who decided to give it to him.

He goes ahead to continually spew so many incoherent statements about how the Easy Daily Profits software leverages on loopholes in the market! In all these statements, not once did we get a well detailed explanation of how exactly this software works and on what algorithms its efficiency is based on.

Let me save you the hassle and tell you straight up what experience has taught us about claims like this; the Easy Daily Profits software does not work!

Well, here is what works…

If they ever get to convince you with their lies and you register, you will automatically be assigned to a binary options broker of their choice (their rogue partners) and then you eventually get to the point where you’re required to pay $250 or more to get your account activated (this is their main objective all along).

And then, at this point of you depositing money, you can as bid your money farewell, because it gets plugged into this supposedly revolutionary software which is rigged to make losing trades.

Why Easy Daily Profits is a Scam?

The first red flag is the choice of these crooks to go anonymous. The question any right thinking person would want to ask is; if these guys are so certain of the efficiency of their software, why exactly aren’t they bold enough to use their real faces during the video presentation?

Well, that’s just the tip of the iceberg! See more reasons why Easy Daily Profits is a scam…

Bogus Claims and False Promises

The Easy Daily Profits scam video makes hyped up claims of actually making subscribers “$982 every day” and about $30,000 monthly!

He claims the Easy Daily Profit software has a failsafe patent installed. This ensures losing trades are ended up as break even. He’s inadvertently claiming you will never lose a trade with the Easy Daily Profits software.

You should be aware that all these claims are complete hogwash! There is no such thing as “no loss software” and no software can give you $30,000 monthly with an initial $250 deposit. Making such claims automatically gives away these scammers as desperate people who have sinister motives.

Don’t get lured by it.

Poor Video Presentation

For software that claims to make subscribers “$982 every day”, isn’t it laughable at the poor video presentation that these scammers came up with. First, they decide to go anonymous and hide behind a screen and microphone to promote their supposedly amazing software. The website is also poorly constructed and features a time counter which they intend to use to create some sense of urgency in getting people to part with their money.

Unfortunately for them, all these only further corroborate how much of a scam these guys really are.

Fake Testimonials

A look at the testimonials section of the Easy Daily Profits software; purportedly of real subscribers and users of the software who are supposed to provide us their unbiased feedback further corroborates that this Easy Daily Profits software is a scam. All the testimonials and reviews are stock photos or stolen images with fabricated testimonials.

And don’t also get swayed by the purported testimonial from one “member” getting into her new car, one that she was able to purchase with the help of Easy Daily Profits system. It’s all baloney. No software in binary brading will make you such huge money.

Fake Media Coverage

In a bid to entice viewers by appearing genuine; they make up fake endorsements claims by CNN Money, Bloomberg, etc! There are no links to those features; as we of course rightly expected because it’s all lies, lies and lies!

To confirm for yourself, just visit the stated websites and run a search yourself and see if any article or endorsements that might have been published about Easy Daily Profits would pop-up. We have done this and found absolutely nothing.

Fake Live Trading Results

So, in a vain attempt to prove to us that subscribers are making money with the help of this Easy Daily Profits software as claimed, these crooks show off fabricated bank account statements. However, these statements only serve as further evidence that Easy Daily Profits is a scam.

These bank account statements are unreal and fake as the software itself. It doesn’t proof anything because we know such statements can be doctored using online tools gotten off of Google. And they weren’t even smart about doctoring the documents!

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Can You Make Money With Software?

The simple answer is NO! This Easy Daily Profits software is definitely not a trusted financial tool. While banking $30000 or more in monthly profits is something anyone would dream of and love to achieve, our research has uncovered this so called Easy Daily Profits software isn’t going to make it happen. Everything about them reeks of scam, scam and scam.

And these scammers are the ones that are going to make the money, not YOU!

Conclusion of the Easy Daily Profits Review

At this point, you should have figured that the Easy Daily Profits software is a complete joke. We can’t put a face to those that claim to be behind the software. They’re just making ridiculous claims behind a screen and microphone.

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