Financial Freedom System Review – Dangerous Scam Exposed!

Binary options trading scam services and software keep popping up everywhere with bogus claims of turning traders into millionaires overnight. However, I’ve made it my responsibility to check and verify these claims and expose the scams.

Today, we will be exposing the Financial Freedom System scam that claims to be able to help traders’ bank $2,000 daily profits. The scammers behind this software described it as a ‘revolutionary tool’ that is powered by sophisticated algorithms for pinpointing winning trades automatically.

Well, before you head over and hand them your money by making a deposit into their recommended brokers (partners in crime), be sure to read every word of this Financial Freedom System review.

 Financial Freedom System Review

What is Financial Freedom System?

According to the voice narrator; who claims to be the founder and goes by the name William Griffin; Financial Freedom System (also known as FFSystem) is an auto-trading system that is powered by sophisticated algorithms that has an accuracy of about 99.5 percent when picking trades.

According to William Griffin; he came up with the idea of how to make money on financial markets in the times of crisis, alongside his partner who used to work in a huge bank. The result is the Financial Freedom System which they initially let a small group of people test; with each one of them ending up earning over $6,000 in the first week. He also said after a lot of tests, tweaks and improvements along the way, the FFSystem has been fine-tuned and can now make traders at least $2,000 per day.

Oh, and if you’re visiting the site right now, you must be very lucky as you’re going to be among the first 45 people who are going to get the Financial Freedom System for free, after which every other visitor who wants to get the software has to buy it for $1,999.

So, in essence, you have to take advantage of this life changing opportunity NOW! Well, we all know this one of those pressure marketing tactics employed by scammers to get you to part with your money as quickly as possible!

Does the System Work?

Well, there is no explanation as to how the Financial Freedom System will work and make profit for traders. The con-artist claiming to be the creator just goes on yakking about how his software can earn a minimum of $2,000. How? We don’t know and he won’t say! Experience has thought me to be wary of this kind of thing where the presenter doesn’t go into details of what algorithms or strategies his or her software is supposed to leverage on to do the thing it claims it will do.

Situations like that only prove one thing; they don’t have any algorithm or strategy in place; hence, the software doesn’t work. All they want subscribers to do (before they eventually get exposed) is make the initial $250 into their suggested brokers’ account, who then go on to drain your money into untraceable private accounts and disappear.

Why Financial Freedom System is a Scam?

The first red flag as always turns out to be that William Griffin is a fictitious character created by the scammers behind this scheme. A quick research shows that the supposed photo of the narrator/creator which we get shown is actually a stock photo that was stolen from a public marketing database.

That establishes that all he has been saying is built on lies and dishonesty. And trust me, when it comes to your money, the last person you want to hand it over to are liars and dishonest people. And that’s what these guys have been exposed to be.

Fake Testimonials and Reviews

A look at the testimonials section of the Financial Freedom System; purportedly of real subscribers and users of the software who are supposed to provide us their unbiased feedback further corroborates that this Financial Freedom System is a scam. All the testimonials and reviews are fake!


Fake Promises and Claims

The Financial Freedom System claims it has sophisticated algorithms that has about 99.5 percent accuracy and promises to earn traders over $2,000 daily. The first proof that this is a joke is the fact that there’s no automated system that has 99.5 percent accuracy in picking trades. It’s never been achieved and we definitely won’t take the bite; believing this unproven software would be able to achieve that.

All the claims by the narrator/founder are just old scamming strategies used by most trading scams. Especially bearing in mind that they fabricated testimonials from non-existing traders.

Cheap Marketing Tricks

Another scamming trick used by the perpetrators of this scheme is telling site visitors they’re going to be among the first 45 people who are going to get the software for free, after which every other visitor who wants to get the software has to buy it for $1,999. They keep showing 41 spots were already claimed with only 4 spots remaining and you need to act quickly to secure a place.

This is just one of those pressure marketing tactics employed by scammers to get you to part with your money as quickly as possible. No reputable and legitimate binary options trading signals of software company forces subscribers into hurrying up to sign in and invest. These scam-artists are only desperate for your deposits.

And by the way, when you leave the site and then come back again a day or two later, guess what; you still get to see the same message.

New Domain

A WhoIs search uncovers that the Financial Freedom System website was just recently registered. They have no credibility, enough to make us believe all their bogus claims.

 Financial Freedom System Scam

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Conclusion of Financial Freedom System Review

Can you earn money with the software? The simple answer is NO! While banking $2,000 daily profits is something anyone would love to achieve, our research has uncovered this so called Financial Freedom System isn’t going to make it happen. Everything about them reeks of scam so stay away from the Financial Freedom System.





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