Gemini 2 Review – A Big Scam Software By Brandon Lewis!

You probably have stumbled on the Gemini 2 website and got intrigued by the promise made by the ‘supposed’ CEO, Brandon Lewis; saying subscribers could be earning $48,000 to $19,200 in just 10 days. Well, if you feel that sounded too good to be true; then you’re right because Gemini 2 is nothing but a SCAM!

And as it turns out; many newbie trying to get their hands on binary options trading tend to fall for the pitch videos created by people like Brandon Lewis; hoping they’ll make money as stated by these paid actors who pose as traders. They use smooth words and everything appears so real; except the fact that the software they’re pitching never makes you money.

So, before you get all excited; imagining how you would make your first $48,000 in the next 10 days; let me burst the bubble and expose the SHAM for what it is.

Gemini 2 Review

What is Gemini 2 Software?

The Gemini 2 Software claims to be an automated binary options trading system created by Brandon Lewis; a supposed ex Google engineer, and the software according to him works on autopilot and guarantees 100% winning trades every time.

And according to the video, it’s going to cost around $250 minimum to get started and the money will be charged to your credit card by their affiliated brokers. You aren’t given a demo account to get started, like most reputable binary options brokers offer. You’re just expected to pay your money and let the software do what it’s going to do; make you money (yeah right!).

Our research has shown this is nothing more than a scheme that’s been created to rip off and steal from innocent victims! Keep reading our Gemini 2 review!

Why Gemini 2 is a Scam?

So, this website shows up with its owner (whom we cannot find any information about anywhere on the internet) and make claims that their binary trading software is supposed to work on autopilot and earn you at least $12,000 daily. Anybody that’s ever had to trade binary knows this is baloney; and nothing but an insane claim! For starters, no automated software can earn you that much money daily; considering the market dynamics that can swing trades and change the order of things.

Fake Story

Watching the video; you probably saw the part where the guy was showing the software in action, and in some few hours, he was able to generate $5,000 in profits out of a seed investment of $250. Well, you need to be aware that such videos can be created using cheap software. A quick search on Google would reveal that to you.

A lot of videos like this litter the internet trying to lure unsuspecting victims into believing their lies. The Gemini2 video is no different. It’s just trying to use the same old trick to impress new traders. Don’t fall for it!

And by the way; what kind of trading company gives people huge checks? Is Gemini 2 a game show? And that’s not even minding the fact that one of those cheques was dated December 4, 2015; when Gemini 2 itself was registered on May 5th, 2016? So many loopholes from these scammers guys!

Gemini 2 Fake Scam

Paid Actors

So, how is it possible that they have all these guys giving testimonials about Gemini 2? Well, they are all paid actors; including the self-acclaimed ex Google engineer and CEO; Brandon Lewis! I didn’t find anything supportive of their legitimacy.

The narrator, the guys holding the cheques, etc are all part of a grand scheme; telling viewers lies under a fictitious identity and with the sole aim of defrauding you of your hard-earned money. Don’t give it to them!

Hype Claims

The paid actor/CEO claims his software works on autopilot and you win 100% of your trade; without giving any proper details about his system algorithm.

Anyone that knows anything about binary trading would know this is complete BS!! Winning and losing trades are normal when trading binary. Only someone without deep knowledge of how the market works (like this actor) can make such bogus, unsubstantiated and completely false claim. No trading software can give 100% precision.

Gemini 2 Review Scam

Who is Mr. Brandon Lewis?

He claims to be an ex Google engineer who accidentally developed this software which empowers the “little man” and makes him millions of dollars trading binary options on auto-pilot. Now, he is offering a hand-full of Beta Testers free access to this superb no-loss software.

This is nothing but hoax! The guy is a paid actor. There is no record or any information about him anywhere on the internet. So, we can only reasonably conclude that he is a paid actor hired to promote the product.

Conclusion of Gemini 2 Review

Yes, the Gemini 2 is a deceptive ploy to rob innocent people of their hard earned money. We haven’t found any evidence to support the actor/CEO’s claims; just loopholes that have given them away as what they are; SCAMMERS!

Please stay off and don’t get swindled!











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