Guardian Angel’s Wing Review – SCAM With FAKE Software Exposed!

Guardian Angel’s Wing is another trading scam software that popped out of nowhere with bogus claims of turning traders into millionaires overnight. However, I’ve made it my responsibility to check and verify their claims and expose the Guardian Angel’s Wing scam in this Guardian Angel’s Wing review.

Before we delve fully into the details, let me quickly inform you that the claim by the voice over actor, Tommy Lomax that the software will provide you an income of $30,000 to $60,000 every month is a hoax and only a ploy to get you to hand them your money by making a deposit into their recommended binary options brokers.

Admittedly, binary options trading can be lucrative and generate a really nice income consistently. The opportunities are endless; however, the lucrative nature of the binary options industry has left us inundated with scammers, such as this Guardian Angel’s Wing who keep trying to prey on the populace by making bogus claims.

So, before you head over and hand them your money, be sure to read every word of this Guardian Angel’s Wing review.

What is Guardian Angel’s Wing Software?

According to the voice over actor, Tommy Lomax who presented the video, Guardian Angel’s Wing software was purportedly created by one Mr. C. This Tommy Lomax guy claims he already became millionaire with the help of this Guardian Angel’s Wing software and that the Guardian Angel’s Wing software will provide you $30, 000 t0 $60, 000 of income per month with 87% guaranteed success.

Oh, and he claimed that accessing the Guardian Angel’s Wing software is free and needs no prior knowledge for the newbie to join the system. Except of course, you are required to make a $250 deposit into an investment broker account (of course, we were expecting that), and you are guaranteed that your $250 deposit will turn into $30, 000 t0 $60, 000 of income per month.

Does the Software Work?

So, this guy claims traders (including newbie) can earn up to $30, 000 t0 $60, 000 of income per month, by depositing $250 to access the software! It doesn’t take a soothe sayer to tell you this is an insanely fake Claim. There’s no way anyone can make that much money from binary options in a month, with a deposit of $250. Absolutely no way! In addition to this atrocious claim, no explanation is provided regarding the software itself.

Making such claims without any Intel on how the software actually works can only mean that these guys don’t have software that works. Anybody that signs up for the Guardian Angel’s Wing software service would only have helped these guys make some more money to further perpetrate their scamming operations.

Why Guardian Angel’s Wing is a Scam?

So many red flags point in the direction that this whole Guardian Angel’s Wing of a thing is total bull-crap and a complete scam. First off, we only get to hear the voice and not see the presenter of the video, who claims to have become a millionaire with the help of this Guardian Angel’s Wing software. He then goes on to conveniently tell us that the software was created by one Mr. C!

Like seriously, we’re just expected to blindly give our money to a guy that hides behind a screen and claims the software was created by someone called Mr. C? How more ridiculous can these guys get?

All this just points to the fact that, there’s something fishy somewhere and trust me, it sure doesn’t smell good.

Fake Claims and Promises

The Guardian Angel’s Wing software promises an 87% accuracy rate and to help traders earn $30,000 to $60,000 per month, with an initial deposit of $250. Asides from being a fake promise, it’s a completely insane claim.

No software has achieved 87% consistently; much less earn $30,000 to $60,000 per month, with an initial deposit of $250. And trust me, this bogus Guardian Angel’s Wing software is definitely not going to be the one to make it happen.

Clearly these scammers are dishonest about the performance and are trying to fool new traders because anybody that has some little knowledge about binary options trading would easily discern that this is an unachievable claim!

Tommy Lomax is Paid Spokesperson

The presenter; Tommy Lomax who claims to have become a millionaire with the help of this Guardian Angel’s Wing software and hides behind the screen to tell us this is obviously a paid spokesperson.

A quick research on his name shows zero returns. It’s only associated with this Guardian Angel’s Wing that he’s been paid to promote. So, it is clear that Tommy Lomax is just a pseudo name created by these scammers to cheat unsuspecting people. And he also had to do it as a voice-over actor.

He also claims that he owns five profitable trading platforms. Really? Can we have the names of these platforms? Well, of course it’s a lie so NO, we can’t have them. How can we trust this kind of people?

Fabricated Testimonials

A look at the testimonials section of the Guardian Angel’s Wing software; purportedly of real subscribers and users of the software who are supposed to provide us their unbiased feedback further corroborates that this Guardian Angel’s Wing software is a scam. All the testimonials and reviews are stock photos or stolen images garnished with fabricated testimonials.

And don’t also get swayed by the purported testimonial from one Maya Norrid who claims that she earned $10,000 in just one week using the Guardian Angel’s Wing software. It’s all baloney. No software for binary trading will make you such huge money in just one week.

Fake Online Trading Results

So, in a vain attempt to prove to us that he’s not lying and has become a millionaire with the help of this Guardian Angel’s Wing software, the Tommy Lomax guy shows off a screenshot of what he claims is his bank account statements.

These bank account statements are unreal and fake as the software itself. It doesn’t proof anything because we know such statements can be doctored using online tools gotten off of Google.

No Customer Support

Well, here’s another truth you need to be aware of with the Guardian Angel’s Wing software. The customer support doesn’t work. Once the app and their thieving brokers zap your money, it is gone for good.

And why should there be customer support? These guys are scammers by the way.

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Can You Make Money With Software?

The simple answer is NO! While banking $30,000 or more in monthly profits is something anyone would dream of and love to achieve, our research has uncovered this so called Guardian Angel’s Wing software isn’t going to make it happen. Everything about them reeks of scam, scam and scam.

And these scammers are the ones that are going to make the money, not YOU!

Conclusion of the Guardian Angel’s Wing Review

You can tell from reading this far that the Guardian Angel’s Wing is nothing but a pure money stealing scheme. Or how else do you explain the fact that the software is promoted by a voice over actor who claims to have made millions from the software and yet can’t put his face out for the whole world to see.

How about the atrocious claim that the software can make you over $30,000 monthly and is created by man that goes by the name Mr. C! Really?

So many red flags people. Don’t fall for the scheme.

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