HFT Finance Review – SCAM Software Exposed With Details!

HFT Finance is a new trading system claiming to offer binary options traders an amazing money making opportunity and appears professional during its promotion by the purported founder; John Williams, but this HFT Finance review would expose the HFT Finance scam and the lies put up by this presenter who claims to be John Williams.

As you would soon realize, this presenter is nothing but an impostor hired by crooks who are just using sleek marketing tactics to lure unsuspecting and inexperienced binary options traders into getting involved with a fraudulent scheme designed to steal their money just as fast as they deposit it.

Like most other scam software, these HFT Finance software scammers are keen on getting you to make a deposit into their recommended binary options brokers; who are obviously their partners in crime, after which the money gets drained into offshore accounts and they disappear!

Hence, you should hold on to your credit card details for the moment and read up this unbiased HFT Finance review and save yourself the agony of sending money to these thieves whose sole aim is to fleece you now and much later in the future…

HFT Finance Review

What is HFT Finance Software?

HFT Finance (High Frequency Trader Finance) software was purportedly created by HFT Finance Group; allegedly founded by John Williams. During the video presentation; John Williams claims to work in collaboration with a team of professional brokers who know the nooks and crannies around the Wall Street Exchange trading.

He states that the HFT Finance software is an autopilot binary options trading software that guarantees a winning accuracy rate of 98.6% and offers traders an amazing opportunity to make gobs of money on a daily basis.

According to John Williams, the HFT Finance software uses advanced mathematical formulas and works based on high frequency trading. He claims it is FREE! But don’t be fooled, the HFT Finance software is a scam. Read on find out why!

Does the Software Work?

According to the video presentation, the HFT Finance software works based on high frequency trading and executes trades on auto-pilot with a 98.6% strike rate.

Ideally, high frequency trading is a situation whereby traders engage in buy/sell transactions within split seconds. This is admittedly used effectively by some large trading firms to earn pips of profits within split seconds when trading FOREX.

However, this high frequency trading is not applicable to binary options trading where the shortest expiry of trades is between 30 seconds to hours. The fixed expiry time of binary options trading therefore renders the HFT algorithm as claimed irrelevant because during binary options trading, you can’t exit trades within split seconds prior to the fixed expiry. The system isn’t programmed to work that way.

So, why would the crooks behind this scam make claims that the HFT Finance software makes 2500 trades per day and concludes trades within 2-3 seconds?

Well, these claims are obviously an attempt to bamboozle inexperienced traders with technical jargons, all in an attempt to get them to drop their hard earned money.

Unfortunately for them, they’re trying to bamboozle traders with an inappropriate system, thereby exposing their foolishness and further corroborating our claims that they are scammers who know little to nothing about binary options trading!

So, does the software work? NO.

Why HFT Finance is a Scam?

First off, any software that claims to execute trades on auto-pilot with a 98.6% strike rate is a scam. There’s no arguing about that because even the best systems can’t lay claims to having a 90% strike rate consistently. And the reason they can’t lay claims to having a 90% strike rate consistently is because no one or software is able to accurately predict the future of the markets.

So for the purported creators of this rogue HFT Finance software to make such unsubstantiated claims raises a red flag!

HFT Finance Review Scam

Ridiculous Claims and Unrealistic Promises

John Williams claims the HFT Finance software can earn traders up to $15,000. And how exactly is the software going to make winning trades every day to earn such monies consistently? Yes, through the BS high frequency trading claim that we’ve already shown above to be a lie and inappropriate in binary options trading.

This just goes to show these guys know nothing about binary options trading. The 98.6% winning accuracy claim as well is not only unrealistic, its an incredibly ridiculous claim that every trader who know their onion about trading would readily shrug off. And our experience has shown that scam software promoters are the ones that make such ridiculous claims in an attempt to get people to sign-up for their rogue software.

Another thing worthy of mention is the claims of bonus addition! During the video presentation, we get told that HFT Finance offer bonuses as much as your investment. Well, be aware that this is a ploy to get you to drop more money. And by the way, such bonuses (even with reputable trading systems and brokers) usually come with conditions that restrain you from withdrawing your money until a particular trading volume is met.

So, don’t buy into the tricks being deployed by this scam software and its promoters!

No Evidence Online about John Williams

The purported creator of HFT Finance software; John Williams, claims his HFT Finance Group is a popular and reputable firm. He even claims to work in collaboration with a team of professional brokers who know the nooks and crannies around the Wall Street Exchange trading.

Well, one would expect someone who owns such a self-acclaimed reputable firm and who’s offering the services of his software to the public would at least have some sort of social media presence. But, as it turns out, our research couldn’t uncover anything about this phony character. Nothing at all even remotely links him with Binary Options Trading or even his self-acclaimed HFT Finance Group!

And the reason is simple; John Williams doesn’t exist. The character is a persona created by the scammers behind this fraudulent scheme; after which they went to hire an actor to play the part. So, the thing is, John Williams is an actor who was hired to read a script. He is not the founder of any HFT Finance Group as claimed and has probably never traded binary options before.

Fake Testimonials with Stolen Photos

As with other scam binary options trading software; the HFT Finance software Scam video is filled with testimonials from people whose images were obviously stolen from across the internet. The scammers then ascribed fake names and fictional stories as these people’s testimonials.

A simple Google Image search on some of the images from people who allegedly gave testimonials would reveal to you how unreal those images and the claims ascribed to them are.

So, don’t let yourself be carried away after seeing the fake testimonies from people with forged identity. It’s all part of the scam scheme.

HFT Finance Scam

Fake Press Reviews

In a bid to add some layer of credibility to the scam video and entice viewers by appearing genuine; the video presentation is riddled with some fake screenshots and reports claiming to be news quotes and press reviews from reputable media publications purportedly covering HFT Finance software.

Well, these alleged press reviews are fake as there are no links to those features in the stated publications. It’s all lies, lies and lies! It’s all a part of the grand scheme to gain your trust and make you invest in their rogue software. Don’t fall for it.

No Customer Support

Well, here’s another truth you need to be aware of, the customer support doesn’t work. Once the app and their thieving brokers zap your money, it is gone for good. There’s no way for you to reach John and his partners in crime, and you’re certainly not going to get any bonus. It’s all farce and there’s nobody to reach out to!

Please also avoid scam systems like Tesler App, Crack Brokers and Aurum Tech !

Can You Make Money With the Software?

If you’re part of those that put together this rogue software, then you may make some money if people choose to ignore the advice of this unbiased HFT Finance review and still go ahead and give HFT Finance software their money after we’ve proven to them that it is a scam.

But for genuine traders looking to make money; quite frankly, the HFT Finance software is not going to make that happen for you. It’s a rogue software whose sole intention of the scammers that put it together is to steal your money!

Conclusion of the HFT Finance Review

Reading through this HFT Finance review, it should be clear to you that HFT Finance software is a scam run by fraudsters whose sole aim is to drain your funds into untraceable offshore accounts.

There are enough loopholes in their video promotion to alert you to the warning signs. From their foolish claims of using high frequency trading which is obviously inappropriate in binary options trading to using fake testimonials and their fake media exposure claims and ultimately, the non-existence of the purported founder; John Williams.

We’ve shown you that their claims are all lies aimed at deceiving people. So, don’t be tricked. Keep your credit card away from these guys!

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