Instant Cash Club Review – A Huge Scam System by Jim Robinson!

Today, I’m going to draw your attention to the Instant Cash Club scam. Unfortunately, a lot of people new to the binary option terrain tend to fall for the pitch of scammers; such as Jim Robinson (the actor promoting the Instant Cash Club) who make outlandish claims and make promises of generating thousands of dollars for traders worldwide with just the click of a button.

And if you’ve been carried away by the outrageous claims and already thinking of investing in this scam; just put a halt to it right away.

Read up this review and save yourself the agony of sending money to these guys; only to realize, they were only using sleek marketing tactics to lure you into getting involved with a fraudulent scheme designed to deplete your account within hours or days.

Instant Cash Club Review

What is Instant Cash Club Software?

According to the video, Instant Cash Club software is a binary options trading software that runs 100% on autopilot, and it’s supposed to help you earn around $5000 every 8 hours.

According to the presenter; Jim Robinson, the software was created by two experienced, and supposedly famous and rich Wall Street traders; Andrew Haines and Thomas Jordan. As it turns out, we didn’t get to see either of them – well, except through pictures I was able to uncover as stock photos!

And of course, to get started and secure a seat because they are only 30 slots remaining; all you have to do is invest $250 and according to actor Jim Robinson, you`ll become a millionaire after only 6 months (yeah right!).

This outlandish claims and high pressure marketing tactics have become so cliché, that every discerning mind should immediately realize that this is a fraudulent scheme. But, let’s further burst the bubble of these scammers…

Does the Instant Cash Club System Work?

Watching the video, we don’t get to see any explanation as to how the software works. All the presenter ends up blabbing about is how you can be a millionaire in the next six month by subscribing… bla bla bla!

How exactly does Instant Cash Club system work? We don’t know and they won’t say! And that of course, this is because they don’t know themselves. Simply put; it doesn’t work. They are lying!

That’s enough pointer to the fact that these guys are just sleek marketers who don’t know anything about financial trading. And from experience reviewing scam software; I can tell you that the instant cash club is not a “revolutionary piece of software”. This is a fraudulent system designed with the aim of defrauding innocent victims and absconding with their money.

Why Instant Cash Club is a Scam?

There are lots of loopholes that give away the Instant Cash Club as nothing but a fraudulent scheme.

Firstly, you can’t expect to start with $250 initial capital and become a millionaire in six months! Anybody that tells you this is a con artist out to fraudulently take your money. And with Instant cash club making such unrealistic promises; it’s pretty much obvious they have something negative up their sleeves.

Additionally, the supposedly famous and rich Wall Street traders; Andrew Haines and Thomas Jordan that created the software aren’t real. A quick research on the internet throws back a void search of these guys – and these guys are supposed to be Wall Street gurus. Truth is; the presenter is telling viewers’ lies and just made up a fictitious founder story to further entice the unsuspecting public.

And if he could lie about that, trust me, you don’t want to give anything that has to do with him your money.

Instant Cash Club Review Scam

Fake Testimonials

As with other fraudulent schemes; the testimonials used are fake and full of loopholes! The people (of course we know they’re paid actors) giving the testimonials claimed to have made all of the money they’re flaunting in their account in the last 6 months. But guess what?

The website according to WhoIs data has only been online since September 20th, 2016. So, you want to ask yourself; how did they come by the 6 months been bandied about? Where did these guys get to know about their service and when did they sign up?

That’s in addition to the fact that; the picture of the people supposedly giving the testimonials are stock photos (yeah, a quick Google image search would throw that up for you)! As can be seen; the testimonials are just as scandalous as the opportunity itself!

Paid Actors

By now, you should have realized that these are paid actors. Well, I went a step further and was able to uncover that this same Jim Robinson and one other guy testifying have actually been featured on quite a number of other fake promotional videos. Some of which are Altronix and Free Money System AKA Millionaire Blueprint!

Suspicious Poor Website

As already noted above; the poorly designed website was registered on September 20th, 2016. A quick research on Alexa and Whois would expose their lies about been around for a while. Hence, there’s no way they can lay claim to have been around long enough for the people that have supposedly earned from using the software.

Heck, the site even has an Android and Apple play store link. What a bunch of low-life scammers! A simple search on those stores would show you nothing like the Instant Cash Club exists on those platforms.

Nonsense Promotional Video

As expected, the promotional video is nothing but a pile of trash. The fake presenter just keeps spewing unsubstantiated and bogus claims. Coupled with fake testifiers alleging to have used a software they know nothing about. This is just a confirmed scheme aimed at swindling people of their hard earned money.

Hype Claims and Fake Promises

After all the unsubstantiated and bogus claims, you get to be told that there are only 30 spots left? This is just a pressure marketing technique aimed at pushing you into registration. The quicker you register; the quicker they’re able to cash out and disappear with your money.

Please also Avoid scam like Gemini 2 !!

Conclusion of Instant Cash Club Review

As already proven; Instant Cash club has no evidence to support any of the claims that are made for earning wealth. Hence, we can reasonably conclude that it’s a grand scheme organized by con artists with the singular aim of stealing people’s money. Avoid them!






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