Leaked Profits Review – SCAM App Exposed With Dirty Facts!

Leaked Profits software purportedly created by Frank Bishop is one of the newest scam software being promoted aggressively via email marketing in a shameful attempt to steal from the public. And in this Leaked Profits review, we’re going to do justice and expose the Leaked Profits scam.

For starters, be aware that all the claims that you will earn money with this bogus wealth system are completely false and baseless. As with other software thrown into the public domain by similar crooks, those bogus claims are only just a marketing trick aimed at getting you to part with your credit card details.

So, if you happen to have seen the video due to its aggressive marketing campaign and you haven’t already concluded from seeing it that this Leaked Profits software is nothing but a scam, then make sure you do yourself a favor and read this unbiased Leaked Profits review objectively and to the very end.

Leaked Profits Review

Leaked Profits Review

The Leaked Profits software is purportedly created by Frank Bishop who claims to have worked in Wall Street for over 20 years, has a net worth of over $240 million and is a New York bestselling author.

According to him; Leaked Profits software is a fully automated trading software that wins 97.2% of all trades and earns at least $1,250/day.

During the video presentation, we’re told that the Leaked Profits software has earned over $72 million since it was created and has a lot of clients benefiting from making money with it currently.

The Frank Bishop guy additionally claims that anybody, irrespective of their experience level can gain complete access to the system for FREE. Well, that’s a well known scam tactic with most of these scam programs because after accessing the software supposedly FREE, you would be required to invest $250, and that’s the whole aim of their scheming. This Leaked Profits review would expose everything. Keep reading…

Does the Software Work?

As it turns out, throughout the Leaked Profits software video, we don’t get told about any algorithm, trading method or the inner workings of Leaked Profits software.

The system claims to be able to return $1,250 daily with a near 100% trading success rate and is totally automated, without any input from the clients and yet we do not get told how this software works to achieve everything claimed in the video.

That’s enough to increase anybody’s suspicion that the software does not work and these guys are just sleek marketers whose sole aim is to grab people’s money illegitimately.

So, save yourself the hassle, these guys do not have software that works.

Why Leaked Profits is a Scam?

So, this guy keeps making claims that the Leaked Profits software executes trades on auto-pilot and has a 97.2% accuracy in picking winning trades. That’s like 100% strike rate and trust me; any software that makes such claim is a scam. Past experience has always corroborated that!

Apparently, these guys are just out to trick newbie traders into believing their claims and not experienced traders. No software can consistently give 97.2% winning accuracy. And making such claims throws off a very red flag about this system.

Leaked Profits Review Scam

Ridiculous Claims and Unrealistic Promises

According to the video, the Leaked Profits software has a 97.2% accuracy and can make traders $1,250/day and up to $6,000/week! All by depositing and starting to trade with $250!

And how’s that going to happen for traders who subscribe? The Frank Bishop guy comes up with some incoherent statements, playing around words and doesn’t come up with any sensible explanation about any algorithm, trading method or the inner workings of Leaked Profits software…

Anyone that knows anything about trading the financial market would first off know that a 97.2% consistent win rate and $1,250/day claim is completely absurd.

And the fact that no explanation is given as to how to make it happen further makes it more absurd. No auto trading software has achieved 97.2% consistently and this bogus Leaked Profits software is definitely not going to be the one to make it happen.

Paid Actor in the Video Presentation

The supposed Founder of Leaked Profits software; Frank Bishop is as a matter of fact a hired actor. And our research uncovered that he has never been interviewed on CNBC as he claimed during the video presentation. His claims of being a New York bestselling author are nothing but lies, lies and lies!

Frank Bishop is a fictitious character coined by the scammers behind this scheme, after which they went on to hire this guy to play the part. He certainly is not a real trader and he has not worked on Wall Street.

So, the question now is; would you actually give your money to such a person and his cohorts? Even when this Leaked Profits review has exposed him as someone who is shamelessly lying and deliberately trying to deceive people.

I sure would not and you shouldn’t too.

Fake Video Testimonials

There are a handful of video testimonials during the video presentation and these supposed users of the Leaked Profits software are making claims of earning thousands of dollars using this rogue system. These claims are just fairy tale lies.

Those making these claims are all hired actors, who are been paid to read and act that script to deceive others. Most of these actors sell fake testimonials on Fiverr for 5 dollars. They are certainly not real traders.

This is a common tactic used by 99% of binary trading scams and we urge you not to mistakenly fall for it.

Leaked Profits Scam

No Company Information

For a company that claims to earn over $72 million; isn’t it laughable that they do not have any contact information? No address, phone or any such thing. We simply have no way to trace them.

This further corroborates our claims that they are nothing but scammers.

No Customer Support

Another thing you need to be warned about is the fact that there is no customer support available to solve any queries you may have once you register for this rogue Leaked Profits software.

So, be warned not to fall for their trick to subscribe and then anticipate any form of support from them. They’re only after your money!

Also avoid fake systems like Tesler App, Vena System and 10K Every Day App !

Can You Make Money With the Software?

Save yourself the trouble, you can’t make money with this software! The claim of having 97.2% accuracy and earning up to $1,250 daily is complete nonsense! Any experienced binary options trader would instantly ascertain that.

More so, when you’re expected to make such returns with software whose promoters can’t explain its working algorithm? Just as with other scam software out there, the only people that would be making money off of this are the crooks behind this scheme, not you.

The Bottom Line

Reading through this Leaked Profits Review, it should be clear to you that Leaked Profits software is a scam run by fraudsters whose sole aim is to drain your funds into untraceable offshore accounts.

Nobody has earned $1,250 daily as claimed by these guys. This review has shown you the inconsistencies in their claims and also the fact that the purported founder is a liar and a paid actor.

So, don’t be tricked. Keep your credit card away from these thieves!

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