Methodox 2.0 Review – Fake Automated Trading Software Exposed!

Methodox 2.0 is one of the newest binary options automated trading scams across the internet claiming to have built the next big software (using some magical mathematical algorithm) that’ll put thousands of dollars in investors’ accounts daily without them lifting a finger.

But before you fall for the Methodox 2.0 scam, make sure to read this unbiased Methodox 2.0 review and be exposed to the truth about the perpetrators of this scam’s outlandish claims and fake promises of helping you generate thousands of dollars with just the click of a button.

Methodox 2.0 Review

What is Methodox 2.0 Software?

Methodox 2.0 software was purportedly created by Scott Sholes and Mark; both of whom (according to the video) developed the software with the help of skills and in-depth knowledge acquired in their previous occupation as a leading analyst and head programmer respectively.

According to the presentation, the subscription is available for only a very limited number of people, as the Methodox 2.0 software was never intended to be released to the general public, but they had to change their mind as a result of being approached by investment firms who intend paying them big money on the condition that the Methodox 2.0 software reaches 1000 users within a 1 year testing period (they always try to come up with some cheesy story as to why its free).

The co-founders claimed there was a beta system; the Methodox 1.0, that has been undergoing tests for over a year to ensure that it works. And now that the Beta test has proven its worth, traders can now finally join Methodox 2.0 software and start making money.

During the presentation, we were told that the Methodox 2.0 software consistently achieves a 96% success rate and in trying to pass themselves off as been genuine, the presenter gave a conservative profit figure; promising traders $632+ in a day; and an estimated $7,000 per month. Okay, that’s what they claimed and said; now let’s delve in and reveal the truth and expose the Methodox 2.0 scam!

Does the Software Work?

All we get told in the video about how the Methodox 2.0 software works is that it was developed with the capability to connect with databases on top trading platforms and websites; predicting which asset is being promoted by the supposed big firms, then scanning the predictions of top traders around the world before attempting to place a trade.

And once this connection has been established, the system will place a trade on your behalf! Note: Red flag about the Methodox 2.0 scam spotted.

Assuming this even made any sense (which it doesn’t); how exactly do they intend establishing who the top traders across the globe are, and to also spy the database of big organizations without consequences? Asides from being illegal, I suppose these supposed big organizations would just fold their hands and continuously allow such data breach (that’s if it were possible to hack their way in, in the first place)!

This explanation about the Methodox 2.0’s working process just basically stands logic on the head and I have just one word to explain it… BALDERDASH!

It’s complete BS! No more, No Less! And we can reasonably conclude they came up with such concocted lies because this is a big SCAM. The software does not work. They just want to lay their hands on your money.

Why Methodox 2.0 is a Scam?

First off, the actor, claiming to be the co-founder in the video explained that the Methodox 2.0 software was an offshoot of the previous version; Methodox 1.0, that has been undergoing tests for over a year to ensure that it works. Well, as it turns out; we can’t seem to locate any credible information about the supposed Methodox app that started it all. We would have expected to have at least stumbled on some rave reviews or something, but there’s nothing.

And that’s just to further confirm the Methodox 2.0 scam, as scammers consistently use this kind of lies to build credibility and ensnare the unsuspecting public into believing their scam system is reputable.

Co-founder is an Actor

So, the supposed co-founder of the Methodox 2.0 software; Scott Sholes keeps reeling out lies upon lies about the software and continuously states that he co-founded the Methodox 2.0 app with Mark (imaginary of course); and we never get to see or hear Mark. Not even an image! And even Scott Sholes himself doesn’t have any provable identity in the financial industry; no one seems to have heard of him.

And this is a guy that’s claiming that many investment firms are already approaching him with money-in-hand to buy off his magic software!

Watching the video; one can easily tell that the guy was just hired off of an online marketplace and paid peanuts to read a crappy script to lie to an unsuspecting audience. He does not know anything about binary options trading. He’s just part of a grand scheme to steal your money.

Scam Brokers

Just like other scam software peddlers, Methodox 2.0 scam perpetrators recommend binary options brokers (partners in crime) that would end up draining your account into offshore accounts that are untraceable.

One of their purported recommended broker is Eztrader who many experienced binary options traders have established are mostly used by scammers to further their unwholesome agenda.

Fake Testimonials

Just like other scam software out there, the testimonials are from people with fictitious identities claiming to reside in different countries. These testimonials are fake and any discerning mind would know this. The images used are either stolen off of people’s social media profiles or stock photos bought for pennies. Don’t fall for them!

Methodox 2.0 Review Scam

Misleading Information

Apparently not knowing anything about binary options trading, all the information being spewed by the presenter is just misleading. It’s a vain attempt at bamboozling people into believing their lies and bogus claims. Take all their claims with a pinch of salt!

New Domain

Scott Sholes reveals that the Methodox app has been around for a while (2 years or thereabout); during the beta testing period. However, the registration shows that the domain was registered on February 15th 2016. And remember, we were not able to locate any credible information about the supposed Methodox app that started it all. So, who were the beta-testers? It’s all a lie!

Methodox 2.0 Scam

Please also avoid scam systems like Gemini 2, Instant Cash Club and Charity Profits App.

Who is Scott Sholes?

Scott Sholes claim to be the co-founder of Methodox 2.0 software, alongside Mark (whom we never to at least get a glimpse of). He claims to have helped over 500 people become millionaires with the first version of his software (big lie).

This Methodox 2.0 review has however exposed him to be a fictitious identity created by scammers behind the Methodox 2.0 software to perpetrate the Methodox 2.0 scam. No record of him exists anywhere. He’s actually an actor that’s just part of a grand scheme to steal your money.

Conclusion of Methodox 2.0 Review

Methodox 2.0 is a big scam, so please stay away from them.







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