Nasdaq Inside Trader Review – SCAM Exposed With Evidence!

Nasdaq Inside Trader by Alex Steele is another software that has joined the bandwagon of scam software promising heaven on earth, all in a bid to steal people’s money! As always, our unbiased Nasdaq Inside Trader review would expose the Nasdaq Inside Trader scam for what it truly is and not what it claims to be.

So, before falling for the too good to be true story of the narrator of this rogue software; promising to give you $2,000 just for filling your details, match the brakes and hold on a bit!

We’ve carefully watched the video, analyzed the above claims and the promise of the Nasdaq Inside Trader software being able to help traders generate $6,000 a day or $180,000 per month and we can boldly tell you it’s a SCAM.

Now, let’s delve into the nitty-gritty and expose all the lies of the Nasdaq Inside Trader software and the phony guy who claims to be Alex Steele…

Nasdaq Inside Trader Review

What is Nasdaq Inside Trader Software?

Purportedly created by the presenter/narrator of the video who claims to be Alex Steele and some other team members; Nasdaq Inside Trader software is an advanced auto trading software that Alex Steele claims will help traders make no less than $180,000 a month!

Alex Steele mentioned during his video that the Nasdaq Inside Trader software is the most innovative robot on the market and it could easily predict winning trades with 100% winning ratio.

We see claims during the video presentation that the Nasdaq Inside Trader software already has about 1231 users. And there’s also a brief introduction of other members of Alex’s team namely Sarah Morfee, the head of marketing and Craig Cornwall, the CEO.

And according to Alex Steele, if you fill in the registration form available on the presentation video in the next 3 minutes, not only would you be joining about 1231 users already on the platform, you will be getting a remarkable $2,000 welcome bonus.

If you’ve been following the binary options scam software trend, you would have realized the above “bonus” trick is one of the ways these scam artists use to peddle their BS. And by the way, you must be living on another planet to believe some anonymous trader would just hand you $2,000 to use his commercial software!

Does the Software Work?

All through the Nasdaq Inside Trader software video, there’s barely any specific detail about the algorithm which the software uses. The only close explanation we get is that the Nasdaq Inside Trader software works using the principles of generating winning trades by measuring of the market movement and trends (whatever that means).

It is claimed that the software has a win rate of 99.7% and that it has not lost a single trade in the past two years. Yet, the narrator who claims to be the founder can’t articulate and explain to us in clear terms the algorithms this software uses to be as efficient as claimed. And we’re just expected to believe we can make no less than $180,000 a month using this software!

Now here’s the truth, experience has taught us that most trading system whose purported founders/representatives find it difficult to explain in clear terms how their trading platforms work are simply scams.

They oftentimes don’t have working software but are just trying to sway people by talking more about how you will become a millionaire using the system without any clear explanation as to how this software would make you those millions.

Nasdaq Inside Trader software is one of those typical scam software. They don’t have a software that works.

Nasdaq Inside Trader Review Scam

Why Nasdaq Inside Trader is a Scam?

As with other offers similar to this, the first red flag is not putting a face behind the video promotion.

So, the question any smart person would readily ask is why Alex Steele(as he claims to be) would not be proud of his product to show his real face to promote it? The simple conclusion is that they’re promoting something that is shady and in what appears to be the latest trend; many of the self acclaimed founders of various automated scam software have chosen to promote their products from behind the curtains!

And that would continue to raise a red flag…

Ridiculous Claims and Unrealistic Promises

So, this Alex Steele guy comes out of the blue and claims that his amazing Nasdaq Inside Trader software has a 100% winning ratio and can make traders $250 per hour, $4,500 a day and $180,000 a month. And how’s that going to happen? By measuring of the market movement and trends! Doesn’t that sound ridiculously insane to you?

Anyone that knows anything about trading the financial market would first off know that making $180,000 a month isn’t only an impossible claim and promise; it’s completely absurd and the explanation given as to how to make it happen further makes it more absurd. No auto trading software can make you $180,000 a month.

In addition to that, no automated trading software has a 100% winning ratio. If there was one, everybody would have abandoned manual trading long, long ago!

During the video presentation, the presenter even contradicts the $4,500 a day claim by stating the software can actually make you $6,000 per day. So many inconsistencies in his statements. The guy is obviously reading a badly written script.

Poor Video Presentation

The video presentation for the Nasdaq Inside Trader software can be easily summarized in one word: Poor! They had to use a poorly made cartoon video to pass their message across. They didn’t even have the courtesy of using an actor, to put a face to their claims and help make them appear credible.

And we’re supposed to believe this software can make traders $180,000 a month, even when the purported founder; Alex Steele isn’t proud enough to show his face to promote his self-acclaimed product? The whole video presentation is a joke.

Fake Video Testimonials

During the course of the video, a number of real people make live testimonials about how the Nasdaq Inside Trader software has helped them to become millionaires.

Be aware that just like other scam binary options trading software; these Nasdaq Inside Trader software video testimonials are by paid actors from the Fiverr marketplace. They are not real traders. They are only acting a script.

Oftentimes; anybody with a few bucks can go to Fiverr; which is an online marketplace and hire all kinds of skilled people to do all kinds of jobs for them; including paid video testimonials! And that’s what these guys did. So, don’t let yourself be carried away after seeing the fake testimonies from people with forged identity. Those testimonials are as fake as the software itself.

Nasdaq Inside Trader Scam

Fake Social Media Testimonials

The website also features testimonials; purportedly of real subscribers and their supposed social media profiles. Our research however uncovered that these are not real people and their reviews are not true.

Try conducting a search on those names put up and see for yourself if they are real people. Don’t fall for the gimmick!

Fake Live Trading Results

Apparently in an attempt to further bamboozle people about the workability of this rogue Nasdaq Inside Trader software, the scammers share some trading results, showing winning trades and 100% accurate results.

Don’t get swayed by that. As we’ve stated in previous reviews, screenshots like this can be doctored using online tools gotten off of Google. So, be aware that these trading results are unreal and fake as the software itself.

Also avoid scam systems like Jane Marshal’s Wealth System, One Touch Trade and The Royce Code !

Can You Make Money With the Software?

The answer to this is quite straight forward. No, you can’t make money from this software. There is no automated software that can earn you $250 per hour consistently or $180,000 in a month as claimed in the Nasdaq Inside Trader software scam video.

So, perish any thought of making any from this rogue software! The only money-makers here are the con-artists that orchestrated this whole scheme.

Conclusion of the Nasdaq Inside Trader Review

The choice should be really easy for you to make. Would you hand over your money to an anonymous person who isn’t proud enough to show his face to promote his own self-acclaimed revolutionary product?

Nasdaq Inside Trader software is a scam software and all the video put together is a scam operation and we’ve tried our possible best to proof that to you

So, do yourself a favor. Ignore these guys and save yourself all the trouble and drama.

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