Onassis Alliance Review – A Big SCAM System Exposed!

Onassis Alliance is one of the latest automated binary options trading Software claiming to be the solution that will help traders escape the rat race and achieve financial freedom. However, before you part with your hard earned cash, make sure to read this Onassis Alliance review, so you don’t fall for the Onassis Alliance scam.

Before we delve fully into the details, let me quickly inform you that the $7,000 profit daily profit claim is a hoax and only a ploy to get you to hand them your money by making a deposit into their recommended brokers. Once that is done, your money gets plugged into their rigged system and it is siphoned away from your reach.

They are able to easily do this because the Onassis Alliance software is programmed to be only compatible with their recommended brokers; who are not regulated or verified. Hence, you want to avoid entrusting your money to Onassis Alliance.

Now, let’s delve into full details of why you need to stay away from this bogus and scandalous automated trading program and their gimmicks.

Onassis Alliance Review

What is Onassis Alliance Software?

The Onassis Alliance software is an automated trading system purportedly created by Jed Onassis; who claims to be a self-made millionaire who made his entire fortune by using this auto trader.

According to him; the Onassis Alliance software works with a sophisticated algorithm that scans the internet and markets before placing trades based on the data received. It mostly places 60 second trades and it has also been programmed to detect when a trade is heading in the wrong direction and about to lose, and it then instantly places a trade in the opposite direction, at the very least breaking even.

This Jed Onassis guy claims that by using the Onassis Alliance software, you will earn $625/hour and have $7,000 or more cleared and paid into your account daily, and you are guaranteed to receive this income year after year for the rest of your life.

And yes, all you are required to do is make a $250 deposit into an investment broker account (of course, we were expecting that), and you are guaranteed that your $250 deposit will turn you into a millionaire.

Does the Software Work?

The main explanation given by the supposed creator of Onassis Alliance software about its working algorithm is that it scans the internet and markets before placing trades based on the data received.

If that’s not ridiculous enough; he then goes on to say the Onassis Alliance software has been programmed to detect when a trade is heading in the wrong direction and about to lose, and it then instantly places a trade in the opposite direction; hence the very least that can happen is that it breaks even.

If the guy’s explanation is anything to go by, then the software counters every losing position with fence trading.

Now, this explanation can only mean one thing… this guy and his collaborators know nothing about trading binary options. Because if they did, they would know that you do not get 100% of your investment back if you win a trade (65-80% is the standard with most brokers), yet you lose a full 100% when you lose!

And that’s in addition to the fact that you have to at least get in at the same strike rate and the expiry time will have to be the same. Doing the math, you would realize there’s no way to make money with this. Hence, there is no way the software would make profits for every losing position countered with fence trading.

So, does the software work? NO!

Why Onassis Alliance is a Scam?

Below are things that further confirm the Onassis Alliance scam.

Onassis Alliance Review Scam

Fake Claims and Promises

Jed Onassis claims the Onassis Alliance software has sophisticated algorithms that trades with about 97.4% accuracy and promises to earn traders over $7,000 daily. First off, there’s no automated system that has 97.4% accuracy in picking trades. It’s never been achieved and there’s nothing to prove that this unproven software would be able to achieve that.

And as you can see from above, the claims of using fence trading to make profitable trades is just hogwash!

The CEO is an Actor

The presenter; Jed Onassis who claims to be the CEO of Onassis Alliance is in fact a “B” rated actor that goes by the name Robert I. Sackett. This confirms to you that the Jed Onassis name was just coined by these crooks.

And trust me, you don’t want to entrust your money into anything that has to do with someone that’s lying so brazenly and deliberately deceiving people. And that’s what this guy is doing… He is a liar!

Fake Testers

As with most other scam binary options trading campaigns out there, the Onassis Alliance software uses fake testers in the video presentation. A quick research on the internet would reveal to you that most of these people that are used, are hired professional actors.

New Domain

For software that claims to have active users who’s been profiting from the system in a while, it might interest you to know that at the time of writing this Onassis Alliance review, the website is newly registered. You can conduct a simple WhoIs to confirm that yourself.

Please also avoid scam systems like Orion Code, Charity Profits App and Gemini 2 !Onassis Alliance Scam

Can You Make Money With Software?

The only people that would make money from this are the scammers that put it together and not the regular trader. All the claims been spewed in the video are just pressure sales tactics aimed at getting naive traders to part with their hard earned money.

Any seasoned trader would know that there are too many variables within the market for any software to achieve 97.4% accuracy. It is just a tall dream!

Conclusion of Onassis Alliance Review

While it’s okay to fantasize about and aim to earn as much as $7,000 daily, I have to caution you that the Onassis Alliance software is not going to make that happen for you.

It is one of the numerous scams out there, whose sole intent is to lure people to give them their money; after which the perpetrators disappear with the money and re-launch another scam and continue the cycle.

So, don’t let your money find its way into the hands of the crooks behind this fraudulent scheme.

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