One Touch Trade Review – SCAM App by Jeffrey Peterson Exposed!

One Touch Trade by a certain Jeffrey Peterson is going viral lately due to an extremely pushy email marketing blast, as a revolutionary money making system for binary options traders. But before you fall for this well orchestrated scam and lose your hard-earned money, make sure to read this unbiased One Touch Trade review and get a hang of the truth about the One Touch Trade scam.

For those who haven’t seen the video, good for you as you’re not missing anything because the One Touch Trade software is utter rubbish and a complete scam. However, for those who have gotten any sort of SPAM email inviting them to subscribe to the One Touch Trade software, be aware that you’re about to get swindled.

You’re not going to make any money as claimed in the video presentation. Just like other scam automated trading system, the only people that will be making money here are the scammers and dubious binary options brokers through which the money gets siphoned into offshore accounts.

So, hold on tight to your credit card details for now as we delve in to explore and expose the lies and fabrications that are being peddled by the scammers behind the One Touch Trade software.

What is One Touch Trade Software?

The presentation for the One Touch Trade software is made by one Jeffrey Peterson who claims One Touch Trade software is an automated trading software that uses the most innovative trading technology and it’s designed by engineers at the Investment Institute Gold Campbell Limited.

Jeffrey Peterson claims to have made over $754,321.17 during the past year with the help of the One Touch Trade software. And you too can start making $2,066 per day using this software.

According to him; the software has transformed his life and he is offering traders an opportunity to have the One Touch Trade software transform their lives as well. And as a result, he is giving traders the opportunity to try this “game-changing tool” for free!

He additionally claims that the One Touch Trade software already has more than 12,428 users from all over the globe.

Now, read on as I burst the bubble of these scammers…

Does the Software Work?

In an apparently stupid demonstration purportedly aimed at showing that One Touch Trade software is legitimate and works as claimed, the video presentation shows a demo where $2,500 is deposited and then after coming back, we get shown that the money has almost tripled to over $7,000, allegedly using the One Touch Trade software.

Now, let me state this in clear, unequivocal terms; no automated system/software can make you that kind of money in such short time as portrayed in this stupid demonstration when presenting the One Touch Trade software.

This demonstration in and of itself apparently shows these guys are scammers who don’t know what they’re talking about and as expected do not have a software that works! In addition to that is the fact that we don’t even get told any detailed information about the algorithms used by this rogue software to make the money as claimed.

So, the answer to that is NO, the software does not work!

Why One Touch Trade is a Scam?

The first red flag was the demonstration where we get shown that the initial account balance has almost tripled to over $7,000. That’s a freaking big lie that can only fool those who are new to binary options trading. And that demo shows this One Touch Trade software can’t be trusted!

Below are more reasons…

Ridiculous Claims and Unrealistic Promises

During the video presentation, this guy who claims to be Jeffrey Peterson states that One Touch Trade software has netted him $754,321.17 during the past year and you too can start making $2,066 per day using this software.

Asides from being an unrealistic promise, it’s a completely ridiculous and unachievable claim that can only sway those who know nothing about binary options trading. Long story short; it’s just mere fantasy. Don’t be fooled!

They additionally claim to have a 24/7 Customer Support assistance to help all the people who have queries. According to them, there’s a team of professionals to respond to the customers as early as possible. Well, here’s another truth you need to be aware of with the One Touch Trade software. The customer support doesn’t work. Once the app and their thieving brokers zap your money, it is gone for good.

And why should there be customer support? These guys are scammers by the way.

Jeffrey Peterson is Paid Actor

Now, here’s where the story gets interesting. Our research uncovered that this guy fronting for the One Touch Trade software and claiming to be Jeffrey Peterson is nothing but a paid actor whose real name is Jeff Janoff!

He’s a B-Movie actor who was hired by the crooks behind this scam software to act a script and deceive the public about this shitty One Touch Trade software. Our research also uncovered him being engaged in, and promoting another lottery scam where he, in conjunction with his cohorts in crime used the same house and car to make false claims with the intention of swindling people.

So, tell me, do you want to invest your money in a software that’s been busted as being promoted by a liar? Trust me that would be a not too smart move.

This guy is not who he claims he is. It’s all lies.

Fake Bank Statements

As with most other scam programs; the One Touch Trade scam video is full of fake bank statements from people with forged identity. The perpetrators of the scam make use of fake bank statements, doctored demonstrations, stolen images and photos; all in an attempt to convince people this scam is real.

Don’t fall for it.

Annoying Popup

In an attempt to force people to sign up by all means, these rogues installed an annoying pop-up that continually doesn’t allow you exit the website easily. Then you begin to wonder, for a company that claims to already have 12,428 users from all over the globe, why trying so hard to hand-twist people to join through these pop-ups?

Well, it’s all part of marketing gimmick programmed into the overall scam scheme.

Brand New Domain

So, this guy made a very wild claim that the One Touch Trade software already has 12,428 users from all over the globe. As it turns out however, a simple Who.Is search exposes the website has been registered on 5th December, 2016!! Yes, you read that correctly; it’s very fresh and recently registered.

So, the question is… How on earth where they able to garner over 12,428 users in less than a week of operations? This further confirms that the One Touch Trade software is nothing but a SCAM filled with lies, lies and nothing but more lies!

Also stay away from scams like The Royce CodeProfit Replicator App and Profits Eternity !

Can You Make Money With Software?

All the evidences shown in this article obviously shows you that you can’t make any money from this One Touch Trade software. It is scam and a complete waste of time. All their claims are just aimed at manipulating people, with the sole aim of scamming them.

So, just perish the thought of making any money with this software. The scammers are the ones going to make the money, if they ever get to convince you to part with your credit card details. We sincerely hope you wouldn’t allow that happen!

Conclusion of the One Touch Trade Review

You can tell from reading this far that the One Touch Trade software is nothing but a pure money stealing scheme. Or how else do you explain the fact that the software claims to have over 12,428 users from all over the globe, when it just got registered very recently?

How about the atrocious claim that the software has made the presenter over $754,321.17 during the past year, when we’ve been able to bust his ass as a B-rated movie actor, who actively participates in similar scamming schemes such as this one to swindle people of their hard earned money?

So many red flags people! Don’t be fooled by the demeanor of this scam actor. It’s all part of the grand scheme to steal from you. Don’t fall for the scheme.

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