Polygraph Millionaire Review – Scam Software by Daniel Wilkins Exposed!

Polygraph Millionaire is a scam that is being promoted aggressively lately as a ‘no loss’ software, but before you get swept away by the Polygraph Millionaire Scam and give away your credit card details to these crooks, do yourself a favor and read this in-depth Polygraph Millionaire Review!

Reviews like this are important because the endless opportunities to genuinely make money with binary options has unfortunately led to the situation where binary options trading scam services and software like the Polygraph Millionaire Software keep popping up across the internet with bogus claims of turning traders into millionaires overnight. However, I’ve made it my responsibility to check and verify these claims and expose the scams.

So, permit me to expose the Polygraph Millionaire Software for what it really is a scam!

Polygraph Millionaire Review

What is Polygraph Millionaire Software?

Purportedly invented by a certain friend of Daniel Wilkins called Trader X; the Polygraph Millionaire software is an automated binary options trading app that features a cutting edge technology that will help traders make $498,561 every month.

According to the presenter; Daniel Wilkins, it is a ‘no loss’ trading software and traders that subscribe to the Polygraph Millionaire software can make up to $7,000 to $28,000 in a day from an initial $250 investment. He promises the system can turn traders into millionaires in just 90 days.

Also, they are currently accepting beta testers at the moment that will have 100% access to the platform. And there’s even an offer of a bonus of $1,000

In a vain attempt to prove that what he’s saying is real (which every experienced trader knows is a lie), he decides to take a polygraph test during the video presentation as proof that what he’s saying is nothing but the truth!

Does the Software Work?

So, this Daniel Wilkins guy tries to convince us that the Polygraph Millionaire software hasn’t lost a single trade in months and even goes ahead in the video to show how the software generated $12,000 from an initial $250 investment for little above one hour.

So, right off the bat, we know something is up. And it’s not something good! For starters, we are in the financial market, and there is no such thing as “risk free software”! Losing trades are common; the most important thing is to keep on trading with a high winning ratio and aim to increase your ITMs.

So, making such an outlandish claim that the Polygraph Millionaire software hasn’t lost a single trade in months shows that this guy and the Polygraph Millionaire software he is trying to promote aren’t credible.

Also, watching the video, we don’t get to hear any detailed trading methodology or algorithm used by the Polygraph Millionaire software. All the presenter just keeps spewing is how the Polygraph Millionaire software would help traders earn $498,561! How’s that going to happen? We don’t get told.

That’s enough pointer to the fact that these guys are just sleek marketers who are just out to grab people’s money.

So, does this software work? The answer is an emphatic NO! There is no such thing as “no loss software”!

Why Polygraph Millionaire is a Scam?

To start with, the Polygraph Millionaire scam is an unimpressive attempt by its perpetrators to reintroduce an earlier busted and failed binary options scam by the name Lie Detector Millionaire.

The Lie Detector Millionaire when it was being aggressively promoted also claimed to help new traders make around $28,000 in a day and at the end of the month, traders were promised that they will make $498,561(same figure being peddled by these crooks).

So, from the onset, we can ascertain these scammers are completely stupid and lazy; and are just trying to re-introduce the same thing under a new name and hoping to get away with it.

Fake Story

So, in a vain attempt to prove to us that he’s not lying, the Rep of Polygraph Millionaire scam software; Daniel Wilkins, undergoes a polygraph test. He starts off, making some valid points (of course, it’s all part of the script) and slides into making and trying to proof through the video, completely impossible and insane claims saying that the software can make $12,805 in just an hour and with 100% winning rate, and with how much initial deposit? $250!

That completely knocks off this as a fake story and big big lie. The story is fake and the software is just as much fake!

And by the way, that polygraph examination doesn’t proof anything. It’s all part of making a fake story in a controlled environment to fool people.

Fake Promises

The Polygraph Millionaire scam software promises a 100% winning rate and to help traders earn $498,561 in a month and then turn them into millionaires in 90 days with an initial deposit of $250. Asides from being a fake promise, it’s a completely insane claim. No auto trading software has achieved such feat and this bogus Polygraph Millionaire software is definitely not going to be the one to make it happen.

Fake Software Testers

As with many other shady software marketing scams out there; the Polygraph Millionaire software shows off some few so-called Polygraph Millionaire software testers. However, we were able to uncover that some of the pictures used were stolen off the social media profiles of unsuspecting people, while others are stock photos bought for pennies online. Polygraph Millionaire Review

Nonsense Claims

All the false earning figures and claims; $12,805 per hour/ $498,561 in a month, been bandied about by the presenter about the Polygraph Millionaire software are just misleading and a frustrating attempt to steal your money. Their previously failed attempt with the Lie Detector Millionaire did not deliver the false earnings it promised online users. And this Polygraph Millionaire scam software is going to do just the same; it won’t deliver.

New Domain

A WhoIs search confirms that the domain of this supposed magical software just got registered recently. And yet, they do not have any contact details of the owners or support team. So, who do you contact when you realize all their unsubstantiated claims don’t materialize? Nobody!

This is a clear indication of a scam; Polygraph Millionaire scam!

You should also avoid scams like Methodox 2.0, Charity Profits App and Gemini 2.

Who is Daniel Wilkins?

Simply put, he is an actor who has been involved in a series of automated binary options trading scams. Some of them are: The Lie Detector Millionaire which they have liquidated and Blazing Trader where he goes by the name Johan Strand. We already reviewed the Blazing Trader scam and you may want to check to see it for yourself.

So, all his claims to be pro binary options trader who wants to share his secrets and help traders beat systems are all lies.

Conclusion of Polygraph Millionaire Review

The Polygraph Millionaire Software is not going to make you $12,805 per hour or $498,561 in a month, and it certainly wouldn’t turn you into a millionaire in 90 days. It’s a grand scheme perpetrated by crooks to swindle you of your hard earned money. Stay away from it and don’t give them your money!









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