Profit Replicator App Review – New SCAM System to Avoid!

Profit Replicator App purportedly owned by Michael Griffin is another scam binary trading software trying to hoodwink traders with so many fake promises and assurances that are unachievable. And this Profit Replicator App review is going to set the records straight and expose the Profit Replicator App scam and the lies being peddled by the unrepentant scammers behind the whole charade.

So, if you happen to have stumbled upon Profit Replicator App promotional video that’s designed with so many things such as Facebook reviews and testimonials that appear real, I urge you not to fall for their gimmick just yet.

It’s a scam and they don’t have any good intention (or any working software for that matter) to help you or any other person as stated in the fake Profit Replicator App software promotional video. If you fail to heed this advice, I can assure you that your money would be automatically routed into unregulated broker accounts, through which it then gets siphoned into untraceable bank accounts; never to be seen again!

Now, let’s delve in and explore why you shouldn’t give away your credit card details to these criminals…

What is Profit Replicator App Software?

According to the video presentation, the Profit Replicator App software was purportedly created by Michael Griffin; who we get to only hear his voice narration and not see (except for a stolen picture) during the presentation. This Michael Griffin guy claims that the Profit Replicator App software is the best binary options auto-trader out there and using this software is the number one way for any trader to make a profit in a very short amount of time.

During the video presentation, we get told that a group of programmers, economics experts, statisticians, beta testers and himself have spent years tweaking and perfecting the Profit Replicator App software and right now, the software can generate up to $7,250 every single day, 7 days per week, irrespective of whether the user is a newbie or experienced trader.

Another conflicting statement on the website claims that the Profit Replicator App software can earn traders up to $30,000 in a single month from the date of joining. Oh, and then he brings in the classic punch line and claims that the software is FREE to access.

Of course, that’s not true as it’s only a marketing gimmick to sway the inexperienced trader, as you will have to make a minimum deposit of $200 to $250 to use this supposed revolutionary system.

Does the Software Work?

The scam narrator; Michael Griffin claims traders, irrespective of whether they’re experienced or a newbie can earn up to $7,250 every single day by depositing $250 to access the software and letting it auto-trade for them! Really? Well, there’s no way anyone can make that much money from binary options daily, with a deposit of $250.

And experience has taught us that when we watch videos that make such insanely fake Claim, it can only mean that they do not have a software that works. Such claims are just the classic too good to be true tales and you know what they say about something too good to be true. Yes, the Profit Replicator App software is too good to be true.

The software does not work!

Why Profit Replicator App is a Scam?

First off, while watching the video, the question any discerning individual will surely want to ask is, why would anybody who claims to own such revolutionary software want to hide behind voice narration to pass the message about his software across?

Ideally, if you’re proud of your invention, wouldn’t it be a thing of joy to show your face to the world and let them know you’re the man behind this software changing the lives of people each and every single day?

So, if someone is hiding his face to promote his supposed revolutionary app, then that should tell you something. There’s something fishy somewhere and it sure doesn’t smell good at all.

If that’s not enough to convince you that the video is a complete charade and scam, let’s delve into the other things we uncovered.

Bogus Claims and Promises

Michael Griffin; the scam narrator claims the Profit Replicator APP is risk-free and can help traders who subscribe to it earn $7,250 per day and $30,000 in a month. And he claims this daily earnings occur 7 days per week.

And right there, we can tell that these guys are complete jokers. For those that may not know, the market does not operate 7 days per week.

And for the $7,250 per day claim… Well, anyone who knows anything about financial trading can easily decipher that this is not only an unrealistic claim; it is completely insane! No binary trading application out there than can generate over $7,250 per day with a $250 deposit. None!

Making such wild and unachievable claim just goes to show you that these guys are desperate scammers who know nothing about binary options trading.

Fake Software Ratings

In an attempt to add some little credibility to the Profit Replicator App software scam video, the scammers behind the charade incorporated a section which reads “Industry Insiders Rate the Profit Replicator App”. The section contained 3 individuals that are purportedly binary options trading insiders, giving their feedbacks regarding Profit Replicator software.

Well, our research uncovered that all these guys by the names; Mike Williamson, Natalie Shaw and Bob Patrick, are all non-existent.

The images included alongside their non-existent personalities are stolen and their supposed endorsement of the Profit Replicator App Software is completely fabricated. Don’t fall for it.

Fake Testimonials and Reviews

In another attempt to appear as the real deal and trick unsuspecting members of the public, the crooks behind the Profit Replicator App scam showcase fake testimonials that appear to be coming from the social media feed of the Profit Replicator App members.

Well, be aware that those testimonials and reviews are faked! An attempt to locate these supposed testimonials and reviews on social media ends up with zero results.

This shows you that those images are stolen and the supposed testimonials have been manipulated to appear legitimate. So, don’t be a victim. These guys didn’t earn the money as claimed in those manipulated image and they’re definitely not traders, much less users of the Profit Replicator App software.

No Explanation How the Software Work

Well, there is no explanation as to how the Profit Replicator App Software will work and make profit for traders. The con-artist/narrator claiming to be the creator just goes on yakking about how his The Profit Replicator app can earn traders $7,250 per day and $30,000 in a month.

How and what algorithms does the software use to attain such efficiency? We don’t know and he never actually tells us how it works!

So, how could we possibly trust that the Profit Replicator app would do what the guy claims it would do? Well, we can’t because experience has shown that scenarios like this only prove one thing; they don’t have any algorithm or strategy in place; hence, the software doesn’t work.

Fake Trading Results

After making unsubstantiated profit claims of $7,250 per day, they go to show some fake reports to back up their claim. Just be aware that the trading history shown in the Profit Replicator App Software video are just misleading and a frustrating attempt to steal your money.

Those results are not real, as we have rightly ascertained that it’s not possible to make such money as claimed in the video. Be wise!

No Customer Support

It is claimed during the Profit Replicator App software video presentation that traders would enjoy 24/7 support.

Well, here’s the truth, the support doesn’t work. Once the Profit Replicator App and their thieving unregulated brokers lay their hands on your money, just kiss it goodbye. There’s no way for you to reach Michael Griffin, and members customer support team. The customer support claim is part of the ploy to steal your money!

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Can You Make Money With Software?

If you’ve read this Profit Replicator App review to this point, then you’ll know that you can’t make money with this software. There’s a reason why the con artists behind this scam have decided to operate behind a voice and not put their face to this supposedly revolutionary software.

And that’s because you can’t make any money from it. The only money-makers here are the con-artists that set up this video to fool others into parting with their hard earned money.

Summary of the Profit Replicator App Review

Let’s just assume this software even works (which it doesn’t by the way), would you give your money to someone who claims to have created a life-changing revolutionary software and then chooses to remain anonymous and not put his face behind his amazing software creation?

Would you give your money to a group of people who claim you’ll enjoy 24/7 support from them, only for them to lay their hands on your money and disappear?

After thoroughly reading through this Profit Replicator App review and getting first-hand expose of the misleading claims and lies of these thieving scheme, it would ultimately be a smart move and in your best interest to keep your money and not let it find its way into the hands of these crooks?

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