Profits Eternity Review – Dirty SCAM With Paid Actors Exposed!

Profits Eternity is another newly launched scam that some shameless con artists have devised to take advantage of unsuspecting traders in the binary options trading domain. This time around, a sweet-talking woman is put forward to try and woo the public, but as always, this Profits Eternity review is going to show you the pitfalls inherent in the Profits Eternity scam and why you should ignore all the fake promises made by this woman.

First off, don’t be fooled or carried away by the tactics engaged by these guys, indicating that you are the only one (or one of the very few) that’s getting an opportunity to watch the Profits Eternity video and that the website will be taken down very shortly. Any discerning mind should be able to know that the video is freely available and accessible to anyone who stumbles on it across the world. By the way, the website has not been taken down as they claimed!

This should tell you it’s a ploy to get you to quickly act, so you can quickly part with your money which they of course intend stealing.

Now, let’s get into the details of why Profits Eternity is not worth your time and investments.

Profits Eternity Review

What is Profits Eternity Software?

Profits Eternity software is purportedly owned by Jane Creswell who claims she has used the system to earn over $9 million over the course of one year. She claims to be a former Chase Bank employee who found a loophole in Binary Options Trading and developed a software that provides her with $12,000 daily.

During the video presentation, she states that she simply wants to help others get rich. And any trader that signs up to her Profits Eternity software is guaranteed to earn between $6,000 and $12,000 in a day.  Oh, and she wants to do this for FREE (typical scam tactic), so you don’t have a need for your credit cards because no one is going to ask for it (we shall see).

She says immediately you sign up and register with Profit Eternity, your account will have $300 already in it. Which basically means that you will not need to invest any money to start trading? So what’s the catch for being FREE you might be asking? Simply put, she’s trying to play on the intelligence of those watching the video and I’ll explain!

Sure, when you sign up, you might find an imaginary $300 already in your account. However, upon signing up, you’d realize that to start your trading with this imaginary $300 she purportedly gave you, a broker is involved… And before you start trading with any of these assigned binary options brokers of theirs, you will have to pay the broker a minimum of $250.

This time, not an imaginary $250, you’re actually going to have to bring out your credit card and give them access to deduct the $250! You surprised??? I thought she said you wouldn’t be having a need for your credit card?

Well, that’s a pointer to the misleading nature of the Profits Eternity software video. Read on as I expose more of their shenanigans…

Does the Software Really Work?

Jane Creswell claims she found a loophole in Binary Options Trading and developed software based on that. However, all through the video presentation, she never offered any explanation about the algorithm of the software. She just keeps talking about how the Profits Eternity software has never recorded a loss since its inception into the market.

No word on how the software works to achieve this feat.

And that’s because it’s a scam. She surely doesn’t have a software that works. She’s just peddling lies with the intent of misleading the public.

Why Profits Eternity is a Scam?

First off, the misleading nature of the video is enough to show viewers the insincerity of the woman that claims to be the owner of the Profits Eternity software. And insincere people always have ulterior motives, and the Profits Eternity scam is no exception.

Profits Eternity Review Scam

Fake Claims and Promises

She says the Profits Eternity software has never recorded a loss since its inception into the market. But we all know that no software is 100% accurate. NONE!

And the claim of making $12,000 a day with a minimum deposit of $250 is nothing but an unachievable tall dream. All these are fake claims and promises that goes to show that these guys want to do everything to lay their hands on your money.

No Evidence Online about CEO Jane Creswell

Oh well, as it turns out, we couldn’t get a hang of Jane Creswell anywhere online, except of course the Profits Eternity scam video she’s been paid to promote. If she claims to be as successful as she wants us to believe, then we should have been able to at least get some little information about her online. But we were able to get none. And this is simply because Jane Creswell is a non-existent fictional character put by the thieves behind this scheme.

After which, they went on to hire an actress and a professional liar to play the script. That’s the way these scammers go about their shady dealings and the Profits Eternity scam is no exception.

Fake Testimonials and Reviews

Just as with most of the past scams, the crooks behind the Profits Eternity system engaged the services of actors who are paid to provide fake testimonials and reviews about the workability of the software. As always, our research pointed in the direction of Fiverr; yes, that’s where these guys hired most of their purported millionaire users.

Don’t fall for the trick. These guys are not real traders. They are actors who place ads on Fiverr and get paid to make video testimonials.

Profits Eternity Scam

No Explanation How the Software Work

She says that this platform has patented algorithms that allow traders not to lose trades. So, how about you give us some brief snippet of this algorithm? Well, she doesn’t have an explanation as to how the software works and we all know why. She’s lying.

All the claims that the Profits Eternity signals exit automatically before they expire anytime the probability of winning goes lower than 98.8% is nothing but HOGWASH!

Fake Live Profits

Trying to build a case for her lies, she displays an online bank statement to prove that she was able to earn a total of $ 9,978,882.54 using the Profits Eternity software. Truth is; these fake live profits are no real proof that the system helped her earn any money or that it will work for investors. It’s all hoax, as the statements she’s displaying can be simply doctored using online software.

New Domain

The actress; Jane Creswell says the Profits Eternity software has never recorded a loss since its inception into the market. When is this inception you might ask? Bearing in mind, they came up with some lousy testimonials and reviews, saying people have already started making money using this software.

Well, a quick WhoIs research on the domain reveals that the Profits Eternity website domain was registered on September 9th 2016. So, when did this guys who they claim have started making money from the software start trading and making the sums they lay claim to. You can see she was lying all along.

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Can You Make Money With the Software?

Quite frankly, you can’t. You would only lose or a better choice of word; hand over your money to these guys to be stolen. They are the only ones that would be making money from this scheme. Not you!

Conclusion of the Profits Eternity Review

If you’ve read this Profits Eternity review to this point, then you’d know that this Jane Creswell is acting a script in cohorts with some others behind the screen. We’ve been able to show you that all her statements and claims are lies and totally misleading.

The Profits Eternity is one of the numerous scams out there, whose sole intent is to lure people to give them their money; after which the perpetrators disappear with the money and re-launch another scam and continue the cycle.

Do yourself a favor… Don’t hand your money over to them.

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