Prove My Profits Review – SCAM Software Exposed With Proof!

Prove My Profits is yet another scam binary option trading software promising traders they’ll make gobs of money by doing absolutely nothing. And before you fall for the sob story of the purported founder; Ted Morgan, claiming to be a repentant scammer, make sure to read this Prove My Profits review to the very end, so you’d get a better understanding of the Prove My Profits Scam.

As with most of the other scams we’ve busted, the crooks behind the Prove My Profits scam just want to get access to one thing; your credit card details! Unfortunately for them, we’ve analyzed their offer and in this unbiased Prove My Profits review, we would be alerting you to the potential pitfalls, so you don’t flush your money down the drain.

So, if for any reason, you are already considering trying the Prove My Profits system, we strongly advice that you hang on a little bit until you’ve read this Prove My Profits review.

Now, let’s delve into the details…

What is Prove My Profits Software?

According to the presentation made by the purported founder; Ted Morgan, the Prove My Profits software is a binary options automated trading software that can easily generate $7,250 on a daily basis for traders.

According to him; the software searches through financial data to generate the Prove My Profit signals that tell the program that it is time to make a trade. And he guarantees that the software works and will help traders get rich quick. He additionally claims that 69 people have already finished the registration. And if you act fast enough, you will be able to retain the 37 remaining spots of membership.

We all know this is one of those pressure marketing tactics employed by scammers to get you to part with your money as quickly as possible!

Now, read on as we expose the numerous lies and unverifiable claims of these scammers…

Does the Software Work?

So, this Ted Morgan guy hides behind a screen and microphone and keeps yakking on about how his Prove My Profits software, which was allegedly created by one Trader X, can easily generate $7,250 on a daily basis for traders.

Who is Trader X who created this software by the way? Well, we don’t get told. We’re just expected to believe he’s created software whose algorithm guarantees traders thousands of dollars daily! Isn’t it quite funny and insulting to the collective intelligence of real traders?

And by the way, we don’t even get any detailed explanation about the algorithm of the software and how it’s able to achieve this $7,250 per day feat. Do you know why we don’t know who Trader X is, as well as hear any detailed explanation about the algorithm of the Prove My Profits software?

It’s simply because it’s a scam. They surely don’t have software that works. They’re just peddling lies with the intent of misleading the public.

Why Prove My Profits is a Scam?

As with most scams of similar nature, the first red flag was the fact that these crooks chose to hide behind a screen, microphone and stolen stock photos, instead of letting us take a look at their real faces.

Why would Ted Morgan (as he claims to be) not be proud of his product enough to show his real face to promote it? Well, your guess is as good as mine. Because they’re promoting something that is shady!

Let’s take a look at more reasons why this Prove My Profits software is a scam..

Ridiculous Claims and Unrealistic Promises

Ted Morgan claims the Prove My Profits software can generate about $7,250 on a daily basis for traders due to its acclaimed ‘superior’ ability to search through financial data to generate the Prove My Profit signals. This is completely laughable and reeks of nothing but unachievable fantasy. No automated software can generate $7,250 on a daily basis with $250 deposit!

Claims like this just goes to show these guys know nothing about binary options trading. Every discerning trader would readily ascertain these claims are outright lies aimed at targeting people that are new to the industry. Don’t fall for the trap.

Owner Ted Morgan is Paid Actor

Well, we went a step further to conduct a research on this name; Ted Morgan, to ascertain who he really is. Our research uncovered no credible information which relates him to Prove My Profits System. In other words, the name is as fake as the software itself. The name was just coined by these scammers for the purpose of this scam project of theirs.

Now, here’s where the story gets interesting…

Looking at the video presentation and the images used to portray who Ted Morgan is; we realized that this supposed Ted Morgan has been featured in other scam video presentations but under different names. That’s right; he’s a professional actor who makes money by doing such presentations.

And this automatically invalidates all what he is saying. Ted Morgan is not the owner of Prove My Profits software. He is a paid actor, who’s conniving with fraudsters to swindle people of their hard earned money.

Fake Testimonials and Reviews

As expected, and as it many other scam software presentations, the Prove My Profits software presentation is filled with fake testimonials and reviews. On the website, you would find random pictures of people purportedly sharing their testimonials of how the Prove My Profits software has changed their life.

Well, before you mistakenly fall for those, be aware that all those images are stolen from other websites. These people are completely unidentified and there’s no way one can ascertain the credibility of the supposed claims made on the website.

Fake Trading Results

In a vain attempt to prove the workability of this Prove My Profits software, the crooks behind this software share some trading results history, showing winning trades with an impressive strike rate by the Prove My Profits software. They go on to claim the Prove My Profits software has the ability to generate unlimited winning trades such as the ones showed for you.

Well, be warned that these alleged trading results history are unreal and fake as the software itself. It doesn’t proof anything because we know such screenshots can be doctored using online tools gotten off of Google.

Their sole aim for including this fake trade history is to hoodwink the unsuspecting public, especially those new to binary options trading to sign up with the Prove My Profits scam.

Brand New Domain

All the alleged claims by Ted Morgan that he’s been using the software for the past 2 years and people are already making money using it blablabla, are just as much like every other thing he’s saying; LIES!

A simple WhoIs check gives away this scammer and his cohort as just registering the website. So, you want to ask yourself, How exactly was he able to register these users he claimed to have been using the system. It’s all a SCAM!

Also stay away from scams like Profit Replicator App, Jarvis Formula and Profits Eternity !

Can You Make Money With the Software?

Don’t be fooled. You can’t make any money with this Prove My Profits software. It may come across as convincing to you if you don’t have experience with how binary options trading works.

But trust us, all their promises are complete hogwash! All the claims made in the video presentation are all manipulative statements intended to achieve the aim of scamming people. And should they succeed with their plans, they’re the ones that would make money. Not you!

Conclusion of the Prove My Profits Review

The Prove My Profits software has failed our standard transparency test of authenticity. Ted Morgan in his attempt to fool those watching the video says that Prove My Profits software is not one of those money stealing schemes that feature fancy cars, rented mansions, exotic locations and so on.

But as it turns out, these are the same things we see in the Prove My Profits software video presentation. And we know when video like this are put up, it’s a desperate attempt on the part of the crooks behind the scheme to use reverse psychology to trick people into parting with their hard earned money.

Don’t let your money find its way into the hands of these guys. Ignore them and keep your money safe!

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