Binary options robots may sound like a science fiction term, something right out of a Hollywood movie script, but they are more real and tangible than that. And they are a serious business too, capable of creating value for millions of investors. The term “robots” brings up visions of humanoid metal machines in our minds, but here the term is actually referring to the software, not the hardware aspect of robotics. It refers to a piece of software capable of working with minimal human supervision, an automated software. A binary options robot is a piece of automated software which is becoming more and more common in the lucrative binary options trading market. And when something new (and hard to build) becomes lucrative and generates a lot of buzz in the market, scams naturally follow. And unfortunately in the case of binary options market too, this has happened. The internet is littered with horror stories of scam artists conning people out of their hard earned money using bogus online trading enterprises claiming to have real binary options robots capable of “100% success in creating profits”. Just take a look at any of the popular Binary Options Robots Reviews online. Most of the so called genuine companies will have a ton of negative reviews from ordinary folks who have been swindled out of their money by these scamsters and snake oil salesmen.

So, how can you identify the real McCoy out in this online jungle teeming with imposters? Simple, you need to learn more about binary options robots. As one popular quote goes: “wisdom and knowledge are the key to success”, the former is hard earned in life, but the latter we can provide! Read on to learn more about binary options robots.

What are Binary Options Robots?

The simplest way to explain how a binary options robot works in words, would be through an analogy. Most of us can drive, and some of us even know how to fly a plane, right? But that doesn’t mean that we drive or fly everywhere now, does it. Especially when we are busy doing other stuff, we leave such mundane tasks in the hands of another, an expert at that. This is the same working principle behind a binary options robot.

If you wanted to successfully invest in the binary options market, you would need to spend a lot of time watching and analyzing the data to figure out when to make a trade. It takes time to become an expert, to be capable of identifying profitable opportunities, to asses the risk and make a proper judgment call on a trade. And once you become an expert the whole thing just meanders into a massive slog of watching numbers analyzing data. The amount of time and effort requires is simply too much for the average Jane or Joe to handle on their own, even if they have plenty of free time.

This is where automated software comes in. They can be programmed to do repetitive tasks on behalf of a human being, without getting tired or emotional, and without making errors of judgment. So a binary robot will scan the options market for profitable trading opportunities, identify them and invest in them free of your constant supervision. All you do is find a trustworthy binary options robot company and download their proprietary software to your PC. Then you can program how you want the robot to run, the basic settings, how aggressively to invest, how much money to invest and stuff like that. After that, it is all systems go!. The robot will keep working at it even as you work, eat, play or do whatever.

All you need to do once you unleash a binary options robot is to have a look at it once every day or so to check out your earnings and make any changes in investment strategy as you see fit. It is as simple as that.

Do Binary Options Robots Work?

Once you start reading about binary options robots, in the early stages it can sound too good to be true, to be honest. Life teaches us two things: one, everything has a price, and two, that nothing can be considered as 100% certain. Many of the fraudulent sites do a good job of trying to prove that the above mentioned facts are in fact false. They try to convince you that a real working binary options robot can make you a millionaire in a few weeks or months, and that you can have this wonderful 100% guaranteed software for next to nothing. Such a robot does not exist.

The real binary options robot is a software that tries to minimize your risk while trying to maintain a positive profit level. The options market is not about turning everyone into millionaires overnight. That is a ridiculous notion. It is a short to medium term derivatives market with lucrative rewards and also a lot of risk. Even the best human traders will never be able to get more than 70% success in their trades in the long run. And going into the options market as a beginner is like gambling, or the Russian roulette. You might win or you might lose, a lot. The trick is in finding the most profitable trading option with the least amount of risk involved. And believe you me, such options do exist. And you can find them, without spending hours poring over screens and numbers if you use a binary options robot.

So, yes, they can and do work, but not as some scamsters promise. A real binary options robot will not turn you into a millionaire while you sleep. Instead, it will protect your investment and keep earning you consistent profits that the best human trader could have earned for you.

So, How Do They Work Exactly?

Basically, you buy/subscribe to a binary options robot provider. There are scores of providers, a few legit ones and a whole lot of fake scamsters. The legit ones have actually done the hard work and programmed these software from the ground up using expert knowledge of the options trading markets and advanced algorithms. A robot created in this way is able to read the options market, analyze potential risk involved in each trade and zero in on the profitable ones.

Robots can work completely autonomously, or with human brokers. Either way, like human brokers, they have to connect to the market index and look at the trading data. When working alone, they read the massive amounts of data from the binary options market on their own and identify the best options that arise. A human broker, on the other hand is an experienced old hand with deep knowledge of the intricacies of the options market. They will know where to look for the best trades at any given time.

So, the best binary options robots are the ones that work with the best human brokers. The brokers tell the software which specific markets to look at for the best trades. And thanks to the power of software and computing, the robot can analyze more trading data in that market than any human could possible handle. So basically, they take cues from the expert human brokers, then tirelessly work at those markets with full efficiency to deliver consistent profits to you, the user.

Who Should Use Binary Options Robots

Binary options robots are there to assist humans who do not have the luxury of free time to work the binary options market themselves. They are for individuals who are otherwise fully employed, but have some disposable income that they wish to safely invest somewhere. As we already mentioned, reliable and trustworthy binary options robots do not come free. But an effective and reliable binary options robot does not cost hundreds of thousands of dollars either. The robot providers run their business as a service, either with a one time payment or a subscription.

If you can afford a few hundred dollars to pay for the service (and have some money left behind to invest with) you should really consider investing in binary options robots. Even at the very conservative 70% success rates that the most reliable robot providers offers, you would stand to earn more returns than a regular investment fund that tend to charge high fees for profits. If you have a lot of free time, you could try and learn the ropes of the options market. But if you have a job and yet want to earn some money on the side with a little effort and investment, a binary options robot is the best option for you.

Binary Options Signals vs Binary Options Robots

Now, as well all know, the binary options market generates a lot of interest among investors due to the chance of high rewards in short terms. But in order to fully understand a binary options market trends on any particular trade, you need to look at a massive amounts of data, at the changing trends in the commodities market, the movement of assets, the fluctuations in the forex markets as well as numerous international stock market indexes as well. A single individual cannot hope to achieve all this in a realistic amount of time to make an informed decision about a trade. So there are companies who spend their resources to develop software that can do the heavy lifting for the humans.

Does that sound familiar? Of course it does, because that sounds like part of the work a binary options robot would do. And binary options robots are in fact, a few steps ahead in the evolution of binary options signals software. With signals, they can only provide you with the data and trends. You have to look at them and make the trades yourself (or have a broker do it for you). A binary options robot executes the trade for you non stop, once automated. There are binary options robots that combine both the signals and execution parts and there are also binary options robots that simply execute the trades. But with the latter, you will have to also subscribe to a signals service to get the trends and data to the robot.

So the ideal binary options robot is the one that can create the signals and execute the trades as well on your behalf.


Binary options robots are at the cutting edge of financial software technology. But there are a lot of incorrect information and misconceptions about them online. A huge percentage of these are due to the activities of scamsters with fake software trying to cheat people out of their money by making unrealistic promises. A real binary options robot will not make you an overnight millionaire, but it will earn you good money by working diligently and non-stop at avoiding risky trades in the lucrative and complicated binary options market.