The Royce Code Review – Another Crazy SCAM to Avoid!

The Royce Code purportedly created by one Richard Royce is yet another scam software that has joined the already proliferated binary options scam market. And in this Royce Code review, I’m going to be exposing the bogus and unsubstantiated promises of the Royce Code scam. The first thing you need to know is that it’s already a blacklisted scam software in the binary options market but unfortunately, the crooks behind it aren’t giving up.

So, if you’ve received one of those spam invitation emails inviting you to begin trading with the Royce Code software, make sure you do yourself a favor and read this unbiased Royce Code review to the very end. All the claims that you will earn $2,000 a day with this software are completely false and baseless. It is only just a marketing trick that is similar to the ones being used by all the other false trading robots being pitched everywhere on the internet.

Now, let’s get into the details as I expose all the lies of the Royce Code software and the lying guy who claims to be the CEO and founder; Richard Royce.

What is The Royce Code Software?

The Royce Code software is an automated trading Software purportedly created by Richard Royce who claims to be the CEO of the Royce Wealth Group which is (according to Richard Royce) allegedly involved in managing client assets to the tune of billions of dollars. According to him, the Royce Code software can effortlessly generate $2,000 or more a day for traders. He additionally claims that you do not require any previous experience about the market before you use Royce Code software, as both beginners and professionals could earn decent income through the Royce Code software.

This Richard Royce guy also claims that any form of partnership with his Royce Code company costs $25,000, and that he is just opening a small window of opportunity for the few individuals who want to change their lives for free. It says that for the next 7 days, only 15 beta-testers will be granted this opportunity.

However, be aware that this beta-tester story is complete balderdash, as they have been saying that ever since they presented The Royce Code software on the market.

Does the Software Work?

The video promotion shows a fake account check that is supposedly the account balance of one of its trader, with claims that just about anybody (including you) can make such huge profits on joining the software.

As it turns out however, throughout the Royce Code review video, we don’t get told about any algorithm, trading method or the inner workings of Royce Code software. They just kept yakking on about how the Royce Code software has been in operation for a few years now; making millions of dollars for Richard Royce and his clients.

And there’s only one explanation as to why the thieves behind this scheme don’t have any explanation to give as to how the software works… And that’s the fact that they do not have working software!

So, does the software work? No! It’s a software program rigged to drain your money into rogue offshore accounts; never to be seen again!

Why The Royce Code is a Scam?

The first red flag about Richard Royce and his rogue Royce Code software is the lie that his company; Royce Wealth Group handles client assets to the tune of billions of dollars. It might interest you to know that a little research exposed the fact that this is a big fat lie. Ideally, information on any company that claims to handle client assets to the tune of billions of dollars is easily traceable. But with this Royce Wealth Group, nothing is mentioned anywhere.

No information about the owners, the people who lead the company or manage the assets, etc or any such info and yet they claim to manage billions of dollars.

The crooks behind this scheme must be really stupid to think everyone would fall for such bogus lie.

Fake Claims and Unrealistic Promises

The Royce Code software claims that potential subscribers will earn staggering amounts (up to $2,000) of money on auto-pilot daily. This is not only a fake promise, it is completely insane. No auto trading software has achieved such feat consistently, and this bogus Royce Code software is definitely not going to be the one to make it happen.

In addition to these impossible claims, the crooks behind the Royce Code software also claim that you will get a $1,000 cash deposit bonus by registering free. And to further compound their insane claim, they claim the money would be ready for withdrawal within the next twenty-four hours.

This is just the height of insanity. And quite frankly, anyone who believes that a stranger they’ve never met before will just give them $1,000 cash just for registering for a stupid software is living in a fool’s paradise!

Richard Royce is Paid Actor

The purported creator; Richard Royce, claims to also be the CEO of the Royce Wealth Group which is (according to him) allegedly involved in managing client assets to the tune of billions of dollars. Well, one would expect someone that claims to have such a credential should at least have some sort of presence that can be easily tracked online. But, as it turns out, my research couldn’t uncover anything about this phony character.

Nothing at all related to Royce Wealth Group!

And the reason is simple; Richard Royce doesn’t exist. The Richard Royce character is a persona created by the scammers behind this fraudulent scheme; after which they went on to hire an actor to play the part.

As a matter of fact, he was paid to act the scam script in another scam software called ‘Insured Outcome’ in which he claimed to be Oliver Breitner. And my research was able to uncover his original name to be Kevin S. Martin.

So, the thing is, Richard Royce is an actor who was hired to read a script. He has never traded binary options before.

Fake Testimonials and Reviews

As with most other scam binary options trading campaigns out there, the Royce Code software uses fake testimonials in the video presentation. One in particular claimed that he had made $1500 in the first 3 hours of running the Royce Code scam system on autopilot.

Well, our research uncovered that the identities and the credibility of information provided by these testimonials are false. A quick research on the internet would reveal to you that most of these people that are used, are actors hired off of the internet to give false information.

Don’t fall for the gimmick!

No Customer Support

Information on the official website video claims that the Royce Code has 24 x 7 customer support and will be available for solving all your queries. Be warned however that they are not available anywhere.

It’s all a trick to get your attention in the hopes that you would part with your hard earned money, in anticipation of the said 24 x 7 customer support.

Brand New Domain

A WhoIs search confirms that the domain of this Royce Code software just got registered. And yet the fake owner claims that the business was started by him 10 years back and it has been 18 years already that he has been working on the software program. Those claims are all lies!

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Can You Make Money With the Software?

Quite frankly, the Royce Code cannot earn money for anybody. If you believe all their lies and fall for their scheming, you would only have succeeded in handing over your money to these guys to be stolen. They are the only ones that would be making money from this scheme. Not you!

Summary of The Royce Code Review

Reading through this Royce Code review, it should be clear to you that The Royce Code software is a scam run by fraudsters whose sole aim is to drain your funds into untraceable offshore accounts.

You’re not going to earn any $2,000 per day as claimed. This Royce Code review has also shown you all the lies being peddled by the supposed creator, including the fact that he is actually not real. All the claims are lies aimed at deceiving you to part with your money.

Don’t be tricked. Keep your credit card away from these guys!

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