Signal Samurai Review – Terrible SCAM Exposed With Proofs!

Signal Samurai is yet another scam binary option trading system spewing a bunch of fancy words and promising traders they’ll make a lot of money using it. And before you fall for their fake claims, make sure to read this Signal Samurai review to the very end, so you’d get a better understanding of the Signal Samurai scam.

As with most of the other scams we’ve busted, we’ve analyzed their offer and in this unbiased Signal Samurai review, we would be alerting you to the potential pitfalls that shows you why Signal Samurai software does not deserve your time and your money.

So, if for any reason, you are already considering trying the Signal Samurai software, we strongly advice that you hang on a little bit until you’ve read this unbiased review to the very end.

Now, let’s delve into the details, so you don’t flush your money down the drain.

Signal Samurai Review

Signal Samurai Review

According to the website; Signal Samurai software is owned by Kinjo Oda and it’s a signals generator that will help traders make modest returns on their investment daily!

According to the Signal Samurai website, Kinjo Oda was a highly successful broker who worked at a prestigious Tokyo Stock Exchange broker for many years. It wasn’t until he had a change of heart and left his job that he created the Signal Samurai software that he based upon the Bushido samurai code.

On the website, they claim that Signal Samurai is free because Oda wants to give back to the world and allow everyone to have an opportunity to earn money with binary options trading.

Of course, we know that no trading system is ever free; all these FREE claims are just made in an attempt to get you to part with your money, by depositing at least $250 by opening a trading account with one of their recommended binary options brokers.

According to the claims made on the website of the system, the Signal Samurai is said to be “the best” signals provider on the financial markets.

Does the Software Work?

According to the website, the Signal Samurai signal service is based on a special algorithm created by the founder; Kinjo Oda. It is said to offer three types of strategies that can predict both small and big changes in the movement of asset prices and their direction.

However, we are never told what indicators and tools of analysis these strategies are based on. We also have no idea what trading strategies are in use, or what the overall algorithm does.

To cap it all up, we get told that the software uses the Bushido code to come to a final decision on which trades would be the most successful ones.

This is apparently a case of the rogues behind this software using fancy words to try to bamboozle their audience in other to sound real, because bushido clearly does not have anything to do with money, finances, or markets in any way, shape, or form.

It is just an ancient Samurai code that dictates how Japanese Samurai should conduct himself during battle and everyday life.

And experience has taught us that when we see programs that make stupid Claims based off of fancy words that are totally meaningless, it can only mean that they do not have software that works.

Why Signal Samurai is a Scam?

First off, experience has taught us to be wary of software promoters that can’t explain in clear terms the way the algorithms of their software works.

According to the claims made on the website of the system, the Signal Samurai is said to be “the best” signals provider on the financial markets. And yet, they can’t explain in clear terms how they generate the signals sent out. Instead, they’re using meaningless words to try to bamboozle and mislead the public.

If that’s not enough reason to dissuade you from investing in this rogue software, this Signal Samurai review reveals more reasons below…

Signal Samurai Review Scam

No Video Presentation

After making spurious claims of making traders money, the crooks could not even come up with a video presentation.

Apparently, they know they are going to be caught so they don’t want to waste time and money coming up with a sales video.

So the question is; why would Kinjo Oda hide behind a stolen stock photo and not show his real face to promote his alleged revolutionary product? And we’re supposed to believe this software can make traders thousands of dollars in a week?

Even when we can’t ascertain how real the purported co-founder is? Isn’t that laughable?

No Explanation How the Software Work

All through the website, we get told about how the Signal Samurai is said to be “the best” signals provider on the financial markets

But yet, at no point did we get a thorough explanation of how the software works. We only get told how this scam software runs off “advanced” algorithms that Kinjo Oda dedicated his career to perfecting.

And the reason there is no explanation as to how the software works is quite obvious. It is simply because the people behind this scam don’t have working software as claimed!

No Evidence Online About Kinjo Oda

The website tries to make us believe that Kinjo Oda; the founder of Signal Samurai was supposedly a big time expert trader and financial analyst in the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

However, our research uncovered no credible information about Kinjo Oda online. As a matter of fact, we were able to uncover supposed images of Kinjo Oda modeling as a “smiling Asian businessman writing a report in office.”

This goes to show that he is simply just another made up a character and the picture that claims to be his, is simply a stolen stock photo.

And if his identity is fake, you can be sure all the stories and claims are all false and fake!

Signal Samurai Scam

No Testimonials

Generally, legitimate software, programs and systems leverage on testimonials of past users to show how great their product is. And due to this powerful strategy, a lot scam software presentations tend to fill their video presentations with fake testimonials and reviews (which we easily spot and expose by the way).

As it turns out however, the scammers behind the Signal Samurai software did not use this age-old formula of showing false and made-up testimonials on their Signal Samurai website.

This can only mean that no one actually uses the software to make real money, even when these rogues claim to have numerous transactions resulting in huge weekly profit for traders.

What does this tell you? It means these guys are liars, they really do not have any real person earning money using the software and they know we would easily spot and expose them through this Signal Samurai review, if they use fake testimonials.

So, thread carefully. This is another pointer to the fact that these guys are scammers.

No Company Info

Also, for software that claims to be to be “the best” signals provider on the financial markets, isn’t it laughable that they do not have any contact information? No Company Details – name, address and telephone.

Meaning, there is no way to reach out to them. Neither is anyone available to solve any queries you may have once you register for this rogue Signal Samurai software. We simply have no way to trace them.

This further corroborates our claims that they are nothing but scammers. Once the software and their thieving brokers zap your money, it is gone for good. Be wise!

You should also avoid SCAM systems like Binary Robot 365, Lazy Trader App and Cogni Trade !

Can You Make Money With the Software?

Don’t be fooled. You can’t make any money with this Signal Samurai software. It may come across as convincing to you if you don’t have experience with how binary options trading works.

But trust us, all their promises are complete hogwash! All the claims made on the website are all manipulative statements intended to achieve the aim of scamming people.

And should they succeed with their plans, they’re the ones that would make money. Not you!

The Bottom Line

Be rest assured that the only outcome that will occur by signing up with the Signal Samurai software would be the loss of your money. This unbiased signal Samurai review has exposed all their lies.

So, do yourself a favor and don’t let your money find its way into the hands of these guys. Ignore them and keep your money safe!

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