The Trader App Review – A Big Scam Software Exposed!

No doubt about it; binary Options can be extremely profitable. Unfortunately, a lot of scammers deter many traders from continuing with binary options trading because of their nefarious activities. However, traders are getting smarter and now actively seek information on the trading systems they come across.

And that information is what we’re giving you here. We make it a point of duty to alert unsuspecting people of these low-life scammers and their fraudulent schemes. One of them; namely The Trader App is being promoted aggressively lately. And it’s likely you’ve also received spam emails, inviting you to join the Trader App trading tool purportedly created by Brian Wren!

But, before you go ahead and make a deposit into their recommended binary options brokers, do yourself a favor and read this unbiased The Trader App Review.

The Trader App Review

What is The Trader App Software?

According to the promotional video, The Trader App is an easy-to-use, automated trading tool with a unique algorithm created by Brian Wren. It claims that this innovative and sophisticated algorithm knows how and when to execute 100% accurate winning trades on your behalf.

According to Wren; The Trader App comes with a free trial of 30 days. After the 30 days elapses, you will have to pay 1% of your earnings to continue your subscription. However, to begin trading on autopilot, you will be connected with one of the recommended brokers and then you’ll be required to fund your trading account with at least $250.

And just like the other fraudulent schemes; he goes on to claim that The Trader App NEVER makes a single losing trade, and never has made a losing trade for that matter.

How does this happen? Well, he didn’t say; or let’s just say, he doesn’t know, because he’s just an actor paid to act a script given to him (more on this later) by the masterminds of the overall scheme!

Why the Trader App is a Scam?

So, this Brian guy comes up, claiming to hate other scam software that promise bogus winnings and make unsubstantiated claims. He comes down hard on them and makes a smart attempt to appear legitimate by stating that The Trader App software requires 1% of winnings upon expiry of the 30 days FREE trial!

You begin to believe this guy’s software is the real deal; he’s so sure of the software’s potential, he’s asking for a 1% cut on your profits. Well, let me burst the bubble; the main goal is to get you to part with that first $250 or more you’ll be depositing with their supposed recommended brokers! There won’t be a need for the purported 1% cut on profits. The software would have messed your trading account up so bad; you wouldn’t even dare putting in more money!

Also, when you try to close the browser window, you get a pop-up message telling you how you’re missing out on a $50,000 per week software. Whoa! Wasn’t this guy just condemning the other fraudulent scheme of this same offence? Quite contradictory in my opinion and this just goes to show that all his rhetoric were all a marketing gimmick.

Fake Testimonials

And then everything begins to take the shape of a standard fraudulent scheme as you get to the testimonies part. It turns out that these testimonies are fake. They are all constructed by attaching random names to stolen avatars. These phony identities are neither traders nor online investors. A simple Google image search would help confirm this, so you may want to try it out yourself!

Paid Actors

Obviously, the Brian Wren guy is a paid actor who doesn’t know what he’s talking about as he continually contradicts himself. Then there’s the other guy who did the review; Howard Davis, who Brian claims is a well-known trader for almost 18 years. The guy just kept spewing trash and sharing inaccurate details.

Watching the video; one can easily tell that these guys were just hired off of an online marketplace and paid peanuts to read a crappy script to lie to an unsuspecting audience. They do not know what they are talking about.

And by the way, their names are just made up, they don’t really exist.

Hype Claims

Brian claims The Trader App is fully automated and can execute trades with 100% accuracy. That’s a win rate of 100%? Only someone who hasn’t gotten a clue about binary options trading would believe such lies.

And then, they go ahead and contradict themselves on the website; claiming (below the video frame) that they will “manually approve every single trade”. On one hand, you claim the software is automated; on the other hand, you claim you’ll manually approve every single trade!

Something is really fishy with these guys. This software isn’t what they say it is; and all these contradictions go on to allude to that.

Scam Brokers

Well, here’s where all the marketing speak aims to direct you to. A bunch of brokers who happen to be the worst in the industry. They want you to sign up and give your money to these supported brokers; who would then drain your money into private accounts and vanish into thin air. If you sign up with The Trader App software and are assigned to these non-regulated brokers, you can rest assured; you’re going to end up being scammed!

New Domain

A WhoIs search confirms that the domain of this supposed magical software just got registered on August. And yet they’re already making all these unsubstantiated claims about revolutionizing the binary options trading industry. They are not proven yet and don’t deserve to take your money. Don’t give it to them

The Trader App Domain

Also Avoid scams like Gemini 2 and Instant Cash Club !!

Who is Brian Wren?

Brian Wren claims to be a huge philanthropist who was tired of watching people struggle in life. As a result, he then spent years creating this piece of trading system so that people could use it from home to make humongous amount of cash while being lazy! What a nice dude… Except for the fact that he’s a liar!

All those things he said are plain lies. Fact is; he doesn’t really exist. The name is a fictitious name as there is no known record of his antecedents. He’s just a hired actor; no more, no less!

Conclusion of The Trader App Review

Don’t fall for this bogus trading app. Everything about them is phony and trust me, should you give them your money; you can be rest assured they’ll abscond with it.

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