Vena System Review – SCAM With Fake Trading Results!

Vena System by Marc Vena is a newly-launched binary options trading scam software that’s being promoted aggressively and promising traders they can earn up to $5,000 per day and about $210,000 monthly by subscribing to the auto trading system. And if you’re one of those that have been invited to subscribe to this system, I urge you to get yourself informed about the Vena System Scam by reading this Vena System review carefully to the very end…

All the claims that you will earn $5,000 per day and about $210,000 monthly with this Vena System software are completely false and baseless. Those claims are simply marketing tricks that is similar to the ones being used by all the other false trading robots being pitched everywhere on the internet.

However, this unbiased Vena System review would save you the heartache of falling for this deceptive scheme which is aimed at robbing unsuspecting people of their hard earned money.

Now, read on as we explore and expose the unrealistic claims and promises that show the Vena System software is nothing but a scam…

Vena System Review

Vena System Review

According to the video presentation, the Vena System software was purportedly created by a guy named Marc Vena. He claims the Vena System software is an automated trading system for Binary Options which can help traders make about $5,000 each single day and more than $210,000 monthly.

Marc Vena claims that the Vena System software uses cutting-edge technology to enter trades only if they have 100% chance of winning. According to the presentation, the Vena System software is free to use and there are a handful of traders already using it on a daily basis and these people are making at least thousands of dollars per day.

Of course as we rightly expected, you would be required to start trading with a minimum of $250 which is required to be deposited into their recommended brokers.

Does the Software Work?

The main explanation given by Marc Vena about how this Vena System software works was when he briefly mentioned that it uses cutting-edge technology to enter trades only if they have 100% chance of winning.

Afterwards, all he kept spewing in the video was how you can make profits in no time with the help of this Vena System software. There is a total lack of information about how the Vena System Software makes the money claimed. He never gets to explain in details until the end of the video.

And experience has taught us that people who shy away from giving detailed explanation about how their supposed auto-trading software works don’t have working software.

All the show-off is just a desperate attempt to bamboozle people into parting with their hard earned cash. So, does the software work? NO!

Why Vena System is a Scam?

The purported founder claims that the Vena System software uses cutting-edge technology to enter trades only if they have 100% chance of winning. In essence, he’s saying that the software trades at a 100% strike rate. And we of course know that any program that claims to execute trades on auto-pilot and at almost a 100% strike rate is a SCAM. So, that was the first red flag!

Vena System Review Scam

Ridiculous Claims and Unrealistic Promises

The Marc Vena guy claims the Vena System software is FREE and has cutting-edge algorithms that can allow traders earn about $5,000 each single day and more than $210,000 monthly and ultimately becoming millionaires in a few months.

First off, no one gets to join the system free of charge as claimed. It’s all a part of the whole scheme aimed at sucking you into their thieving plan. When you submit your details, they would eventually get you to the point where your credit card would be requested before you commence trading and that’s where their whole plan intends to lead you.

Secondly, the claims of earning $5,000 each single day and more than $210,000 monthly and ultimately turning traders into millionaires in a few short months are nothing but lies, lies and lies! No automated trading software can earn you that much money. If it were possible, everybody would have abandoned manual trading long ago.

Paid Actors in the Video Presentation

Marc Vena presents himself as the Founder of Vena System software. As it turns out, our research uncovered that Marc Vena is nothing but a paid actor who was paid to act a lying script to the viewing public!

Someone laying claims to having a revolutionary software capable of turning traders into millionaires should at least have some form of public records to verify his existence. But as we were able to find out, there is zero information regarding his existence. The name was obviously just created by the scammers behind Vena System software.

And all his claims are all lies.

Fake Testimonials with Stolen Photos

As with most other scam programs; the Vena System software video is full of testimonials from random people who are claiming to have made profits supposedly using the Vena System software.

Be warned that these images are nothing but Stock images taken from across the internet. And the statements and claims ascribed to them are fake, just as the software itself!

Fake Live Trading Results

Apparently in an attempt to further bamboozle people about the workability of this rogue Vena System software, the scammers share some trading results, showing winning trades. Here, we get shown members earning having consistent win trades without a single loss.

Don’t get swayed by those untrustworthy results. As we’ve stated in previous reviews, screenshots like this can be doctored using online tools gotten off of Google. So, be aware that these trading results are unreal. Don’t fall for it!

Vena System Scam

Brand New Domain

Marc Vena allegedly claims that a lot of traders are already using the Vena System software on a daily basis and these people are making thousands of dollars per day. But a simple Who.Is check gives away this scammer and his cohort as just registering the website on 10th January 2017. I mean, it’s just some few days old! So, where’s the entire claim coming from? This is nothing but a SCAM!

Please also avoid binary scam systems like Tesler App, Rubix Project, The Inside Trader and 10K Every Day App !

Can You Make Money With the Software?

The answer to this is quite straight forward. No, you can’t make money from this software. There is no automated software that can earn you $5,000 each single day and more than $210,000 monthly and ultimately make you a millionaire in a few months as claimed in the Vena System software scam video.

So, perish any thought of making any money from this thieving Vena System software! The only money-makers here are the con-artists that put up this scheme.

The Bottom Line of the Vena System Review

If you’ve read this Vena System software to this point, then you’d know that this Marc Vena is acting a script in cohorts with some others behind the screen. We’ve been able to show you that all his statements and claims are lies and totally misleading.

The Vena System software is one of the numerous scams out there, whose sole intent is to lure people to give them their money; after which the perpetrators disappear with the money and re-launch another scam and continue the cycle.

Do yourself a favor… Don’t hand your money over to these thieves.

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