10K Every Day App Review - Ridiculous SCAM System Exposed!

10K Every Day App just launched with another too good to be true story of helping traders earn $10,000 dollars in pure profits every 24 hours. However, before you part with your hard earned cash, make sure to read this 10K Every Day App review, so you don’t fall for the 10K Every Day App scam.

To put you on alert before you fall for the hoax of you staying at home and earning money on auto-pilot with this rogue 10K Every Day App software; be informed that the $10,000 daily profit claim is a only a ploy to get you to hand them your money by making a deposit into their recommended brokers. Once that is done, your money gets plugged into their rigged system and it is siphoned away from your reach.

Just like the other bunch of scrupulous software out there, they are able to easily do this because the 10K Every Day App software is programmed to be only compatible with their recommended brokers who happen to be their cohorts-in-crime. These brokers are also not regulated or verified. Hence, you want to avoid entrusting your money to 10K Every Day App.

What is 10K Every Day App Software?

According to the presentation made by the purported founder; Richard Banks, the 10K Every Day App software is a binary options automated trading software that can easily generate $10,000 on a daily basis for traders.

According to him; the software leverages on a loophole that he stumbled upon across about two years ago and it’s been making him and a handful of his close associates tons of money since then. And he guarantees that the software works and will help you get rich quick as well.

He additionally claims that some 28 active members have already started taking advantage of the software to rake in massive cash. And if you act fast enough, you will be able to use the software free of charge, as he is offering it free to the next 20 members who will sign up.

We all know this is one of those pressure marketing tactics employed by scammers to get your details as quickly as possible! And even with the supposed free claims, you would still be required to part with a minimum of $250 to activate and use the 10K Every Day App software and this has been their game plan from the onset.

Now, read on as we expose the numerous lies and unverifiable claims of these scammers…

Does the Software Work?

All through the video presentation, the closest we got to hearing about how the software works is that it leverages on a loophole that he stumbled upon across about two years ago.

We don’t even get any detailed explanation about the algorithm of the software and how it’s able to achieve this $10,000 per day feat. Only the bogus claim of leveraging and exploiting a loophole (which is illegal by the way)!

And do you know why we don’t hear any detailed explanation about the algorithm of the 10K Every Day App software and how exactly it works?

It’s simply because just like other software of this type; it’s a scam. They surely don’t have software that works. They’re just peddling lies with the intent of misleading the public.

Why 10K Every Day App is a Scam?

The first red flag was the obvious acting (which they expect us to believe is real) where a random guy is picked off the streets and then his supposed initial account balance by the next morning shows the 10K Every Day App software has earned him $10,000.

That’s a freaking big misleading lie that can only fool those who are new to binary options trading. And that demo in and of itself shows this 10K Every Day App and its promoters can’t be trusted!

If that’s not enough reason to dissuade you from investing in this rogue software, below are more reasons…

Ridiculous Claims and Unrealistic Promises

Richard Banks (as he claims to be) goes on yakking about how the 10K Every Day App software is risk-free and can help traders who subscribe to it earn $10,000 per day.

And right there, we can tell that these guys are complete jokers. Anyone who knows anything about financial trading can easily decipher that this is not only an unrealistic claim; it is completely insane! It is statistically impossible for any binary trading application out there to generate over $10,000 per day with a $250 deposit.

Making such wild and unachievable claim just goes to show you that these guys are desperate scammers who know nothing about binary options trading. Their sole aim is to get new traders to buy into their atrocious claims.

Hired Actors in the Video Presentation

Now, here’s where the story gets interesting and the very first red flag for us. During the presentation, Richard Banks takes a random man off of the street and convinces him to open a trading account. The camera then watches while this man wins trade after trade until he makes $10,000 in 24 hours.

Well, this is what you should get straight; neither of this alleged demonstration or Richard Banks and this guy are real. This is a simple case of acting a rogue script to mislead the public.

As a matter of fact, our research uncovered that this guy fronting for the 10K Every Day App software and claiming to be Richard Banks is nothing but a paid actor who has been involved in a variety of commercials and several binary options scams. Two notable examples of such binary options scam videos he has featured in are Instant Cash Club and Altronix, where he of course uses a different name each time.

So, tell me, do you want to invest your money in this software that’s been busted as being promoted by a liar? Trust me that would be a not too smart move. This guy is not who he claims he is. It’s all lies.

Fake Testimonials

As expected, and as it many other scam software presentations, the 10K Every Day App software presentation is filled with fake testimonials and reviews.

On the website, you would find testimonials by Eric Spooner and Danny Joshua claiming to earn $10,000 per day with the 10K Every Day App software. Well, before you mistakenly fall for those, be aware that these people are completely unidentified and there’s no way one can ascertain the credibility of the supposed claims they’re making. And by the way, the claims of earning $10,000 per day are obviously an outright lie.

And contrary to the claims of Richard Banks and his gang of thieves, real users are saying the 10K Every Day App software has made them lost their entire investment. After which their account manager would call them and tell them that if they invested additional money they would be handed over to a professional trader who would manage their account for them. Can you imagine that?!

Fake Live Trading Results

In a vain attempt to prove the workability of this 10K Every Day App software, the crooks behind this software go on to share some live trading results, showing winning trades with an impressive strike rate by the 10K Every Day App software. They go on to claim the 10K Every Day App software has the ability to generate winning trades such as the ones showed for you.

Well, be warned that these alleged trading results history are unreal and fake as the software itself. It doesn’t proof anything because we know such screenshots can be doctored using online tools gotten off of Google. And the supposed owner of the account is simply acting a rogue script to mislead the public.

Their sole aim for including this fake trade history is to hoodwink the unsuspecting public, especially those new to binary options trading to sign up with the 10K Every Day App scam.

Brand New Domain

All the alleged claims by Richard Banks that he’s been using the software for the past 2 years and people are already making money using it, are just as much like every other thing he’s saying; leis!

A simple WhoIs check gives away this scammer and his cohort as just registering the website on 27th December 2016. Clearly the 2 year claims, just like the many other things he has said are all lies. It’s all a SCAM!

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Can You Make Money With the Software?

Don’t be fooled. You can’t make any money with this 10K Every Day App software. It may come across as convincing to you if you don’t have experience with how binary options trading works.

But trust us, all their promises are complete hogwash! All the claims made in the video presentation are all manipulative statements intended to achieve the aim of scamming people. And should they succeed with their plans, they’re the ones that would make money. Not you!

The Bottom Line

Reading this 10K Every Day App Review, you can tell that the 10K Every Day App software is nothing but a pure money stealing scheme. Or how else do you explain the fact that the software claims to be able to earn you $10,000 in an extremely volatile market like binary options? Or the useless acting script being played out to show that the software earned that much in 24 hours?

So many red flags people… Don’t be fooled by the demeanor of this scam actor or the timer built into the landing page to get you to act faster. It’s all part of the grand scheme to steal from you. Don’t fall for it.

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