Algo Trading Robot Review - Scam Software Exposed and Blacklisted!

Algo Trading Robot is one of those automated trading systems that has proliferated the internet, claiming to have built the next big software that’ll work without traders lifting a finger and consistently put thousands of dollars in their accounts daily. But in this Algo Trading Robot review, I expose the Algo Trading Robot scam, so as to alert unsuspecting people of the activities of these low-life scammers and their fraudulent scheme.

If you’ve gotten any sort of spam email inviting you to join the Algo Trading Robot system, be aware that you’re about to get swindled. You’re not going to make any money as the presenter/con artist claims. Just like other scam automated trading system, the only people that will be making money here are the scammers and dubious brokers through which the money gets siphoned into offshore accounts.

Should you fall for their scheme purportedly offering you free access to the Algo Trading Robot software and give them your credit card details (for the $250 you need to pay the broker), the money automatically goes into the accounts of the scam binary options brokers and you’re granted access to the Algo Trading Robot software that is rigged to take losing trades. And with that, your money gets drained into the broker offshore bank accounts; stolen and never to be recovered. So, thread carefully!

Now, let’s delve in as I explore and expose the lies and fabrications that are being peddled by the scammers behind the Algo Trading Robot software.

What is Algo Trading Robot Software?

The presenter says the Algo Trading Robot software is a binary options automated trading software developed by an Oxford professor of applied mathematics named Stanley Nash.

According to him; the software uses predictive analysis to identify and execute the best possible trades on auto-pilot. And this sophisticated algorithm allegedly produces an unprecedented win ratio of 88.7%”.

He additionally claims the robot predicts price movements and executes trades automatically and has pulled in 157 Million Dollars for its creator. He says as a subscriber, you will be generating $22,005 every day in pure profits.

And all you have to do to get access to the software is make a minimum initial investment as little as $250. But then, you need to act fast because only a handful of free licenses are available to the public (does this marketing gimmick sound familiar?). We all know this one of those pressure marketing tactics employed by scammers to get you to part with your money as quickly as possible!

Now, read on as I burst the bubble of these scammers!

Does the Software Work?

There are lots of contradictions and misleading statements in the video presentation that’s typical to other scams, and this gives away the Algo Trading Robot software as being one of them. All the lies should tell us that they don’t have a working software.

In the video, the guy claims the Algo Trading Robot software produces an unprecedented win ratio of 88.7%”. We know this is a lie, but we didn’t have to wait long before the inconsistency starts playing out and he starts contradicting himself.

Contradiction: After claiming the Algo Trading Robot software produces an unprecedented win ratio of 88.7%, he then goes on to say during the last 4 years,

since its official release on the financial marketplace, the auto trader has lost only one single trade. The video specifically states the Algo Trading Robot software has been profitable in 1041 out of 1042 trades. Really?

I thought it had a win ratio of 88.7%? Simple math would tell you 1041 out of 1042 trades and 88.7% don’t add up. Something is fishy! Another lie this Algo Trading Robot review would expose further down is that the Algo Trading Robot software was not created 4 years ago!

When people lie like this, it’s a red flag and can only mean one thing; their software does not work. They are only trying to swing it, so that people will get sucked up into their lies.

Why Algo Trading Robot is a Scam?

The video presentation for the Algo Trading Robot is riddled with misleading and conflicting information. It does not take a genius to figure out that 1041/1042 is not 88.7%.

And by making the 1041/1042 claim, they’re trying to say that the software trades at almost 100% strike rate. And we of course know that any program that claims to execute trades on auto-pilot and at almost a 100% strike rate is a SCAM.

Fake Claims and Promises

The Algo Trading Robot scam video makes hyped up claim of actually making subscribers “$22,005 every day”! This is not only unachievable; it is a completely insane claim.

You should be aware that all those claims are lies, lies and lies! And this automatically gives away these scammers, as desperate people who have sinister motives. Don’t get lured by it.

Fake Testimonials

As with most other scam programs; the Algo Trading Robot scam video is full of fake testimonies from people with forged identity. The perpetrators of the scam make use of fake testimonials, inflated bank accounts, stolen images and photos; all in an attempt to convince people this scam is real.

Don’t fall for it.

New Domain

So, this guy mentioned that the Algo Trading Robot software has officially been in the industry 4 years ago and that since then the robot has lost only one single trade.

Asides from the inconsistency in that statement of losing only one trade and the 88.7% win ratio statement, a simple WhoIs search exposes the website has been registered on 19th October 30, 2016!!

So, where are the 4 year and 1041/1042 claim coming from? This further confirms that the Algo Trading Robot software is nothing but a SCAM!

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Can You Make Money With Software?

The Algo Trading Robot software has failed my standard transparency, accuracy and response times from support staff tests. Claiming subscribers are not going to lose a trade or that the auto trader has never lost a single trade for the last 4 years is not only misleading, it is a manipulative statement intended to achieve the aim of scamming people.

Conclusion of Algo Trading Robot Review

Algo Trading Robot is a scam! Don’t let your money find its way into the hands of these guys. Ignore them and keep your money safe!


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