Binary Robot 365 Review - SCAM Software to Drain Your Wallet!

Binary Robot 365 is another software that has joined the bandwagon of scam software promising lucrative returns, all in an attempt to steal from newbies! As with other scam software we’ve consistently busted, this unbiased Binary Robot 365 review would expose the Binary Robot 365 scam for what it truly is and prevent you from losing your hard earned money.

If you haven’t watched the video, it’s important you’re warned to be extremely cautious with this well orchestrated scam, as it projects an image of sincerity and legitimacy. The scammers behind its promotion are obviously smart as they ensure that everything checks out and that the promotion appears very professional and on point.

And if you happen to have seen the video promotion and have started falling for the too good to be true story of the narrator of this rogue software; promising to give you modest returns on your investment, we urge you to match the brakes and hold on a bit!

This Binary Robot 365 review will help you see through their deception and attempts to bait you and ultimately steal from you.

Binary Robot 365 Review

According to the video presentation; Binary Robot 365 software is an advanced auto trading software that will help traders make modest returns on their investment daily, on auto-pilot!

As it turns out, the official website does not tell us anything about any CEO or developer. We only hear claims that this software is very efficient, as it was developed using advanced technical indicators, thereby allowing the Binary Robot 365 to mostly predict trades with an excellent winning rate percentage.

We also get shown what they allegedly claimed were details of users with their winning runs, using the Binary Robot 365 software.

Of course, all these in an attempt to get you to part with your money, by depositing at least $250 by opening a trading account with one of their recommended binary options brokers.

Does the Binary Robot 365 Software Work?

While watching the video presentation, we paid particular attention to get a grasp of how the software works and what algorithm it uses for it to be referred to as a truly “revolutionary” software as claimed?

Well, what we hear is that it was developed using advanced technical indicators, thereby allowing the Binary Robot 365 to mostly predict trades with an excellent winning rate percentage. That explanation is quite vague and doesn’t do justice to the question. They also go on to talk about other irrelevancies in order to bolster the profile of the software.

However, one important statement that particularly made nonsense of most of the other lies was the claim that stop losses could be used in binary options trading with their supposedly revolutionary Binary Robot 365 software.

That statement is enough reason to come to the conclusion that these guys do not know anything about binary options trading and obviously do not have a working software as claimed. Just like other scam software, they are only trying to peddle lies, in an attempt to mislead the public and steal from them.

Read on as we expose their many other loopholes in this Binary Robot 365 review…

Why Binary Robot 365 is a Scam System?

First off, any system that claims it can apply stop losses in binary options trading is a SCAM! No exceptions. So, by making such claims, the scammers behind this Binary Robot 365 software shot themselves in the foot and gave themselves away as not knowing anything about binary options trading!

Let’s delve into more details why the Binary Robot 365 software is a scam…

Unidentified Owner

Watching through the Binary Robot 365 software video promotion, we realized there’s no identified owner putting a face behind the software.

During the video promotion, we get told repeatedly that the software is a popular software among the trading community and lots of people use it to win in binary options. But we don’t get told the people behind it. And when we sought out to search and find out about the owners of this software, we found no information about them in the trading community and even on social media.

And the question any smart person would readily ask is why would the owner of this alleged “revolutionary” software not be proud of his product to show his real face to promote it? And why haven’t we heard of him in the binary options trading community if his claims that lots of people use it to win in binary options are true.

Or are they claiming that a software that claims to be this popular and efficient in its work doesn’t have any owner?

The simple conclusion is that those behind this software are scammers and they are obviously promoting something that is shady. And that’s why they have decided to hide in the background and just promote the software using aggressive online marketing tactics to get unsuspecting newbies to sign up.

Fake Software Users

In a vain attempt to prove to us that subscribers are making money with the help of this rogue Binary Robot 365 software as claimed, during the video presentation, these crooks show off a list of users with their winnings, a number of trades, ROI and win rate.

However this “Top 10 users for February 2017” as shown are unreal and fake as the software itself. As you can see from the images shown, the winning rates of the users are very impressive but there is no profile or images of those successful trades. Also, when you click on the open account option under the user details, it does not open.

And that’s because there are actually no traders making money with this trading software as claimed. It’s obviously a trick to get unsuspecting members of the public to buy into their lies and sign up with their recommended brokers. Don’t fall for it.

No Live Software Demonstration

All through the promotional video, the narrator goes on yakking about how the software is a popular software among the trading community and how lots of people use it to win in binary options.

But not once during the video presentation do we get shown any live software demonstration to demonstrate how the software works as they claimed. And the reason for no software demonstration is quite obvious. It is simply because the people behind this scam don’t have working software as claimed!

No Company Details

Also, for software that claims to be popular among the trading community with lots of people using it to win in binary options, isn’t it laughable that they do not have any contact information?

Meaning, there is no way to reach out to them. Neither is anyone available to solve any queries you may have once you register for this rogue Binary Robot 365 software. We simply have no way to trace them.

This further corroborates our claims that they are nothing but scammers. Once the software and their thieving brokers zap your money, it is gone for good. Be wise!

No Software Demo

Ideally, real and genuine software provide traders with a demo account with which they trade without real money. This enables traders to at least get a hang of how the software works and to really ascertain how true the claims made are before trading with real money.

But with this rogue Binary Robot 365 software (and as it is with other scam software), there is no software demo. So, we’re just expected to invest in using this software without at least verifying if their claims are true.

Real software don’t do that. They allow you demo trade. So, be careful with any software (just like this one) that does not provide and software demo.

You should also avoid SCAM systems like Lazy Trader, Vena System and Rubix Project !

Can You Make Money With the Software?

Reading this Binary Robot 365 review to this point, you would quite frankly see that you cannot earn money using this software. If you believe all their lies and fall for their scheming, you would only have succeeded in handing over your money to these guys to be stolen.

As we’ve often re-iterated, they are the only ones that would be making money from this scheme. Not you!

The Bottom Line

This unbiased Binary Robot 365 review has made the choice easy for you. Would you hand over your money to an anonymous person who isn’t proud enough to show his face to promote his own self-acclaimed revolutionary product?

From the evidences we have shown you above, it is obvious that the Binary Robot 365 software is nothing but scam software and the video promotion put together is filled with nothing but lies, lies and lies.

So, save yourself all the trouble and drama and just ignore these thieves and their rogue software.

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