BinaTrust Review - SCAM With Bogus Claims & Fake Promises!

BinaTrust is another scam trading software promising binary options traders they’ll be made rich with absolutely no effort. To be on the safe side however, we urge you to make sure to read this unbiased BinaTrust review, so you’d get a better understanding of the BinaTrust scam.

As with most of the other scams we’ve busted, we’ve comprehensively analyzed the BinaTrust offer, picked up the inconsistencies and lies in their claims, and would be exposing the potential pitfalls to you. This would prevent you from throwing your money away.

In a nutshell, the crooks behind the BinaTrust software scam just want to get access to one thing just like the others; your credit card details! All the claims that the BinaTrust software uses mathematical signals and AI to critically look at data from news, chats and economic news are all lies and attempt to sway unsuspecting traders using irrelevant and unnecessary terms.

Let’s delve into the details…

What is BinaTrust Software?

The presenter of the BinaTrust software says it’s a binary options trading software established by a team of algo trading experts and hedge fund traders (no names or identity). According to him; the BinaTrust software allegedly uses mathematical models together with AI programs for the objective of assessing charts, financial news and economic data and then utilizing these to make trades.

According to the video, subscribers receive up to 150 alerts per day using the BinaTrust platform. BinaTrust also offers an auto pilot feature that enables the BinaTrust software to do the trading on their behalf.

The promoters of the BinaTrust software claims it has a winning rate of around 78% and that subscribers can make up to $4,800 daily using the software.

Does the Software Work?

Watching the BinaTrust software video, you can’t but agree that this has got to be one of the most ridiculous scam video put together. Asides from the video presentation being cheap, unreliable and short, there are no mentions of names of those allegedly responsible for the software.

If that’s not enough, the software also has very little background info. The only thing we get told is that the BinaTrust software uses mathematical models together with AI programs for the objective of assessing charts, financial news and economic data and then utilizing these to make trades.

Like seriously! How exactly how we supposed to make sense of this and then correlate it with the claims that the software can earn subscribers $4,800 daily?

It’s apparent these guys are just fooling around and don’t have software that works. And to make up for that, they resort to using big words in an attempt to bamboozle people.

Why BinaTrust is a Scam?

The first red flag about this rogue BinaTrust software is that there’s no information about the owners.

The crooks behind this scheme must be really stupid to think everyone would fall for the bogus claims of the software being established by a team of algo trading experts and hedge fund traders, when there’s no evidence to prove that these acclaimed owners are real individuals.

Unrealistic Promises

According to the video presentation; the scam narrator claims that the BinaTrust software has a winning rate of around 78%, is free to access and can help traders who subscribe to it earn up to $4,800 daily. And you don’t need any prior experience to use the platform.

First off, the free access claim is a trap. During registration, they’re eventually going to lead you to the point where you’re going to be required to deposit cash, after which they vamoose with your money.

The claims of having a winning rate of around 78% and helping subscribers earn up to $4,800 daily is complete nonsense. This claim is obviously targeted at those that know little about binary options trading. Those in the know would take such promises with a pinch of salt because it is clearly not achievable.

Fake Bank Statements

Trying to justify the earning claims of the BinaTrust software, the crooks behind this scamming scheme go on to show fake bank statement in the video presentation and try to pass it off as being real.

Truth is; these fake bank statements are no real proof that the system helped earn any money or that it will work for subscribers. It’s all hoax, as the statements been displayed can be simply doctored using online software.

No Explanation How the Software Work

The only explanation given by the crooks about how the BinaTrust software works is by “uses mathematical models together with AI programs”? I mean, that’s the explanation given as to how this rogue software is supposed to make traders up to $4,800 daily. This claim in and of itself shows that these crooks are some sort of joke!

And just as there’s no explanation as to how the software works, there are even no names that the software can be traced back to.

Fake Testimonials on the Website

Just as with other past scams, the crooks behind the BinaTrust software scam use fake social media profile of purported users as testimonials and reviews about the workability of the software. As always, our research exposed that all these claims are nothing but lies. All the purported testimonials are fabricated social media posts from fake profiles.

Don’t fall for the trick. These guys are not real traders.

Fake Media Coverage

In a bid to further entice viewers by appearing genuine; they make up fake media coverage and endorsements claims by CNN, FORBES, LE MONDE, BLOOMBERG and ENTERPRENEUR! As we rightly expected, there are no links to those features. Those claims are all lies!

To confirm for yourself, just visit the stated websites and run a search yourself and see if any article or endorsements that might have been published about BinaTrust software would pop-up. We have done this and found absolutely nothing.

Obviously, these crooks just used these publication brands without legal permission to shore up their credibility (they do not have any by the way).

Can You Make Money With the Software?

Save yourself the trouble, you can’t make money with this software! The claim of earning up to $4,800 daily is complete nonsense! Any experienced binary options trader would instantly ascertain that. Especially so, when you’re expected to make such returns with software which the promoters can’t explain its working algorithm.

Just as with other scam software out there, the only people that would be making money off of this are the crooks behind this scheme, not you.

Please also avoid scam systems like One Touch Trade, The Royce Code and Profit Replicator App !

Conclusion of the BinaTrust Review

The decision to subscribe or not subscribe to the BinaTrust software should be easy to make. Would you give your credit card details to subscribe to a software with no information whatsoever about the owners.

Don’t fall for the time countdown trying to pressure you to join now. This BinaTrust software is a scam that you should avoid at all costs.

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