Charity Profits App Review - Pathetic Trading Scam Software Exposed!

Binary Options trading, no doubt can be lucrative and generate a really nice income consistently. The opportunities are endless; however, the lucrative nature of the binary options industry has left us inundated with scammers trying to prey on the populace by making bogus claims; trying to leverage off the lucrative nature of the industry.

However, we’ve made it a duty to consistently expose these shady characters for who they are; and prevent you from having them steal your money. And today we’re going to be exposing the sham called Charity Profits App! Read on to know why you need to stay away from this bogus and scandalous automated trading program and their gimmicks.

What is Charity Profits App?

Purportedly created by Megan Sanders; the Charity Profits App is an automated trading software that lets traders earn up to $4,000 daily, 24/7. Sanders claims she used to be a financial analyst for an European Bank and then upon a trip to Africa, and feeling sympathy for the hardship she saw, vouched to leverage her skills to create something to benefit the world. And that’s when she invested two million dollars of her own money to create the Charity Profits App.

And according to Sanders; in order to be able to participate in downloading the Charity Profits software, you will have to agree to donate 5% of your profits to a charity.

But then, she even sweetens the deal; she says, if you download the Charity Profits App and don’t earn at least that much ($4,000) right from day 1, then she’ll give you $5,000 from her own money! How nice? Well, before you get taken away by her smooth rhetoric and plan to save humanity, read on… (Hint: she’ lying)!

Does the Software Work?

Well, throughout Sander’s presentation, she never mentioned how the system works, and what data has been programmed into the algorithm to determine how the software places trades (apparently because she doesn’t know). The presentation only kept portraying the lifestyle that multi-millionaires live, and how if you sign up, she’ll make you a millionaire within 10 months.

No mention of the algorithms or strategies Charity Profits App uses. No idea of what this software does when you fund a live binary options broker account and set it on auto-pilot. That goes to tell the trader that has some level of trading experience something; these guys don’t know what they’re talking about and to tell you the way it is; skipping such an important detail means the software doesn’t work.

Why Charity Profits App is a Scam?

First off, Megan Sanders didn’t spend 2 million dollars to create any app. She’s an actress paid to read her script to perfection by the crooks behind the Charity Software App. Our research uncovered she doesn’t exist. With the kind of donations she claims to have made; isn’t it ironic that there was no record of her anywhere?

Truth is; she was just hired by scammers to prey on one of the mankind’s deepest instincts; helping out his fellow human beings. That’s why they brought in the trip to Africa and 5% donation to charity lie. Don’t fall for it.

False Claims and Promises

She claims the Charity Profits App works 24/7 and can make you $4,000 daily. Now, any discerning mind would know this woman is just talking gibberish. She obviously knows nothing about binary options trading. The markets do not open 24/7, Megan!

Claiming it does just goes off to show this actress has never placed a binary options trade before. She would not be this ignorant if she had. And the claims that the app makes $4,000 daily, form depositing $250 is in all modesty an insane claim!

It has never happened before and it’s not going to happen now. The $4,000 claim is a big, fat lie from an ignorant Megan Sanders who knows nothing about binary options trading.

Fake Testimonials from Paid Fiverr Actors

Just like other scam software out there (and isn’t it quite interesting they keep doing this); the testimonials are from paid actors hired off of Fiverr for a few bucks. Our research uncovered that these testimonials are fake, and from actors. A quick search on fiverr would throw up these actors for you. You can go ahead and give it a try.

Ugly Marketing Tricks

Another nasty trick which these scam actors are trying to use to get new traders to sign up is the allure of wealth; showing off flashy mansions, yachts, cars, etc in a vain effort to show that the Charity Profits App works. This is all marketing gimmick and we know these things can be rented, and that is exactly what these crooks did! Don’t fall for this facade. It’s a marketing trick continuously exploited by scammers to prey on the public.

Fake Support That Doesn’t Work

Megan the actress (pretending to be the app creator) claims if you download the Charity Profits App and don’t earn at least $4,000 right from day 1, then she’ll give you $5,000 from her own money! Sounds very convincing… Right?

Well, here’s the truth, the support doesn’t work. Once the app and their thieving brokers zap your money, it is gone for good. There’s no way for you to reach Megan and her cohorts in crime, and you’re certainly not going to get any $5,000 from her own money. It’s all farce!

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Can You Earn Money With The Software?

The straight up answer is NO! The estimated profits announced by Charity Profits software are unrealistic.

Conclusion of Charity Profits App Review

The Charity Profits App software and its purported founder are playing on the natural human intent of helping others to perpetrate scam. Asides from being so wrong; it goes to show you how ruthless and evil these guys are. Don’t let your money find its way into their hands.

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