Click Money System Review - A Huge SCAM With Fake Software!

Click Money System is one of the numerous trading software promising binary options traders they’ll make millions by doing absolutely nothing. And before you fall for their bait of just signing up and making millions overnight make sure to read this Click Money System review to the very end, so you’d get a better understanding of the Click Money System scam. As with most of the other scams we’ve busted, the crooks behind the Click Money System just want to get access to one thing; your credit card details!

Unfortunately for them, we’ve comprehensively analyzed their offer, picked up the loopholes and in this review, would be alerting you to the potential dangers, so you don’t throw your money away. However, be warned that there are a handful of affiliate marketers promoting this thieving Click Money System and making claims it can deliver on what the perpetrators of the scheme are promising. Be careful not to get sucked into their fake promotion.

Now, let’s delve into the details…

What is Click Money System Software?

According to the video, the Click Money System program was purportedly founded by Julia and Harold. They claim that the Click Money System program is the most innovative auto trading robot and provides an accuracy rate of 99.9% on a daily basis! And according to Julia, the Click Money System software can generate about $14,000 in a day while on auto pilot mode.

She further adds that no trading experience is required, and just about anyone can do it. You just need to be someone who’s looking to make money online. Is this possible? Well, read on to the very end and be the judge yourself.

And yes, it will cost you at least $250 to get started with the system, and as we already expected, the money will be deposited with one of their preferred binary brokers (which you should be aware are not regulated)!

Does the Software Work?

As it turns out, we don’t get told about any algorithm, trading method or the inner workings of the Click Money System. They just kept railing us with boring tales of how the Click Money System has been operating secretly for a few years now; making millions of dollars for themselves and their subscribers.

How does the system make this much money? Well, the only explanation they could mutter was that the Click Money System works by “predicting which stocks will go up or down”! Really? And there’s only one explanation as to why this is the best explanation they could give… They do not have working software!

So, does the software work? No! It’s a software program rigged to drain your money into rogue offshore accounts; never to be seen again!

Why Click Money System is a Scam?

For starters, any auto trading robot software that claims to provide an accurate strike rate of 99.9% on a daily basis is obviously a joke and an outright scam. There’s no arguing about that, because even the best system will lose some trades. This is quite normal bearing in mind that no one or software is able to consistently predict the future of the markets accurately.

This is the first major red-flag about the Click Money System.

Fake Claims and Promises

In addition to the claims of an accurate strike rate of 99.9% on a daily basis, the purported founders of the Click Money System promises new subscribers that the software can generate about $14,000 for them daily and potentially turn them into millionaires; with no trading experience and just a deposit of $250. If I’m to summarize all these claims in one word, it would be… FANTASY!

Anyone who’s ever had to trade binary options would know that all these are fake claims and promises, promoting an unachievable dream with the intent of stealing people’s money.

To make their claims appealing and look genuine, they provide a review screenshot that displays $16,378,816.29, claiming it’s the earnings of one of the members. Be rest assured this is doctored. It’s not real!

Fake Founders Julia & Harold

So, Julia and Harold claim to be the founders of this system that’s guaranteed to make traders thousands of dollars overnight. To further hoodwink unsuspecting people, they show off some building that’s supposed to be the Click Money System headquarters.

Well, before you get tempted to believe this charade they put up, it would interest you to know these two are paid actors. Yes, you read that right. Both of them are actors gotten off of Fiverr to read a script, aimed at conning people. A simple research on Fiverr gave up their profiles as individuals who are willing to get paid to act and give video testimonials.

That’s in addition to the fact that the supposed headquarters of Click Money System software is deserted, without any form of activity going on there. Who are they fooling?

Fake Testimonials and Reviews

During the video presentation, the perpetrators of the Click Money System also used an obviously faked demonstration when a woman called in to claim that she had made $14,000 in hours and also when the guy who’s purportedly an ex-contractor joined Harold and Julia in the secret building. Even a kid would know these demonstrations that they intend to pass off as testimonials of the system’s workability are faked.

Also, in the section where they were trying to show off Harold, Julia, and other people’s success stories, you would realize that the figures being thrown around are mere fabrications. A close look would reveal to you, an obviously stupid attempt at manipulating figures. All accounts within the presentation show exact same number of wins and losses; even the supposedly newly made account by James, one of their testimonial givers they claim just deposited $500 into his new account.

All this points in one direction… Deceit with the intent of defrauding others.

No Explanation How the Software Work

Isn’t it ridiculous that the only explanation given by this duo about how the Click Money System works is by “predicting which stocks will go up or down”? I mean, that’s the explanation given as to how this rogue system is supposed to make traders up to $14,000 daily. These guys are obviously some sort of joke!

New Domain

These actors; Harold, and Julia claimed in the video that they have been operating secretly for a few years now; making millions of dollars for themselves and their subscribers. Well, it might interest you to know that the domain is newly registered. A simple Who.Is would reveal that to you. Go ahead and give it a try.

So, on what platform have they been rendering their service and making the imaginary millions they were spewing in the video? You can obviously see that these guys are just giving misleading facts. They only just out to steal people’s money. All they’re saying are lies!

Also stay away from scams like Zeus 2, Turbine XO and Charity Profits App !!

Can You Make Money With Software?

The claim of turning any trader into a millionaire with the Click Money System is a hoax! Any experienced binary options trader would instantly ascertain that. Especially so, when you’re expected to make such returns with a minimum deposit.

And just as with other scam software out there, the only people that would be making money off of this are the crooks behind this scheme and obviously the fake actors and reviewers would also be receiving some crumbs too.

So, save yourself the trouble, you can’t make money with this software!

Conclusion of the Click Money System Review

Now, be the judge. After reading this Click Money System review, would you give them access to your credit card details? A system that passes off actors as founders, gives a lame and stupid explanation about how the algorithm works, and also makes unsubstantiated claims and lies to its audience.

Obviously, the choice is easy to make! The undiluted truth is no software can turn you into a millionaire overnight. Anybody making such claims is obviously out to steal your money. Don’t allow them.

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