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Genius Profit Initiative alleged to be the brainchild of a certain Professor Benjamin Grant has joined the fray of scam binary trading software trying to prey on people’s ignorance and hoodwink them with so many fake promises and assurances that are unachievable. And this Genius Profit Initiative review is going to expose the Genius Profit Initiative scam and the uninspiring lies and promises being bandied around by the crooks behind the scheme.

And if by chance, you happen to have stumbled upon the Genius Profit Initiative promotional video, I urge you not to fall for their gimmick just yet. It’s a scam and they don’t have any working software as stated in the fake Genius Profit Initiative software promotional video.

For those who fall for their cheap tricks, be rest assured that your money would be automatically routed into unregulated broker accounts, through which it then gets siphoned into untraceable bank accounts; never to be seen again! So, be wise!

Now, let’s delve into this unbiased Genius Profit Initiative review and expose why you shouldn’t give these crooks your credit card details.

Genius Profit Initiative Review

According to the video presentation, the Genius Profit Initiative software is the brainchild of Professor Benjamin Grant; who we get to only hear his voice narration and not see during the presentation. Professor Benjamin Grant claims that the Genius Profit Initiative software is a flawless software that guarantees a solid return of at least $50,00 a day for every investor that subscribes to using it.

During the video presentation, Benjamin Grant tells of how he has assembled a crack team of prodigious global trading talent who together have devised a way of beating the markets. And Genius Profit Initiative is supposed to let you copy trades from these pool of global trading talent.

He claims that with the Genius Profit Initiative, you get an opportunity to let their professional traders make money on your behalf – and that happens free of charge!

Of course, the free of charge claim is not true as it’s only a marketing gimmick to sway the inexperienced trader, as you will have to make a minimum deposit of $250 to use this supposed revolutionary system.

Does the Genius Profit Initiative Work?

Professor Benjamin Grant claims traders, irrespective of whether they’re experienced or a newbie can take advantage of the Genius Profit Initiative software and earn up to $5,000 every single day by copying trades from his self-acclaimed pool of global trading talent using the Genius Profit Initiative software.

And all through the promotional video, the narrator only talks about being rich and living the life you always wanted. He does not talk about how the system works and what techniques to use for earning profits.

And as we’ve often reiterated, based on experience; when we watch videos that make such insanely fake claims without any detailed and real explanation about the working algorithms of the self-acclaimed software, it can only mean that they do not have software that works. Such claims are just the classic too good to be true tales aimed at taking advantage of the unsuspecting public.

They don’t have working software!

Why Genius Profit Initiative is a Scam?

The first red-flag was the decision of the crooks behind this scheme to hide behind voice narration to pass the message about their software across. The question any discerning individual will surely want to ask is, why would anybody who claims to own such revolutionary software hide his face to promote his software if it truly works?

Well, your guess is as good as mine; they are up to something mischievous and this Genius Profit Initiative review is out to expose them!

Ridiculous Claims and Promises

Professor Benjamin Grant; the scam narrator claims the Genius Profit Initiative software is risk-free and can help traders who decide to take advantage of the offer $35,000 every week.

$35,000 every week! Well, anyone who knows anything about financial trading can easily decipher that this is not only an unrealistic claim; it is completely insane! No binary trading application out there than can generate over $5,000 per day or $35,000 every week with a $250 deposit. NONE!

Making such wild and unachievable claim just goes to show you that these guys are desperate scammers who know nothing about binary options trading.

And of course, you’re not going to get to join the system free of charge as claimed. It’s all a ploy to suck you into the grand scam plot. When you submit your details, you would eventually get led to the point where your credit card would be requested before you commence trading and that’s where their whole plan intends to lead you.

Poor Video Presentation

For software that claims it can earn every subscriber $35,000 every week, isn’t it laughable the poor video presentation they came up with to promote their rogue software. The whole video presentation lacks authenticity by being filled with voice and pictures only. Real software promotions wouldn’t come up with such charade.

Also, after making unsubstantiated profit claims of $35,000 every week with a $250 deposit, these rogues go on to show some fake bank statements to back up their claim. Just be aware that those bank statements are just misleading and a frustrating attempt to steal your money.

Those statements are not real and as we have rightly ascertained in this Genius Profit Initiative review; it’s not possible to make such money as claimed in the video. Be wise!

No Live Software Demonstration

Neither do we get shown how this rogue system is supposed to make traders the monies claimed or even demonstrate how the software works? And the reason for no software demonstration is quite obvious. It is simply because the people behind this scam don’t have working software as claimed!

Fake Testimonials With Stock Photos

In another attempt to appear as the real deal and trick unsuspecting members of the public, the crooks behind this Genius Profit Initiative scam showcase fake testimonials from three individuals who say they have signed up with Genius Profit Initiative and they have successfully made more than $5,000 on the very first day of trading.

Well, be aware that those testimonials and reviews are faked! Those images are stock photos stolen off of the internet for purposes of misleading the public.

The figures which these imaginary users have earned are also not true. These supposed testimonials have been manipulated to appear legitimate. So, don’t be a victim. These guys didn’t earn the money as claimed in those manipulated image and they’re definitely not traders, much less users of the Genius Profit Initiative software.

Fake Customer Support

Well, here’s the truth should you think you would enjoy 24/7 support from the promoters of this rogue Genius Profit Initiative software.

The support doesn’t work. There is no live chat support to assist you and should you try to contact Genius Profit Initiative via email, you will not get a response at all.

Once the Genius Profit Initiative software and their thieving unregulated brokers lay their hands on your money, it’s gone for good. There’s no way for you to reach Professor Benjamin Grant (he isn’t real by the way), and any member of their customer support team. Any customer support claims made is part of the ploy to steal your money!

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Can You Earn Money With the Software?

If you’ve read this Genius Profit Initiative review to this point, then you’ll know that you can’t make money with this software. There’s a reason why the con artist(s) behind this scam have decided to operate behind a voice and not put their face to this supposedly revolutionary software.

And that’s because you can’t make any money from it. The only money-makers here are the con-artists that set up this video to fool others into parting with their hard earned money.

The Bottom Line

Should we assume that this software even works, would you give your money to someone who claims to have created a life-changing revolutionary software and then chooses to remain anonymous and not put his face behind his amazing software creation?

This unbiased Genius Profit Initiative review has shown you more than one reason you should stay away from this system. We can’t put a face to those that claim to be behind the software. They’re just making ridiculous claims behind a screen and microphone.

It’s all a sham! Don’t fall for this grand scheme to steal from you. Everything you hear in the presentation of this program are lies.

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