Hexa Trader Review - Malicious SCAM Exposed With Proof!

Hexa Trader has just been introduced as a revolutionary auto-trading system for binary options traders. But in our characteristic manner, we’re going to give an unbiased Hexa Trader review to expose the Hexa Trader scam. We would be exposing the scam tactics been employed by this con artists, as they seek to fleece people of their hard earned money.

And should you happen to have seen the video presentation of the Hexa Trader software, I want you to get something straight; you are not going to make $1644 per day using the Hexa Trader Software as claimed in the video presentation.

The only people that will be making money from the Hexa Trader software are the scammers that put this together, the rogue actors they employed to act the script and of course the dubious brokers through which the money gets siphoned into offshore accounts; never to be seen again!

And should you decide not to heed the advice to stay away and give them access to your credit card details, your money is gone for good! So, save yourself the hassle and keep your credit cards.

Now, let’s get on with the Hexa Trader review…

What is Hexa Trader Software?

The Hexa Trader software was purportedly created by Professor Rupert Connor who claims he was once a professor at MIT before he decided to dedicate his life to creating a fail-proof binary options trading system.

According to him; he claims the Hexa Trader software uses the hexadecimal number system to predict trades (they always have a way of coming up with crap theories). He additionally claims that with the Hexa Trader software, traders can make up to $1,600 a day, over $50,000 in just months and over a million in a year.

He says when you get access to the software and it starts churning out the dollars, you’ll have to pay them back 2.5% of your profits. This is obviously just an attempt to use reverse psychology to get you to believe the rogue system actually works.

Oh, and you have to get in on time because the Hexa Trader system has been making him millions of dollars since 2013 and he has now decided to make it available to other people so that they can equally make plenty of money like him.

Does the Software Work?

So, this Professor Rupert Connor comes up and keeps spewing gibberish in the video about how the Hexa Trader software leverages on the hexadecimal number system to predict trades.

Yes, hexadecimal number system does exist but we cannot say exactly how the system works with Rupert Connor or Hexa Trader software. All he said through the video are just bogus and concocted lies that these low-life scammers came up with so as to bamboozle people into believing they’ve got some revolutionary piece of software, when in reality, it’s a revolutionary piece of BS.

And by the way; he claims the Hexa Trader software has 94.7 percent accuracy. And we know that any program that claims to have over 90% strike rate and executes trades on auto-pilot are almost always a SCAM!

So, let me save you the hassle; the Hexa Trader software doesn’t work!

Why Hexa Trader is a Scam?

The first red flag with the Hexa Trader software is the presentation of the poorly made video using pictures and a voice-over actor who claims to be Professor Rupert Connor. And the question any right thinking person would ask is… Why would this self-acclaimed Professor Rupert Connor not be proud enough to show his real face to promote his product?

Well, we know why. The reason is because the crooks behind this scheme are lying and they’re only just promoting something that is shady!

Ridiculous Claims and Unrealistic Promises

Rupert Connor; the scam narrator claims the Hexa Trader software has 94.7 percent accuracy and can help traders who subscribe to it earn up to $1,600 a day, over $50,000 in just months and over a million in a year.

And right there, we can tell that these guys are complete jokers. Anyone who knows anything about financial trading can easily decipher that this is only a ridiculous and unrealistic promise! No binary trading application out there than can generate over $1,600 per day, let alone over $50,000 in just months with a $250 deposit. NONE!

Making such wild and unachievable claim just goes to show you that these guys are desperate scammers who know nothing about binary options trading.

No Evidence Online About Rupert Connor

The only claim to Rupert Connor’s existence is his affiliation with Hexa Trader software promo video and a voice narration that claims to be him. Isn’t it quite interesting that in spite of all his professorship claims, his name doesn’t appear on either a MIT staff or alumni database? Not only that, he also doesn’t have any evidence of existence online. No social media accounts, not even a LinkedIn account.

And here’s what we can tell is the true situation of things; the voice from the video is clearly the voice of someone hired off of the internet to read a script.

Fake Video Testimonials

As with most other scam binary options trading campaigns out there, the Hexa Trader software uses fake testimonials in the video presentation to endorse this program. These people are making claims that they are making money with the system on autopilot.

Well, our research uncovered that the identities and the credibility of information provided by these testimonials are false. A quick research on the internet would reveal to you that most of these people that are used, are actors hired off of fiverr to give false information. Don’t fall for their gimmick!

Fake Bank Statements and Fake Trading Results

Also, following in the footsteps of many other scam binary options trading campaigns that we’ve busted; the thieves behind this Hexa Trader software during the video presentation show fake live trading results, which are allegedly those of its members. They also show fabricated bank account statements in an attempt to make their lies appear credible.

As we’ve constantly reiterated, these bank account statements and trading results are unreal and fake as the software itself. It doesn’t proof anything because we know such statements can be doctored using online tools gotten off of Google. And if for anything, these fake statements only serve as further evidence that Hexa Trader software is a scam.

Fake Badges

On the website for the Hexa Trader software video presentation, the perpetrators of the Hexa Trader software scam show fake badges – VeriSign, SSL etc, all in an attempt to leverage on the credibility of these companies to appear credible themselves. But trust us, we swung into action to confirm and realized these badges are all fake.

As a matter of fact, the site doesn’t even have a SSL certificate! And all this only proves one thing; deceit with the intent of defrauding others.

Also stay away from scam systems like 10K Every Day App, HFT Finance and One Touch Trade !

Can You Make Money With the Software?

Save yourself the trouble, you can’t make money with this Hexa Trader software! The claim of earning up to $1,600 a day, over $50,000 in just months and over a million in a year is complete nonsense! Any experienced binary options trader would instantly ascertain that. More so when you’re expected to make such returns with software that the promoters can’t explain its working algorithm.

Just as with other scam software out there, the only people that would be making money off of this are the crooks behind this scheme, not you.

Conclusion of the Hexa Trader Review

At this point, you should have figured that the Hexa Trader software is a complete joke. We can’t put a face to those that claim to be behind the software. They’re just making ridiculous claims behind a screen and microphone.

That’s in addition to the fact that there’s no company information such a phone number or company address to reach these people. You may want to ask yourself why anyone who claims to have genuine software wouldn’t be proud of showing his face to promote his software or have anywhere to be reached on.

It all goes to show that all they’re only after is your credit card details. And should you make the mistake of giving it to them, then you can kiss that money goodbye, because you’re sure not going to see it again.


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