The Inside Trader Review - SCAM Project Exposed With Facts!

The Inside Trader is another rogue binary options trading software that trades away people’s money by making bad random trades yet its promoters make scam promises and claims during its video presentation that it’s offering traders an amazing money making opportunity. In this unbiased The Inside Trader review, we would be exposing The Inside Trader scam.

As you would soon realize, this presenter and his cohorts are nothing but criminals who are using sleek marketing tactics to lure unsuspecting and inexperienced binary options traders into parting with their hard earned cash to participate in a fraudulent scheme designed to steal their money just as fast as they deposit it.

As with the other scam software we’ve busted, the whole game plan of these scammers is to get you to make a deposit into their recommended brokers; who are obviously their cohorts in the whole thieving scheme. Once they’re able to achieve that, your money gets drained into offshore accounts through their rogue software that is rigged to make bad random trades!

This unbiased review would however save you the agony of sending money to these thieves. So, make sure to read it to the very end…

What is The Inside Trader Software?

According to the video presentation, The Inside Trader software is an advanced auto trading software that can help traders make gobs of money on auto-pilot daily! There’s quite a number of contradictory info as to how much traders can earn using it. At the beginning of the video, it was claimed that subscribers of The Inside Trader software can make about $4,500 daily. At another point it was claimed that traders can make $6,000 in a few hours of starting.

According to the presenter, the Inside Trader software came into existence about 2 years ago and in the last 1.5 years, he has created 34 millionaires who have used the software to make a tremendous amount of money.

He claims it is FREE to use the software! But don’t be fooled, all this claims are lies and the Inside Trader software is a scam.

Read on find out why!

Does the Software Work?

All through the Inside Trader software video, there’s barely any specific detail about the algorithm which the software uses. The presenter only makes claim that the software is 100% accurate because only good signals will be passed on and traded on your behalf.

How exactly does the software generate these “good signals” that will be passed on? No answer! We’re just expected to believe we can make $4,500 (or $6,000 as the case may be) daily using this software!

Now here’s the truth, experience has taught us that most trading system whose purported founders/presenters find it difficult to explain in clear terms how their trading platforms work are simply scams.

They often times don’t have working software but are just trying to bamboozle people with their claims of turning them into millionaires using the system without any clear explanation as to how this software would make you those millions.

Why The Inside Trader is a Scam?

As with most scams of similar nature, the first red flag was the fact that these crooks chose to hide behind a screen to promote their rogue software instead of letting us take a look at their real faces.

Why would they not be proud of the software? Well, your guess is as good as mine. Because they’re promoting something that is shady!

Let’s take a look at more reasons why this The Inside Trader is a scam…

Ridiculous Claims and Unrealistic Promises

During the video presentation, the presenter claims the Inside Trader software has in the last 1.5 years created 34 millionaires who have used the software to make tremendous amount of money and says you too can start making $4,500 per day using this software.

Asides from the obvious lie that the software has created 34 millionaires in the past 1.5 years (the domain just got registered), the claim of making $4,500 per day using this software is a completely ridiculous and unachievable claim that can only sway those who know nothing about binary options trading. Long story short; it’s just mere fantasy. Don’t be fooled!

There are also claims of the software already having 8,000 users. However, upon registration, you get shown a contradictory figure that claims 1,231 members are currently using the Inside Trader software. Neither of both figures are true. The website for the Inside Trader software just got registered on January 4th, 2017 and you want to ask how they’ve been able to rack up 1,231 or 8,000 users in such short period.

These are obvious lies aimed at deceiving you to part with your hard earned cash.

Poor Video Presentation

After making unsubstantiated profit claims of making $4,500 per day, the best these crooks could come up with is a video presentation filled with text and cheap voice-over. They didn’t even have the courtesy of putting a real face to their claims and help make them appear credible.

And we’re supposed to believe this software can make traders $4,500 (or $6,000 as the case may be)? The poor video presentation easily passes the Inside Trader software as a joke.

Fake “In The Media” Reviews

At some point during the poorly made video presentation, we get shown some “In The Media” reviews. Well, our research uncovered that the names and claims of authorship made were all false.

Our research uncovered that there is no book called “We Trade We Win”, let alone having an author that goes by the name Barry Evans. Researching the other names equally corroborated our assertion that all these reviews are false.

The “In The Media” review is just one of the aggressive sales tactics employed by these scammers in the hopes of convincing inexperienced traders to part with their money.

Fake Social Media Reviews

Also, in a vain attempt to add some layer of credibility, the website also features testimonials; purportedly of real subscribers and their supposed social Media (Facebook and Twitter) profiles. Our research however uncovered that these are not real people and their reviews are not true.

Ideally, each profile should at least be clickable or we should be able to access this social media profiles if they were real from the information given.

But, our research uncovered these profiles and their purported names were just coined by these scammers to deceive the public. In the instances where the names actually existed on social media, the search revealed entirely different people from what was found inside The Inside Trader review. Don’t fall for this fake social media review gimmick!

Annoying Popup

These crooks also installed an annoying pop-up in an attempt to force people to sign up by all means. And you may want to ask why a company that claims to already have 8,000 users from all over the globe are trying so hard to hand-twist people to join through these pop-ups?

Do not be persuaded by these desperate sales tactics. It’s all a part of the overall scam scheme.

Also avoid fake systems like Binary Options Millionaire, HFT Finance and Nasdaq Inside Trader !

Can You Make Money With the Software?

The answer to this is quite straight forward. No, you can’t make money from this software. There is no automated software that can earn you $4,500 per day consistently or $6,000 as claimed in this the Inside Trader software scam video.

So, perish any thought of making any money from this rogue software! The only money-makers as we have consistently stated in our past reviews are the con-artists that orchestrated this whole scheme.

The Bottom Line of The Inside Trader review

The Inside Trader software is a scam software and the lapses in the poorly presented video further helped corroborate it to be nothing but a scam operation and we’ve tried our possible best to proof that to you in this unbiased The Inside Trader review.

Do not give your money to anonymous people who you can’t reach out to should things not go the way they promised. So, save yourself all the trouble and drama and just ignore these thieves and their rogue software.


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