Lazy Trader App Review - Profit Repeater SCAM Algorithm Busted!

Lazy Trader App has recently jumped on the binary options trading scene as a money spinning system for binary options traders. But before you fall for the utterly unrealistic promise and start fantasizing about the possibilities of earning $15,000 every day with the software, make sure to read this unbiased Lazy Trader App review and get a hang of what the real situation of things are, so you do not fall for the Lazy Trader App scam.

For starters; you’re not going to make $15,000 every day as claimed in the video presentation. As with other scam trading systems that’s been aggressively promoted in the binary options trading industry, the only people that will be making money here are these low-life scammers, shameless actors and dubious brokers they’re partnering with.

So, hold on tight to your credit card details for now and read this in-depth Lazy Trader App review, as we will be exposing the lies and fabrications that are being peddled by the scammers behind this rogue Lazy Trader App software.

Lazy Trader App Review

The Lazy Trader App software was purportedly created by Rick Daniels who claims to be a “self-made millionaire and Harvard dropout”. He says he is a math whiz and has a fully patented trading algorithm called Profit Repeater.

According to him; the Lazy Trader App software uses this so-called Profit Repeater algorithm to analyze the financial markets and predict trades with a 99.997% success rate. He then goes on to claim that with the Lazy Trader App software, traders can make up to $237 per hour or $15,000 per day.

During the video presentation, we get shown how he has purportedly made 47 regular people over $150,000 during a period of 10 days, using this Lazy Trader App software.

And now, he is willing to grant you access to his software; free of charge, so you too can start banking such massive daily profits.

Does the Software Work?

As with similar scam software being promoted across the binary option trading space, what we get to see most of during the video presentation of Lazy Trader App software is the supposed luxury living lifestyle acquired as a result of using the software instead of helping viewers figure how the supposed patented trading algorithm called Profit Repeater works.

And by the way; he claims the Lazy Trader App software has a 99.997% success rate. Now, here’s the truth, any program that claims to have over 90% strike rate are almost always a SCAM! So, let’s save you the hassle; the Lazy Trader App software does not work!

Why Lazy Trader App is a Scam?

First off, experience has taught us to be wary of software promoters that promise near 100% success rate because almost always, they are scam.

If that’s not enough reason to dissuade you from investing in this rogue software, this Lazy Trader App review reveals more reasons below.

Ridiculous Claims and Promises

During the video presentation, Rick Daniels made unsubstantiated claims about how the Lazy Trader App software is risk-free and runs on a fully patented trading algorithm called Profit Repeater that has a 99.997% success rate and can help traders who subscribe to it earn $15,000 per day.

That’s not only a ridiculous claim and promise; it’s actually a completely stupid claim. Anyone who knows anything about financial trading can easily decipher that it is statistically impossible for any binary trading application out there to generate over $15,000 per day with a $250 deposit.

Making such wild and unachievable claim just goes to show you that these guys are desperate scammers who know nothing about binary options trading. Their sole aim is to force new traders to deposit money with their unregulated partner brokers.

Hired Actors in the Video Presentation

The supposed CEO of Lazy Trader App software; Rick Daniels is as a matter of fact a hired actor.

Also, the other people showed in the video presentation are equally actors paid to perform by the rogues pulling the strings behind the scenes.

Don’t believe the acting put up by the supposed Steve Hazel claiming he earned $159,867.89 in 10 days. Or the acclaimed live demo put up featuring Douglas Anderson, where he purportedly shows the software making $2,000 in the “next 20 minutes”.

They’re all acting a script. It’s not real!

Fake Video Reviews and Testimonials

Also, in a vain attempt to add some layer of credibility, the website also features fake video reviews and testimonials; purportedly of real subscribers. Our research however uncovered that these reviews and testimonials are fake.

Curiously studying these reviews and testimonials, we uncovered the claims made are fraught with a lot of inconsistencies that would actually not play out in real life binary options trading. For example; they showed a $100 investment producing a winning payout valued at over $300.

That’s practically impossible in binary options trading. The average winning percentage for best binary options brokers range between 70%-85%, meaning a $100 trade win would normally result in $175-$185, not over $300.

That goes to show you how fake these claims are. Don’t fall for it.

No Evidence Online About Rick Daniels

The only claim to his existence as Rick Daniels is his affiliation with this rogue Lazy Trader App software promo video.

He doesn’t have any evidence of existence online. No social media accounts, not even a LinkedIn account. And as far as we can tell, he never dropped out of Harvard. It’s all lies!

Brand New Domain

All the alleged claims by Rick Daniels that the Lazy Trader App software purportedly made 47 regular people over $150,000 during a period of 10 days are just as much like every other thing he and his cohorts are saying; LIES!

A simple WhoIs check gives away this scammer and his cohort as just registering the website on 01-30-2017. Clearly the software hasn’t been available for long, to be able to affirm that these claims are true. This further corroborates our claim that it’s all a SCAM!

Also avoid scam systems such as Tesler App, Neuro Trader and Vena System !

Can You Make Money With the Software?

If you’ve read this Lazy Trader App review to this point, then you know that the answer to this is quite straight forward. And it’s No, you can’t make money from this software. There is no automated software that can earn you $15,000 per day as claimed in this the Lazy Trader App scam video.

So, do away with any fantasies or thoughts of making any money from this rogue software! The only money-makers as we have consistently stated in our past reviews are the con-artists that orchestrated this whole scheme.

And by the way, it is not free. You would be required to part with some money to start trading. That’s their whole game plan.

The Bottom Line

We’ve shown you so many red flags all through this unbiased Lazy Trader App review. And you should by now know the whole video promotion is nothing but acting based on falsehood. A complete SHAM!

Don’t be fooled by the demeanor of this scam actor who’s apparently good at acting his deceptive scam script. His demeanor is all part of the grand scheme to steal from you. Don’t fall for it.

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