Market Filter Review - Poor SCAM by Martin Foster Exposed!

Market Filter is a newly-launched scam software being promoted aggressively with various tricks to attract users. And if you’re one of those that have stumbled on the video promotion, I urge you to get yourself informed about the Market Filter scam by reading this Market Filter Review carefully and to the very end.

As with other similar rogue software, the video promotion for Market Filter is filled with lots of amazing promises that sound too good to the ear. But before you rush to part with your hard earned money in the hopes that your financial problems will be solved with this software, be warned that most of all their claims are nothing but lies, lies and more lies!

Heeding this warning would save you the heartache of falling for this deceptive scheme which is aimed at robbing unsuspecting people of their hard earned money.

Now, read on as we show you different loopholes and evidences that exposes the Market Filter software as a scam that’s been put together by a bunch of unrepentant liars…

What is Market Filter Software?

According to the video presentation by a man who gave his name as Martin Foster, the Market Filter software is an automated binary options trading software that can help traders(both inexperienced and experienced) generate up to $291 every hour and $7,000 every single day without them lifting a finger.

He claims to have been testing and trading with the Market Filter for the last 2 years and the software works by assessing the global market trends and then filters out all unfavorable or unpredictable trades and leaves only the trades which are guaranteed to be wins. It allegedly does all these in just one twentieth of a second.

According to Martin Foster, when you trade with Market Filter software, you will get “paid” every single night and you’re guaranteed the sum of $7,000 in your bank account each morning. And all that is required of you is nothing more than 10 minutes work every day.

However, just as with many of their scam compatriots, you have to make an investment of a few hundred dollars, which will be deposited into their preferred (unregulated) brokers, before you can begin using the Market Filter software.

Does the Software Work?

Martin Foster claims traders, irrespective of whether they’re experienced or a newbie can earn up to $7,000 every single day by letting the Market Filter software auto-trade for them!

Without having to even dwell too much on the stupid logic he gave as the explanation of how the software works, the undiluted truth is there’s no way anyone can make that much money from binary options daily, with a deposit of few hundred dollars.

And experience has taught us that when we watch videos that make such insanely fake Claim, it can only mean that they don’t have software that works. Such claims are just the classic too good to be true tales and you know what they say about something too good to be true. Yes, that’s what Market Filter software is!

Martin Foster and his cohorts-in-crime don’t have software that works!

Why Market Filter is a Scam?

So, the video presentation claims that the Market Filter software only chooses trades with 100% probability of success! And that was a pointer to the fact that these guys are just out to bamboozle newbie traders.

Anybody that has any tangible trading experience would know that this kind of statement can only come from a thief, trying to steal from inexperienced traders. No software has 100% win rate. None!

Ridiculous Claims and Unrealistic Promises

According to Martin Foster, the Market Filter software has existed for the last 2 years and he has made large chunks of money for himself using it. He then goes on to claims that members can join the system; free of charge and earn up to $291 every hour and $7,000 every single day!

For starters, you’re not going to get to join the system free of charge as claimed. It’s all a ploy to suck you into the grand scam plot. When you submit your details, you would eventually get led to the point where your credit card would be requested before you commence trading and that’s where their whole plan intends to lead you.

Additionally and most importantly, no software can turn $250 or $300 into $7,000 in a day of trading. None! Such claims are nothing but lies. Those that have unfortunately fallen for such lies in the past have regrettable tales to tell.

Paid Actor in Video Presentation

Martin Foster claims to be a computer scientist and programmer who through the help of the Market Filter software is now a multi-millionaire.

As it turns out, our research uncovered that this Martin Foster; who claims to be the owner of the Market Filter software is nothing but a hired actor. He was simply paid to act a script whose sole aim is to scam people.

And the fact that he claims to be who he is not is a pointer to the fact that this Market Filter software is nothing but a scam. Don’t trust such liar.

Fake Facebook Testimonials

In another attempt to appear as the real deal and trick unsuspecting members of the public, the crooks behind this Market Filter software Scam showcase fake testimonials that appear to emanate from the Facebook profiles of people who they claim are their customers.

Well, be aware that those testimonials and reviews are faked! None of the names are clickable to verify those comments. An attempt to locate these supposed testimonials and reviews on social media ends up corroborating that this Market Filter software is a scam.

So, don’t be a victim. These guys didn’t earn the money as claimed in those manipulated image and they’re definitely not traders, much less users of the Market Filter software.

Fake Time Counter

Another desperate sales tactic employed by these scammers is the fake time counter installed to make you act quickly.

Be aware that it’s a trick and such tricks are very common with fake websites that try to emphasize that you have limited time to sign up, so as to get you to give them your money. Don’t fall for it.

Brand New Domain

All the alleged claims by Martin Foster that he’s been using the software for the past 2 years and people are already making money using it as stated in the fake testimonials are just as much like every other thing he’s saying; LIES!

A simple Who.Is check gives away this scammer and his cohort as just registering the website on 5th January 2017. So, you want to ask yourself, how exactly they have been making money from a website that just barely started existing. It’s all a SCAM!

Please also avoid scam systems like Tesler App, 10K Every Day App and HFT Finance !

Can You Make Money With the Software?

Don’t be fooled. You can’t make any money with this rogue Market Filter software. It may come across as convincing to you if you don’t have experience with how binary options trading works. But those who understand how binary options trading works would gladly tell you that no software can turn $250 or $300 into $7,000 in a day of trading.

So, take it from us, all their promises are complete hogwash! All the claims made in the video presentation are all manipulative statements intended to achieve the aim of scamming people.

And should they succeed with their plans, they’re the ones that would make money. Not you or any other person that falls for their scheme!

Conclusion of the Market Filter Review

You can tell from reading this far that the Market Filter software is nothing but a pure money stealing scheme. Or how else do you explain the fact that the software claims to have started making people gobs of money (as stated in the fake testimonials), when it just got registered on 5th January 2017?

How about the atrocious claim that the software can generate up to $291 every hour and $7,000 every single day for traders without them lifting a finger? All these claims are just lies aimed at swindling people of their hard earned money? Don’t fall for it.

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