Neuro Trader Review - Intellix Systems SCAM Busted With Proofs!

Neuro Trader purportedly developed by Intellix Systems Limited claimed to be owned by a certain Jeff Blumenthal just recently joined the band-wagon of trading scam software being touted as a revolutionary money making system for binary options traders. But before you fall for the unrealistic promises as presented in its poorly made video and lose your hard-earned money, make sure to read this unbiased Neuro Trader review and get a hang of the truth, so you do not fall for the Neuro Trader scam.

To put you on alert; you’re not going to make $10,000 daily as claimed in the video presentation. Just like other scam automated trading system, the only people that will be making money here are these low-life scammers promoting the software and the dubious brokers they’re partnering with.

So, hold on tight to your credit card details for now as we delve in to explore and expose the lies and fabrications that are being peddled by the scammers in this Neuro Trader review.

What is Neuro Trader?

The voice-over presentation for the Neuro Trader software is made by one Jeff Blumenthal who claims to be the CEO and founder of Intellix Systems Ltd; the developers of Neuro Trader software. He claims that the software is an automated trading software that can earn traders as much as $10,000 daily.

According to the video presentation, the software works on artificial intelligence and has been in existence for the past 18 months and has made many people millionaires since its inception.

According to him; the Neuro Trader software can be used by both experienced and newbie traders as it is efficient at predicting winning signals and has 100 % win accuracy and has not lost a trade in the past 18 months.

Jeff Blumenthal claims that he is giving traders the opportunity to use his “game-changing software” for free! Now, read on as we burst the bubble of these scammers in this Neuro Trader review.

Does the Software Work?

Jeff Blumenthal claims that the Neuro Trader software works on artificial intelligence and has 100 % win accuracy. He also made some claims as to how the software is able to act based on news releases; pulling all the relevant news from social media and other sources so that this information can be analyzed in real time and then factored into trading decisions.

All we can say about the above is that its complete balderdash. Asides from being stupidly vague and trying to play on people’s intelligence, no artificial intelligence software can guarantee 100 % win accuracy.

When people go on yakking about having software with 100 % win accuracy, experience has shown us that they are simply lying and all their claims are basically a general ploy to fool the unsuspecting public.

Cutting the long story short; their software does not work.

Why Neuro Trader is a Scam?

First off, experience has taught us to be wary of software promoters that promise traders that their software has 100 % win accuracy and can make thousands of dollars daily because they almost always turn out as scam.

In addition to that, the Neuro Trader software has another major red flag which is the choice of the purported founder; Jeff Blumenthal to hide behind a screen to promote his rogue software instead of letting us take a look at his real face.

Why would he not be proud of the software to promote it live? Well, your guess is as good as mine. Because he and his cohorts are promoting something that is shady and Jeff Blumenthal isn’t real!

Ridiculous Claims and Unrealistic Promises

The claims that the Neuro Trader has 100 % win accuracy and can earn traders $10,000 daily are simply ridiculous and insane. He additionally made false promises of giving you $5,000 if you sign up now!

This is totally misleading as no one can make that much money registering with $250 and using some software. And we hope you do not believe that someone that’s not proud to show you his identity is going to give you $5,000 for signing up to use his software? It’s all lies.

Their only aim is for you to drop that $250 (or multiples of it) and once you make that deposit into their recommended broker’s accounts; the money gets traded away and is gone forever.

Nobody can make $10,000 daily with a $250 deposit and using some software. Nobody!

Poor Video Presentation

For software that claims to earn $10,000 daily, isn’t it laughable that the best video presentation they can come up with is by promoting their rogue software via fake screenshots. This easily passes off the Neuro Trader software as a joke.

The whole video presentation just reeks of mediocrity; filled with voice and pictures only. Real software promotions wouldn’t come up with such. Shame!

No Software Demonstration

With all the claims of the Neuro Trader software working on artificial intelligence and having a 100 % win accuracy. No where do we get shown a real shot that demonstrates the workability of the software.

All we get to see much of throughout the video is quick flash screenshots of profits which were obviously photoshopped. Another pointer to the fact that we’re dealing with a rogue software with false claims.

Fake User Reviews

As expected, and as with many other scam software presentations, the Neuro Trader software video presentation is filled with fake user reviews.

On the website, we get shown people who they claim are subscribers to the software, purportedly sharing their testimonials and claims of how the Neuro Trader software has changed their life by earning them tremendous amount of money.

Well, before you mistakenly fall for those, be aware that all those testimonials are totally misleading and false. These supposed photos of subscribers are actually stolen and the claims ascribed to them are complete fabrications. Don’t be fooled!

Fake Customer Support

Well, here’s another thing you need to know about the Neuro Trader software, the acclaimed customer support is fake. Once the Neuro Trader software and their thieving unregulated brokers lay their hands on your money, it’s bye-bye to your money.

There’s no way for you to reach Jeff Blumenthal, and any customer support team. And should you try to reach out to them, they would not respond and will never reply to your concerns.

Well, the reason for this quite self explanatory. It’s a scam scheme and what help are you supposed to get from customer support when the only plan of these scammers is to steal your money!

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Can You Make Money With the Software?

All the evidences we’ve shown you in this Neuro Trader review obviously shows you that you can’t make any money from this Neuro Trader software as claimed in their poorly made video. It is scam and a complete waste of time.

All their claims are just aimed at manipulating people, with the sole aim of scamming them.

So, just perish the thought of making any money with this software. The scammers are the ones going to make the money, if they ever get to convince you to part with your credit card details. We sincerely hope you wouldn’t allow that happen!

Summary of the Neuro Trader Review

Having read the Neuro Trader review to this point, you should have figured that the Neuro Trader software is a complete joke.

We can’t put a face to those that claim to be behind the software. They’re just making ridiculous claims behind a screen and microphone. And we hope you don’t seriously believe an anonymous millionaire that claims to be Jeff Blumenthal will give you $5,000 to sign-up to use his software? It’s all a sham!

Don’t fall for this grand scheme to steal from you. Everything you hear in the presentation of this binary options trading sytem are lies!

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