Rubix Project Review - Another SCAM System With Paid Actors!

Rubix Project claimed to be owned by Brian Morgan just launched with incredible offers and false claims to hoodwink traders. However, this Rubix Project review is going to set the records straight and expose the Rubix Project scam and the lies being peddled by the unrepentant scammers behind the whole charade.

So, if you happen to have stumbled upon Rubix Project software promotional video and listened to all the claims of the software being the only robot in the world that accepts ”winning trades”, thereby generating thousands of dollars in monthly profits, I urge you not to fall for their lies just yet.

It’s a scam and they don’t have any good intention and the so-called ”infallible” software doesn’t work as claimed, much less capable of helping you or any other person as stated in the fake Rubix Project software promotional video. Those who fall for their lies can only be assured of having their money automatically routed into unregulated broker accounts, through which it then gets stolen; never to be seen again!

Now, let’s delve into details of the Rubix Project scam and why it is in your best interest to keep away your credit card details from these criminals.

What is Rubix Project Software?

According to the video presentation, the Rubix Project software is an auto trading binary options software purportedly created by Brian Morgan.

During the video presentation, this Brian Morgan guy reels us into long-winded lies of how he was a broke assistant professor until he, in conjunction with his brother-in-law and some of the best engineers in the market built this massively successful Rubix Project software.

According to him, users of this software are promised of making an astounding profit of $12,835 daily. He also brought in the classic punch line and claimed that the software is FREE to access.

Of course, if you’re familiar with scams like this, you know that’s not true as the FREE access claim is only a marketing gimmick to sway the inexperienced trader. You will eventually have to make a minimum deposit of $200 to $250 to use this supposed revolutionary system on their partner unregulated broker platforms.

Does the Software Work?

Brian Morgan claims traders, irrespective of whether they’re experienced or a newbie can earn up to $12,835 every single day using the Rubix Project software. So, how does the software work and what algorithm does it use for it to be so efficient enough to be referred to as an”infallible” software? Well, we don’t get told.

He just goes on talking about irrelevancies. Truth is, there’s no way anyone can make that much money from binary options daily, with a deposit of $250.

And experience has taught us that when we watch videos that make such insanely fake Claim without detailed explanations about the working algorithm of the software, it can only mean that they don’t have software that works.

Such claims are just the classic too good to be true tales and you know what they say about something too good to be true. Yes, the Rubix Project software is too good to be true.

The software does not work!

Why Rubix Project is a Scam?

First off, any system that claims to be”no loss” software and executes trades on auto-pilot with zero risk and a 100% strike rate is a SCAM! No exceptions. So, by making claims that the Rubix Project software hasn’t lost a trade in over 16 months; Brian Morgan already throws up a red flag!

Let’s delve into more details why the Rubix Project software is a scam…

Ridiculous Claims and Unrealistic Promises

During the video presentation, we get told how the Rubix Project software can earn potential subscribers staggering amounts; up to $50,000 to $200,000 every week consistently on auto-pilot. Brian Morgan even claims that by the end of the day, one can definitely put $10,000 or more into their bank account. This is not only a fake promise; it is a completely insane claim.

No auto trading software can make you $50,000 to $200,000 every week consistently, and this bogus Rubix Project software is definitely not going to be the one to make it happen.

In addition to these impossible claims, the crooks behind the Rubix Project software also make claims of same day withdrawal when you open an account. Just know that this is a complete lie. There are verification processes to go through to make this happen and it usually takes days. Their claims are just to trick you into registering immediately.

Paid Actors in Video Presentation

Well, we went a step further to conduct a research on this name; Brian Morgan, to ascertain who he really is. Our research uncovered no credible information about him.

In other words, the name is as fake as the software itself. The name was just coined by these scammers for the purpose of this scam project of theirs. In another interesting twist, he brings on board one Mason and Christine to validate the credibility of his Rubix Project software and those were making claims of earning big sums with the software.

Well, be aware that just like Brian Morgan, these guys are paid actors gotten off of fiverr to act a script. Don’t fall for their lies.

No Evidence Online About Brian Morgan

As already stated, our research uncovered no credible information about Brian Morgan online. One would expect someone who claims his software has made him over $86 million dollars over the past few years to have people talking about his revolutionary system? More so, as he is trying to allegedly throw it into the public sphere to help others.

However, there is not a single independent review to support his fabricated story and his rogue software! Truth is; Brian Morgan simply does not exist! It is a fictitious identity coined up by the scammers behind this scheme, after which they went to hire a scam actor to act the script in an attempt to steal from the unsuspecting public.

And if the identity is fake, you can be sure all the stories and claims are all false and fake!

Fake Bank Statements and Fake Trading Results

So, in a vain attempt to prove to us that subscribers are making money with the help of this Rubix Project software as claimed, during the video presentation, these crooks show off live trading results, which are allegedly those of its members and they are all wins.

They also show fabricated bank account statements to drive home their lies. However, these statements and trading results only serve as further evidence that Rubix Project software is a scam. No binary options trading software can flood your bank account within a short period as shown in the video. Furthermore, no trading software or human can maintain 100% accuracy consistently as shown in their claims.

These bank account statements and trading results are unreal and fake as the software itself. It doesn’t proof anything because we know such statements can be doctored using online tools gotten off of Google.

Brad New Domain

A Who Is search confirms that the domain of Rubix Project software just got registered on 2nd October 2016. And yet the fake owner claims that the Rubix Project software made millions the last year 2016. How and when did it make those monies claimed given the short registration date uncovered? Apparently, those claims are all lies!

You should also avoid scam systems like HFT Finance, Tesler App and One Touch Trade !

Can You Make Money With the Software?

Quite frankly, the Rubix Project software cannot earn money for anybody. If you believe all their lies and fall for their scheming, you would only have succeeded in handing over your money to these guys to be stolen. They are the only ones that would be making money from this scheme. Not you!

The Bottom Line

Reading through this unbiased Rubix Project review, it should be clear to you that the Rubix Project software is a scam run by fraudsters whose sole aim is to steal money from the public.

You’re not going to earn thousands of dollars within a day of registration as claimed. This Rubix Project review has shown you all the inconsistency and lies being peddled by the supposed creator; Brian Morgan, including the fact that he is actually not real. All the claims are lies aimed at deceiving you to part with your money.

So, don’t be fooled. Keep your credit card away from these thieves!

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