Tesler App Review - SCAM System With Unrealistic Promises!

Tesler App purportedly owned by Steven Abraham is another binary trading scam software trying to hoodwink traders with so many unrealistic promises that are obviously unachievable. And this Tesler App review is going to set the records straight and expose the Tesler App scam and the lies being thrown in your faces by the unrepentant crooks behind the whole scam.

So, if you happen to have stumbled upon the Tesler App software promotional video that’s designed with so many fake reviews and testimonials that appear real, you’re advised not to fall for their tricks just yet.

It’s a scam and they don’t have any working software to help you or any other person as stated in the fake Tesler App software promotional video. If you decide to ignore this advice, then be rest assured that your money would be automatically routed into unregulated binary options broker accounts, through which it then gets siphoned into untraceable bank accounts; never to be seen again!

Now, let’s get into the details of this unbiased Tesler App review…

What is Tesler App Software?

According to the video presentation, the Tesler App software was purportedly created by Steven Abraham; who claims to be a millionaire and alleged he’s been nicknamed Midas on Wall Street!

This Steven Abraham guy claims he has been featured on Forbes Magazines, CNN business, and Bloomberg Squawk.

During the video presentation, we get told that the Tesler App software uses an algorithm based on lead patterns and hyper responsive data speed and analysis of millions of market variables (whatever this mumbo-jumbo means).

He additionally claims that the Tesler App software can make you $237 per hour, irrespective of whether the user is a newbie or experienced trader and it can eventually make you a millionaire within a short period of time.

Oh, and then he brings in the classic punch line and claims that the software is FREE to access. And right now, he’s going to let you “test drive” it for the next 41 days.

Now, let’s see how true his claims are…

Does the Software Work?

The main explanation given by the supposed creator of this software about its working algorithm was when he briefly mentioned that it uses lead patterns and hyper responsive data speed and analysis of millions of market variables! All what he said about the software’s workability sounds weird and he never gets to explain in details until the end of the video.

All he kept spewing in the video was how you can make profits in no time with the help of this software. There is a total lack of information about how the Tesler App software makes the money claimed.

And what has experience taught us about people shying away from giving detailed explanation about how their supposed auto-trading software works?

It has taught us that it’s all sham! They do not have a working software. All the show-off is just a despereate attempt to bamboozle people into parting with their hard earned cash.

So, does the software work? NO!

Why Tesler App is a Scam?

The explanation about the workings of the software first off, shows that these guys don’t know what they’re talking about and should be avoided like a plague. Below are other reasons you should ignore everything said in the Tesler App software video.

Ridiculous Claims and Unrealistic Promises

The Steven Abraham guy claims the Tesler App software is FREE and has algorithms that can allow traders earn about $237 per hour, $5,000 a day and about $1,000,000 in less than 6 months.

First off, no one gets to join the system free of charge as claimed. It’s all a part of the whole scheme aimed at sucking you into their thieving plan. When you submit your details, they would eventually get you to the point where your credit card would be requested before you commence trading and that’s where their whole plan intends to lead you.

Secondly, the claims of earning $237 per hour and about $1,000,000 in less than 6 months are nothing but lies, lies and lies! No automated trading software can earn you that much money. If it were possible, everybody would have abandoned manual trading long ago.

Paid Actors in Video Presentation

As it turns out, our research uncovered that this Steven Abraham; who claims to be the CEO of Tesler Investments is nothing but a paid actor who was paid to act a lying script to the viewing public!

And another thing you need to be aware of is the fact that Tesler Investments does not exist. So, the company is phony and fake, just as the Tesler App software itself.

And about his claims about been featured on Forbes Magazines, CNN business, and Bloomberg Squawk and other syndicated publications! Well, your guess is as good as mine; we couldn’t find any of those publications. It’s all lies.

Fake Testimonials on the Site

As with most other scam programs; the Tesler App software video is full of testimonials from actors, obviously hired off Fiverr. Some of these testimonials are claiming to have made profits in less than 30 days supposedly using the Tesler App software.

Well, be aware that with a few bucks; just about anybody with some cash can go online and hire all kinds of skilled people to do all kinds of jobs for them; including paid video testimonials! So, don’t let yourself be carried away after seeing the fake testimonies from people with forged identity. All they’re saying is 100% rehearsed and planned with malicious intent.

As per the images displayed on their homepage as their member’s pictures, you can be rest assured that nothing but Stock images taken from across the internet.

And the statements ascribed to them are fake, just as the software itself!

Fake Trading Results

Apparently in an attempt to further bamboozle people about the workability of this rogue Tesler App software, the scammers share some trading results, showing winning trades.

Don’t get swayed by that. As we’ve stated in previous reviews, screenshots like this can be doctored using online tools gotten off of Google. So, be aware that these trading results are unreal and fake as the software itself.

Fake Trading Assets of Tesler App

On the second page of the Tesler App software, you will find they have displayed some trading assets like Gold, Silver, etc. A closer look at this section of the software indicated that they are showing fake trading assets.

These are assets that no companies are dealing with. Hence, including such on the Tesler App software website is just aimed at getting people to part with their money, so they can disappear with it.

No Support for Customers

Well, here’s another thing you need to know about the Tesler App software, the support doesn’t work. Once the Tesler App software and their thieving unregulated brokers lay their hands on your money, just bade your money farewell.

There’s no way for you to reach Steven Abraham, and any customer support team. Well, the reason for this quite self explanatory. It’s a scam scheme and what help are you supposed to get from customer support when the only plan of these scammers is to steal your money!

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Can You Make Money With the Software?

The answer to this is quite straight forward. No, you can’t make money from this software. There is no automated software that can earn you $237 per hour consistently or $1,000,000 in less than 6 months as claimed in the Tesler App software scam video.

So, perish any thought of making any from this thieving Tesler App software! The only money-makers here are the con-artists that put up this scheme.

Conclusion of the Tesler App Review

Don’t be carried away by the misleading claims that you can earn $237 per hour using the Tesler App software. It’s all lies, lies and lies!

Think about it… Would you give your money to someone who lies and claims to be who he isn’t as is the case with the presenter claiming to be Steven Abraham? Or to people who tell lies about the existence of a phony company and provide no details of where they can be located once you give them access to your credit card details?

Well, the choice is really easy to make. Ignore these guys and save yourself all the trouble and drama.

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