Trading Everest Review - Cheap SCAM System Exposed!

Trading Everest just got revived by its sales team and they’ve been aggressively promoting it as a revolutionary trading system for binary options traders. However, this unbiased Trading Everest review would expose the Trading Everest scam for what it really is.

We would be exposing the truth with respect to their fake promises of making huge profits, as well as calling your attention to other regularly used scam tactics been employed by the rogues behind the software, as they try to swindle you of your hard earned money.

For those who have seen the video presentation of the Trading Everest software, be rest assured that you are not going to make huge profits per day using the Trading Everest software as claimed in the video presentation.

As with other scam software that has proliferated the binary options trading space, the only people that will be making money from the Trading Everest software are the scammers that put this together, the actors paid to lie about its efficiency and the unregulated brokers through which the money would be stolen.

And to avoid falling for their scheming and lies, make sure to read this unbiased Trading Everest review to the very end.

Trading Everest Review

The presentation for the Trading Everest software is made by one Jason Gaines who claims he co-founded the Trading Everest software with his friend, Chris (that’s the only hint he gave about his name; no surname!).

Jason claims the Trading Everest software system can deliver an amazing rate of 9 successful trades out of 10. He further claims that it can generate around 71% to 85% gains every 60 seconds you trade. And then, he mentioned that it could transform $200 investment to $40,490 in a week in auto-mode.

According to Jason, the Trading Everest software system trades with the same criteria used by Wall Street elite hedge fund managers, which he, in conjunction with Chris (who was into Advanced Study of Statistical Analysis) were able to replicate into the software.

And as expected, he states that he is giving traders the opportunity to try this revolutionary software for free!

Does the Software Work?

Jason claims that the Trading Everest software can be used by both experienced and newbie traders. He claims the system works by scanning the primary exchanges of the world to pick the most winning signals. It allegedly does this with the use of a scientific screening system known as money multiplier. He further claims that with the use of Statistics, Probability and the previous trading patterns, the system utilizes a specific indicator to activate when a particular trade would reach its TPP or Trade Peak Potential.

When it reaches its maximum TPP, they will have another indicator to inform the next window of opportunity.

The question is this… Do you understand in lay man terms any of the above claims as to how the system works? As you can readily tell from reading the above, it’s obvious these guys are only trying to bamboozle newbie traders with big, inconsequential words that have no bearing whatsoever on binary options trading.

Experience has taught us that this is a general ploy employed by scammers to fool the unsuspecting public. When people go on yakking about the algorithm of their system using bogus terms that can’t be understood by the simple majority, it can only mean one thing; their software does not work. They are only trying to fool the public.

Read on as this Trading Everest review exposes their many other lies…

Why Trading Everest is a Scam?

As with similar scam of its kind, the first red flag with the Trading Everest software is the video presentation that basically makes use of pictures and a voice-over actor who claims to be Jason Gaines.

So, why would Jason Gaines hide behind the screen and not show his real face to promote his alleged revolutionary product? Well, we know why. The reason is because the crooks behind this scheme are lying and they’re only just promoting something that is shady!

Ridiculous Claims and Promises

The claims made that the Trading Everest software could transform $200 investment to $40,490 in a week in auto-mode are simply ridiculous and unachievable. This totally misleading claim can only fool those without any experience when it comes to binary options trading.

Those with experience would readily tell you that no binary trading application out there than can auto-generate over $40,490 in a week with a $200 deposit. NONE!

And anyone who makes such wild and unachievable claim is nothing but a desperate scammer who knows nothing about binary options trading or is just deliberately out to swindle the unsuspecting public with misleading information.

That’s the category the promoters of this rogue Trading Everest software fall into.

Poor Video Presentation

After making ridiculous and unachievable claims of making traders $40,490 in a week, the best these crooks could come up with is a poor video presentation with voice over. This readily shows that these guys are nothing but jokers.

Why would Jason Gaines hide behind the screen and not show his real face to promote his alleged revolutionary product? And we’re supposed to believe this software can make traders $40,490 in a week? Even when we can’t ascertain how real the purported co-founder is? Isn’t that laughable?

No Customer Testimonials

Generally, legitimate software, programs and systems leverage on testimonials of past users to show how great their product is. And due to this powerful strategy, a lot scam software presentations tend to fill their video presentations with fake testimonials and reviews (which we easily spot and expose by the way).

As it turns out however, the scammers behind the Trading Everest software did not use this age-old formula of showing false and made-up testimonials on their Trading Everest website.

This can only mean that no one actually uses the software to make real money, even when these rogues claim to have numerous transactions resulting in huge weekly profit for traders.

What does this tell you? It means these guys are liars, they really do not have any real person earning money using the software and they know we would easily spot and expose them through this Trading Everest review, if they use fake testimonials.

So, thread carefully. This is another pointer to the fact that these guys are scammers.

Fabricated Live Trading Results

In a vain attempt to prove the workability of this rogue Trading Everest software, the crooks behind its promotion go on to share some live trading results. Well, be warned that these alleged trading results are actually manipulated to make it look like the Trading Everest software works. This is very much obvious as you will see that these trades are not taken live on a real price feed.

Their sole aim for including these fake live trading results is to hoodwink the unsuspecting public, especially those new to binary options trading to sign up with the Trading Everest scam.

False Timer

To create a sense of false urgency, when you land on the homepage of Trading Everest, a counter of 30 minutes is conspicuously displayed. Their sole aim for this is to get you to part with your money as quickly as possible.

However, when you wait for the 30 minutes to lapse and run its course, you’d realize that nothing happens after and you’d still be able to get to the next page without any difficulties. False timer tricks such as this are regularly used by scammers to drive visitors to do their biddings in a hurry. Don’t fall for it.

Also avoid scam systems such as Tesler AppNeuro Trader and Cogni Trade !

Can You Make Money With the Software?

No, you can’t! And that’s the plain truth. The claims that the Trading Everest software can auto-generate over $40,490 in a week with a $200 deposit is complete nonsense! Any experienced binary options trader would instantly ascertain that. And as already stated, when people go on yakking about the algorithm of their system using bogus terms that can’t be understood by the simple majority, it can only mean one thing; their software does not work.

And just as with other scam software out there, the only people that would be making money off of this are the crooks behind this scheme, not you.

The Bottom Line

Be wise! Do not fall for the lies of the scammers behind this scheme. This unbiased Trading Everest review has exposed the many loopholes and lies of the crooks trying to steal people’s money with this allegedly revolutionary software and if you’ve read up to this point, you can readily tell that the Trading Everest software promotion is nothing but a scam operation.

Hold on tight to your credit card details. Do not give your money to anonymous people who you can’t reach out to should things not go the way they promised.

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