Trading With John Miller Review - 100% SCAM Software Exposed!

Trading With John Miller just launched with another too good to be true story of helping traders earn up to $500 a day with just 30 minutes of work. However, you should do yourself a great favor by making sure to read this Trading With John Miller review, so you don’t fall for the Trading With John Miller scam.

Before you fall for the lies and claims of you staying at home and earning money while Trading With John Miller as promoted in the video; be informed that all the claims are nothing but a ploy to get you to hand them your money by making a deposit into their recommended binary options brokers. Once that is done, your money is practically traded away with bad trades; thereby siphoning it away from your reach.

Just like the other bunch of scam scheme out there, you want to avoid entrusting your money to Trading With John Miller as nothing good would come out of it.

Now let’s get into in-depth details of this Trading With John Miller review.

Trading With John Miller Review

According to the presentation; John Miller claims that he has developed a binary options trading software that can predict price movements with 80% accuracy and can easily generate $200 – $500 per day with half an hour of work from your part.

The Trading With John Miller software is a semi-automated trading application which will suggest for you positions, which you will then need to open manually (that’s where the 30 minutes of work comes from).

And if you act fast enough, you will be able to use this semi-automated trading application free of charge, as he is offering to give the software totally free with no strings attached.

We all know this FREE claim is a consistently used marketing tactic employed by scammers to get your details as quickly as possible! And irrespective of the free claims, you would still be required to part with a minimum of $250 to activate and leverage Trading With John Miller on their recommended brokers. And this has been their game plan from the onset.

Now, read on as we puncture the inconsistent and numerous unverifiable claims of these scammers in this Trading With John Miller review.

Does the Software Work?

As it turns out, there is absolutely nothing in the video that tries to explain how this Trading With John Miller software is supposed to make money.

All the presenter kept spewing in the video was how you can make profits in no time with the help of this software and explanations on filling the sign up form with personal details, and then wire a sum of $250 in order to activate Trading With John Miller software.

There is a total lack of information about how the Trading With John Miller software makes the money claimed. And what has experience taught us about people shying away from giving detailed explanation about how their supposed trading software works?

It has taught us that it’s all sham! They do not have working software. All the claims and counter-claims are just a desperate attempt to bamboozle people into parting with their hard earned cash.

So, does the software work? NO!

Why Trading With John Miller is a Scam Software?

John Miller claimed that he developed the Trading With John Miller binary options trading software, when in fact he is nothing but a paid actor (more details about this below). Why should we entrust our money to someone who claims to be what he is not? This is a big red flag as it isn’t a smart move entrusting one’s money to a liar!

Below are other reasons you should ignore everything said in the Trading With John Miller video…

Ridiculous Claims and Promises

Apparently in an attempt to appear credible, the scammers behind this rogue scheme chose to give a low potential earning figure and an acceptable winning accuracy; 80% and $200 – $500 per day with half an hour of work from your part. That still does not invalidate that this is a scam scheme that’s aimed at trading away your money with bad trades.

And by the way, unless you have a very big bankroll and can open trades with huge amounts, earning $500 with $250 deposit is a ridiculous claim. You stand the risk of having your account wiped out as a result of over-exposure to the volatility of the market with your little trading amount. People with experience trading binary options can easily attest to this!

Additionally, if you look around on this Trading With John Miller website, you will also notice a badge which promises 100% satisfaction to anyone who uses this software. Well, be aware that the badge provided here can’t be clicked and there is no way of verifying this claim.

These badges are too easy to fabricate. Unless we can click them to see their origin, there is no way of identifying if they are authentic and that nullifies their unsubstantiated promise that satisfaction will be guaranteed.

Paid Actors in the Video Presentation

As it turns out, all the characters that appeared in the video presentation for the Trading With John Miller software are all paid actors. They all are conniving with fraudsters to swindle people of their hard earned money.

Our research uncovered that there is no one by the name John Miller who owns a trading software. He is just as fictitious character paid by scammers to peddle a scam scheme with the intent of stealing from the public.

And the fact that they’re claiming to be who they’re not, automatically invalidates all what they’re all saying. And the reason for this Trading With John Miller review is so you don’t fall for their sweet talks and lies.

Fake Testimonials With Stolen Photos

As with most other scam binary options trading campaigns out there, the Trading With John Miller software uses fake testimonials in the video presentation.

The website displays 3 active members who claim to be making it big everyday and living a luxurious life, thanks to the Trading with John system. But, you can be rest assured that these images are nothing but images taken from across the internet. And the statements ascribed to them are fake, just as the software itself!

Don’t fall for this gimmick!

No Company Info

Another attempt to take traders for a ride is the fact that those behind this Trading With John Miller software do not have any contact information? No address, phone or any such thing. We simply have no way to trace them. And yet, traders are supposed to believe they can turn their financial fortunes around without any way to reach out should things go wrong.

This further corroborates our claims that they are nothing but scammers.

No Customer Support

You also need to be aware that there is no customer support available to solve any queries you may have once you register for this rogue Trading With John Miller software.

So, be warned not to fall for their trick to subscribe and then anticipate any form of support from them. They’re only after your money!

Also avoid scam systems such as Tesler App, HFT Finance and The Inside Trader !

Can You Really Make Money With the Software?

Quite frankly, you can’t. Don’t fall for the supposedly live feed showing trades that have been executed by the program because it is fake. If you choose to ignore the advice of this Trading With John Miller review that these guys are crooks, you would only have succeeded in handing over your money to these guys to be stolen.

They are the only ones that would be making money from this scheme. Not you!

The Bottom Line

Reading up this Trading With John Miller review, you can see that this software and its video promotion is packed full of lies. And the best decision you can make right now is to just not fall for their marketing antics.

Falling for these tricks of theirs would only mean that you deliberately handed your money over to these guys to steal. Stay far away from them!

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