Zeus 2 Review - Fake and Scam Trading Software Exposed!

Zeus 2 is one of the plenty scam software that have proliferated the binary options market, making bogus and unsubstantiated promises. And in this Zeus 2 Review, I’m going to be exposing the Zeus 2 Scam that’s purportedly created by Matthew Harrison.

So, if you’ve received one of those SPAM emails inviting you to begin trading with the Zeus 2 Software, make sure you do yourself a favor and read this unbiased review to the very end. It would save you a lot of emotional trauma down the line. Because one thing is certain, those who get carried away by the lies of this Matthew Harrison guy and his cohorts will only end up having their money stolen.

All the claims of making you thousands of dollars daily is only just a marketing gimmick, similar to the ones being employed by 90% of the other false trading robots being pitched on the internet right now; many of which, I’ve exposed in the past and many of which I would still expose.

Now, let’s dissect and expose all the lies of the Zeus 2 Software and the phony guy who claims to be Matthew Harrison.

What is Zeus 2 Software?

Purportedly a brain child of the presenter who claims to be Matthew Harrison and owner of a company called Zeus Investments; Zeus 2 software is an automated binary options trading software that will help traders make $605 per hour, $5,500 per day and ultimately, a million dollars in 181 days!

He claims that his company; Zeus Investments, has amassed so much money in its past 2 years of creation and is currently worth over $673 million. According to him, 74 random people have already become millionaires in just 181 days by using the Zeus 2 software.

And of course to get in on this and start making millions too (I was already expecting this anyways), all you have to do is deposit $250 through the Zeus 2 platform into the account of their recommended binary brokers, and the Zeus 2 software would automatically start trading commodities, financial indices and currencies on your behalf.

Oh, and you have to hurry up and register fast, as FREE member spots are only open for 50 people. So, make sure to quickly claim one of those 50 FREE member spots and start making $605 per hour!

Now, if you’ve been following the binary options scam software trend, you would have realized the above is a recurring pattern of the way these scam artists go about peddling their BS.

Does the Software Work?

To start with, I can assure you of one thing; software that claims to make you $5,500 per day, with an initial deposit of $250 is surely not going to work. It’s all lies.

But in this particular instance of the Zeus 2 software, you would realize that during the video presentation, the Matthew Harrison doesn’t explain any algorithm with which the software works or how this money he claims its going to make is going to be made.

The only flimsy thing he could mutter was that the Zeus 2 system works based on traders’ sentiments. It just follows what traders think about particular asset pairs in any given day.

Like seriously? That’s how the software is supposed to make traders $5,500 per day?? By working based on traders’ sentiments!!! This has got to be one of the most ridiculous BS I’ve heard.

And all this points to one thing… the software does not work! And you most definitely don’t want to put your money into a system that claims to work based on traders’ sentiments.

Why Zeus 2 is a Scam?

Everything about the website and video presentation reeks of scam, scam, and scam! Let’s take them one after another.

Fake Claims and Promises

So, this guy pops up and claims that his amazing software can make traders $605 per hour, $5,500 per day and ultimately, a million dollars in 181 days! All by depositing and starting to trade with $250! And how’s that going to happen? Yes, you guessed right. By working based on traders’ sentiments!

Anyone that knows anything about trading the financial market would first off know that, this isn’t only an impossible claim and promise; it’s completely absurd and the explanation given as to how to make it happen further makes it more absurd. No auto trading software has achieved such feat and this bogus Zeus 2 software is definitely not going to be the one to make it happen.

In order to further convince those watching the video that he’s the real deal, he starts showing what he claims to be his bank balance and that of his wife.

When you take an in-depth look at the accounts he is showing off, you would realize that every transaction made is a deposit, no withdrawals! This is a pointer to the fact that the document was doctored, and it was done in a hurry, by these scammers. How is he able to acquire all the things that require spending if nothing is withdrawn from his account?

As you can see, all these are tricks which they are trying to use to fool people.

CEO is Paid Actor

The presenter claims to be Matthew Harrison; the CEO of Zeus Investments, a company he started 2 years ago and which he has grown to be worth $673 million today.

As it turns out, a man who claims to be worth this much and who achieved this sort of feat doesn’t have any identity outside of the scam video he created.

And the reason is simple; Matthew Harrison doesn’t exist. The character is a persona created by the scammers behind this fraudulent scheme; after which they went on to hire an actor to play the part.

He is an actor who was hired to read a script. He has never traded binary options before. If he was anywhere near as successful as he claims, it would not be difficult to locate stories about his success.

This exposes the video as one big lie! And you don’t want to entrust your money to liars.

Fake Testimonials and Profits

Just like the bank balance which was doctored in a hurry by these scammers, the testimonials too were hurriedly doctored and give away these crooks. When you look at it, you realize they claim the users earn the same profits i.e. $14,955.72! I mean the total profits earned by them are all the same.

Even if they deposited the same money, how’s this possible? Bearing in mind that people are supposed to join at different times. These guys aren’t so smart after all!

There’s also the testimonial claim of someone called Helen who is claimed to be an ex-staff of Wal-Mart. According to the video, Helen was among the beta testers who secured an opportunity to profit from Zeus 2 software. And then there’s also Matthew, who hit the jackpot with Zeus 2 software!

All these claims are just fairy tale lies. Claims of making such money with binary options in such a short time are lies. These claims are unsubstantiated and they’re just designed to hoodwink people into parting with their hard earned money.

Fake Trust Badges

The trust badges that appear on the website are all fake because they can’t be clicked to verify anything.

Additionally, in order to appear legitimate and build some credibility, this supposed creator of the Zeus 2 software; Matthew Harrison conjures some fake stories, claiming to have appeared on CNN Business, Bloomberg Squawk, BBC News and other global business news companies.

Simple checks on these sites reveal no such interview. Nothing comes up when you try to uncover these supposed interviews on CNN Business, BBC News and other renowned media companies.

All these claims are just to achieve one aim; build up fake credibility, so they can steal your money.

New Domain

For software that claims to have 14,000 active users who profit from the system on a daily basis, it might interest you to know that at the time of writing this Zeus 2 review, the website is newly registered and not even up to 2 months old, talk less of 2 years. You can conduct a simple Who.Is to confirm that yourself.

So, where’s the claim of 74 random people becoming millionaire in 181 days coming from? When the website is not even up to 2 months old!

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Can You Make Money With Software?

Quite frankly, the only people that would be making money from this software are the scammers that put together this entire charade. Not you or any other person that falls for their lies and subscribes to the software.

Conclusion of Zeus 2 Review

Reading through this Zeus 2 review, it should be clear to you that Zeus 2 is a scam run by fraudsters whose sole aim is to drain your funds into untraceable offshore accounts.

Nobody has earned $605 per hour, $5,500 per day or become a millionaire in 181 days as claimed by these guys. This Zeus 2 review has shown you that the website is not even up to 2 months old. So, those claims are all lies aimed at deceiving people.

Don’t be tricked. Keep your credit card away from these guys!


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